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Clearly, the hundred-thousand-year dates for “Y-chromosome Adam” and “mitochondrial Eve” do not bear up under careful scrutiny. Reviewing some basic genetics helps expose this circularity.

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. Secular geneticists believe that modern humans can trace their male genetic ancestry back to one man and their female genetic ancestry back to one woman. Y chromosome dating.

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. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University. Previously published research undermines this assumption. The authors also assumed a constant rate of change through time.

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. Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth: Results of a Young-Earth Creationist Research Initiative.

Calculating the date of origin for the ancestors of modern Y chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA might seem straightforward: First, simply count the number of Y-chromosome differences among all males and the number of mitochondrial differences among all females. Two new studies suggest that female “mitochondrial Eve” and male “Y-chromosome Adam” lived a couple hundred thousand years ago. However, most of the billions of letters of DNA sequence do not act like simple clocks. But past studies yielded vastly different age estimates for the origin of modern males and females. Mutations-changes to the sequence-happen every generation. All molecular-clock calculations require the observer to speculate about the past, and the Science study authors selected assumptions based on their model of evolutionary deep time, resulting in circular reasoning. Y chromosome dating. Only two types of DNA sequences could act, hypothetically, like a simple clock-the male-specific Y-chromosome DNA and the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA. The accumulation of these differences resembles “ticks” of a clock, counting the time since any two people last shared a common sequence. F dating review. However, offspring do not inherit perfect copies. In principle, winding back the clock might reveal the approximate date when their shared ancestor lived. And last, make assumptions about the rate of change in the past and calculate when the mutational clock started ticking. For example, rather than directly measuring mutation rates in various ethnicities, the authors assumed a constant rate across ethnicities.

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. Second, measure the rate of mutational change that is occurring today. Jeanson is Deputy Director for Life Sciences Research and received his Ph.D. El Cajon, CA: Institute for Creation Research, and Chino Valley, AZ: Creation Research Society. However, the assumptions researchers used to reach this dating concordance demonstrate the circular reasoning that is common in evolutionary age calculations