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Leo will question Aquarius in a way to identify a love match, or make a run for it.

Dressing up and making an entrance is also a favorite. To attract a Leo, give them the spotlight, buy first-class tickets to a concert, play or any exclusive event. She learns the value of breaking rules once in awhile while the Aquarius man learns from her how to give love creatively and passionately rather than mentally. Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects! For a detailed Compatibility Report - Click Here or, learn more about your opposite sign. There is a lot of sexual give and take, and when the passion is satisfied, the lovers go back to being friends. Sexually, these two epitomize what happens when you fan a flame. When dating a leo man. To attract Aquarius, communicate and display knowledge. A date between Leo and Aquarius might be the opera followed by a lovely dinner. Relationship calculator. Some Aquarius people will not consider a sexual relationship without a mental connection.

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. Leo loves adventure, independence and wants to be boss. They are the most likely to have exotic sexual encounters, risque and outdoor sex. Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Opposites attract! This love match will teach the Leo woman and Aquarius man the true meaning of love if their initial differences and stubborn streaks can be overcome. Still, opposites attract and these two are certainly attracted to each other! The Aquarius woman wants to be socially significant whereas the Leo man wants to be recognized for his individual significance. Relationship like this. Dating violence florida. The sex is rebellious and glorious! Not the ordinary bed mates, they will be full of surprises and unexpected sexual twists. These two can have a successful relationship just by fighting and making up. This lover will appear detached, but is looking for intellectual stimulation. If this Aquarius is the chosen one, Leo will never give up the chase. For this love match their friendship is the perfect foundation for their marriage. Leo loves glamorous places and events. The Aquarius man is up for anything and his experimental edge will arouse passion in the Leo woman's creatively fun sex drive.

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. Astrologically, the love combination of Leo and Aquarius is hot, hot, hot. Leo is personally centered and needs approval. The Leo woman learns how to receive love and remove her ego in the process. Aquarius and Leo lovers are exhibitionists. When dating a leo man.

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. Both signs are able to give and receive love however the Leo man is more concerned with love on a personal level and the Aquarius woman is thinking about love that stems from a humanitarian consciousness. Alone each sign is a force to be reckoned with but get these two in a bedroom and it's easy to understand the reasons behind their unique dating drama. An Aquarius woman is not overly enthusiastic about settling down. The rebel Aquarius is group centered and doesn't much care about approval of others. Aquarius signs love adventure, the unusual and thirst for knowledge.

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. The harder the tickets are to find the better. Aquarius and Leo: Aquarius Woman and Leo Man Dating between an Aquarius woman and Leo man may prove to be a battle between who can prove themselves to be more significant. Leo's taste is for wild passion while the Aquarius leans toward control and creativeness in the bedroom. If anything feels like a trap, this zodiac sign will exercise her freedom to leave. The Leo and Aquarius love match turns into love just from their close friendship. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs in the zodiac