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School counselors should never rely on a student’s denial of suicide intent. Ellerbe admitted to Finney that he had actually attempted suicide two days earlier. Why dating in high school is bad. Beyond a shadow of a doubt is not the standard, but preponderance of evidence would likely have made the determination that Bryce would have at the least been transferred to another school. Four minutes into the counseling session, Hannah declared she needed “everything to stop … people. Pending the investigation, Bryce, the perpetrator, may have had his schedule or even his school changed. took his life hours after speaking for four hours with Margette Finney, a “counselor” at his high school, about his suicidal thoughts. The asking of the question of suicide should trigger a call home.


. In-school suicide assessments are dangerous if relied on for conclusive answers. Porter had all the information he needed to report to administration a Title IX violation when Hannah said she didn’t consent. The standard of care for the profession is that Finney and Porter had to confer with the appropriate school officials to make certain Ellerbe and Hannah remain in protective custody and are not dismissed to take whatever means they normally take to get home. Christina School District, et. Suicide reporting, as in the case of child abuse, does not hinge on whether or not the school counselor is absolutely positive that a student or someone else is danger. In both Hannah’s case and the Ellerbe case their suicidal risk was plainly expressed, and unequivocally this knowledge should have been conveyed to the parents/guardians. The only knowledge the school counselor needs to meaningfully act is an expressed, implied, veiled or rumored suicide. Ethically school counselors make every attempt to supply parents/guardians with counseling referrals and stress the need for the student to receive help. We cannot shrug this off as Hollywood taking creative license as the segment has merit in the reality of court cases. The consequence of the risk, death of a child, is too great. Porter all the information he needed to draw the conclusion that Hannah was in danger of suicide. Students who are bent on self-harm will escape our scrutiny by telling us what they think we want to hear.

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. It’s not a matter of using one’s discretion. Ellerbe ended his life that day. Hannah said, “Oh, I am sorry I didn’t mean that, I guess.” The fact that the fictitious and real school counselor felt a need to ask Hannah and Ellerbe about suicide was precipitated by prior events or knowledge. The onus is on school districts and individual school counselors to understand the standard of care with regard to reporting dating violence. If Porter had followed the OCR requirements, Hannah would have been protected before, during and after the investigation. Department of Education governing Title IX, wrote specific requirements related to sexual violence.

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.. Finney was not a certified school counselor, nor did she have a master’s degree in counseling, although documents from the Delaware Supreme Court referred to her throughout as a school counselor. Bryce would have been afforded a grievance procedure allowing him an equal opportunity to present witnesses and evidences in the case, but the immediate response for Hannah would have been protection from Bryce. Generation y relationship to family and friends. Porter and Finney did not make an error in judgment; rather, they moved far outside the standard of care for the school counseling profession. Relationship jokes. Under Title IX a law enforcement investigation does not relieve school officials of their obligation to investigate. Unfortunately, the fictitious school counselor didn’t notify the student’s parents/guardians – nor did Finney in the Ellerbe case. With full knowledge that Hannah said she needed life to stop and Ellerbe said he had already tried to kill himself, parents can seek clues with open eyes to see what they may have missed and to be given the chance to intervene on behalf of their child. Never should they have been sent back to class. Ellerbe wrote to Finney that while at school the day before he wanted to hurt himself and others and that he was feeling alone and unloved. The school district is not a court of law, but it can make a ruling based on the preponderance of evidence. Porter stepped far outside the standard of care for the profession when he set himself up as the investigator and declared to Hannah that she must provide him information about the perpetrator, press charges and confront the perpetrator – or just move on. Parents need to be told in clear terms, using the word “suicide.” The standard of care for the school counselor’s ethical obligation to a suicidal student may extend beyond parental notification. The school also should take steps to protect a student from retaliation. Parents/guardians needed to be summoned to the school immediately with appropriate recommendations, which in both cases could have legitimately included a recommendation for hospitalization. We must err of the side of caution. The OCR’s Dear Colleague Letter specifies the roles and duties schools have regarding sexual violence. School counseling professionals as advocates, understand and apply the standard of care expected of them both legally and ethically with suicidal students and dating violence. Sixty percent of these respondents reported assisting a victim of dating violence in the prior two years.

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. School counselors who rely on an in-school suicide assessment for definitive answers are not only negligent but wanton and reckless in their evaluation. Even though the assault occurred off campus, the school must take the sexual assault into account in determining whether there is a sexually hostile environment. Nothing could be further from reality