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Lilith offered for us to move in with her on island B. As this wasn't bad enough, here comes the fun part. I spent days fabricating every aspect of her personality and life. I started smoking and drinking. That all that I'm getting is because I deserve it. He spent basically an hour worshipping why she is perfect for him in every way. After a week of talking I have everything that I want to send her. She couldn't stand that my Dad loved me more than her, so she made really fucking sure of it. He was hooked, like a heroin addict. My dad was making comments on how she just met the perfect woman in a dating site. I can see into her soul, and I can see that the person she was is destroyed. However, this didn't go as I expected. If any would have been successful, I wouldn't be here telling the story, so hold on to your seats.This seemingly endless nightmare got a bit better when my Dad got a job at island A and we could move back on our own. My absolute favourite thing was telling him the lines "I KNEW I COULDN'T TRUST PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, YOU ARE THE SAME CHEATING PIG AS ALL OTHER MEN". I went into a porcelain shop with a fucking sledgehammer. If the bullying from school wasn't enough on it's own, Lilith made sure I hated my life.

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. When dating a single mom. I can't eat crude tomatoes. My Dad was let go at his job and was unemployed. And one last thing to add to the list, starvation.

When a woman dates an older man, the replies are "RUN". Why is nobody telling this young man dating a single mom to "RUN"!!

. There was "go back to your country fucking nationality" graffitied in the town's playground. My Dad accepted without hesitation, because he didn't want to go back to our country. I got my books taken away. When I obviously failed, I got grounded. But would you know, on a little fucking hispanic island with extended family all over it, this friend happened to be related to Lilith's family. It was the best thing I had felt every since Lilith entered my life.This goes on in WhatsApp, I'm taking a screenshot of everything that I think will hurt Lilith. You see, Lilith would always ground me for anything. Next day, all day speaking about Paula. Lilith was a true Narcissists, in all the aspects you can imagine. As soon as I feel crude tomato flavor in my mouth, I start to puke. That last breath of my dying personality wasn't in vain, I'm getting the much needed therapy and help, and I'm making amazing progress. This is important to the story, because he didn't want to move back at all costs. I'm loving every tear, and every moment of it. I was always berated, insluted and talked down on. The funny thing is that she catfished my Dad. Guys, it was the hardest thing to not grin like I just hit the fucking jackpot. I only shared this story with my therapist until now. So Paula confronts my Dad about this, who is in complete shock and panic mode. But I wasn't the same anymore. But I needed to make it believable, otherwise it will be an obvious catfishing, and I'm sure my Dad eventually would have traced it back to me. One more important thing to note is that my Dad was hooked on a sport that we'll call Squannis. She hadn't dumped my dad because she is well aware of her physical traits and knew that if they broke up, she would most likely end up alone. Anyways, they got together, and everything seemed fine at the beginning. Give me your phone number, we'll communicate on WhatsApp, so we don't lose contact, but promise me that you will not call me until I say that I'm feeling ready!Dad: I can totally understand that, and I respect it. I'm putting this beforehand, because you need to understand that I wasn't always like this. However, I had a plan for this as well. He asks for a mobile number, he wants to hear Paula's surely angelic voice. That I am a waste of space, a piece of human garbage. Names of people and places have been changed for discretion. But cheating is hard when you are a fat and ugly motherfucker, so my next guess were sex-chats. Lilith is throwing punches. So he just sat and watched as I suffered. Instead of breaking up, my Dad got in a position of power after confronting Lilith about it. It was like a group of younglings racing on who could scratch the blackboard harder to make to most unpleasant sound. This is where I wanted to hit.So as I knew some psychology, knowing her personality traits, I somehow suspected that she will try to compensate for the above mentioned with cheating. They absolutely hated ANYONE that was not form a latin origin. Son reveals Dad is cheating, crushing Maniacs soul and indirectly causes Maniac to lose job and livelihood, and forces Dad to move back.I'm warning you in advance, this is going to be a long one. I was bullied all the time. I can funtion on a much higher level than someone with a personality disorder, however not as highly as someone healthy. I was having serious depression, anxiety, panic attacks. All forms of enjoyment for me, meant books. As I couldn't imitate a woman's voice, I opted for leading him on over WhatsApp. That same night, we get matched, and we start chatting. Throwaway for very obvious reasons. Important to note that we were the only foreigners in the family. Paula was a tall, blonde, thin, beautiful, intelligent and nice lady, who worked on island B as a make-up artist for the local news. The little twist is Paula is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Lilith in every possible way. I don't expect you to believe it's true, everyone has the right of doubt. So I had really nice make-up photos worthy of a local news make-up artist, while having more normal and everyday pics as well. Island A was nice, I quickly learned Spanish and fit in pretty well with the other kids. He raised me the "Dad is always right" way, while at the same time he always told me to stand up for myself and never give up. Dating in high school. As police is escorting her out, I'm looking her dead in the eye. The revenge mainly goes towards my thankfully-no-longer-stepmom, but it comes with a side of fuck you to my Dad who at the time was an enabler.This story is part of the reason I have borderline personality organization. Guess how that worked out. Naturally, as any girl who is interested in a guy, will try out his interests. The sorts of things I know would get through Lilith's narcissistic wall of protection, and hit her in the very core. Not just by students, teachers did it and even fucking encouraged it. Also I hope I don't have to explain how extensive a hispanic family is. We moved here because my Dad hated our country and wanted to flee. So Paula, after my Dad told him about Squannis, decided to get a lesson from a friend of hers, so when she meets with my Dad, they'll be able to play together. Next I set up a dating profile on one of the sites I knew my dad was actively searching on, and I made his idea of a perfect woman, in every aspect, come to life. I was feeling the justice enter my pleasure receptors slowly, bit by bit. You see, she starved me, even though it wasn't starving in that little piece of garbage that she calls brain. Part of that progress is sharing this. Grounding me meant locking me up in my room with all forms of enjoyment taken a away. I needed a new phone number for a new WhatsApp account. As I'm looking her dead in the eye, I'm having the most shit eating grin a human can possibly enforce on it's face. All the things you can possibly imagine that you don't want a kid to be told. It's a mixture between Squash and Tennis, hence the name, really popular in latin countries at the time.

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. You see, he raised me to be an adult since I was a little child. You see, I knew that if my Dad deemed a lady from a dating site worthy of a fuck, he would ask for a phone number so they don't lose contact. So the island we were staying on at the time is island A. But you see, being underage, I couldn't do it and my Dad didn't want to move back. Turns out after this incident she had to go under a really strict psychological examination, which was a long time coming imo, where they determined she is unfit for teaching.

She was a teacher, but never had kids of her own even though she wanted. Sweet fucking Jesus, it felt good.After being in a position of power, and being the saint that never cheated in the relationship, my Dad got confronted by Lilith. Now you are wondering why I named her after a demon that kills babies. I destroyed the very pillars that held up her personality. Sorry for formatting or spelling errors., Courtesy of u/orangecraz: Dad moves away from country and dates maniac, lets maniac viciously abuse son so Dad doesn't have to move back. And would you know, Paula was telling him about this new guy she met on a dating site, who is from XX country and that's why she's taking lessons. I heard daily, that my worth is the equivalent to piece of turd, that I am even worth less than that. If you guessed me, you guessed right. With this information at hand and my WhatsApp and dating profile setup as well, I was more than ready to unleash hell upon those who wronged me.I started surfing the dating site. Every message where my Dad says things to Paula that Lilith always wanted to hear but never got