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While there is little evidence to validate the efficacy of armed guards or officers, there is a plethora of research showing that a large armed presence on school grounds of Black and Latino males. Shear zones can be only inches wide, or up to several kilometres wide. Mass shooters in particular are interested in maximizing the number of people they can kill, and thus avoid areas where a lot of people carry guns. These are the five senses and if we use them all, it will not only draw you closer, you will also want each other more, leading to an explosive climax. Microstructural evidence of transtension includes rodding or stretching lineations, stretched porphyroblasts, mylonites, etc. Shear zones which occur under brittle-ductile conditions can accommodate much deformation by enacting a series of mechanisms which rely less on fracture of the rock and occur within the minerals and the mineral lattices themselves. Generally, the lower the C-S angle the greater the strain. They issue press release bragging about them. It’s the thing that puts that twinkle in your eye when you look at each other the next day, because you both know you’ve shared something special together. The angle between the C and S planes is always acute, and defines the shear sense. Within asymmetric shear zones, the behavior of an object undergoing shortening is analogous to the ball of treacle being smeared as it flattens, generally into an ellipse. This foliation ideally manifests as a sinusoidal set of foliations formed at a shallow angle to the main shear foliation, and which curve into the main shear foliation. Hollywood u relationship. Asymmetric shear in basalt, Labouchere mine, Glengarry Basin, Australia. The sense of shear shown by both S-C and S-C' structures matches that of the shear zone in which they are found. We cannot overemphasise the importance of foreplay in the art of lovemaking. If the rock mass begins to undergo large degrees of lateral movement, the strain ellipse lengthens into a cigar shaped volume. Shear zones may form zones of much more intense foliation, deformation, and folding. Typically this is a type of fault, but it may be difficult to place a distinct fault plane into the shear zone. After all, how we enjoy sex is integral to the quality of any committed romantic relationship. Stretched pebble conglomerate L-tectonite illustrating a stretch lineation within a shear zone, Glengarry Basin, Australia. S-planes or schistosité planes are generally defined by a planar fabric caused by the alignment of micas or platy minerals. Often, due to their structural control and presence at the edges of tectonic blocks, shear zones are mappable units and form important discontinuities to separate terranes. A typical example of a transpression regime is the Alpine Fault zone of New Zealand, where the oblique subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Indo-Australian Plate is converted to oblique strike-slip movement. The key to foreplay lies in the stimulation of the major and minor errogenous zones. When the horizontal displacement of this faulting can be measured in the tens or hundreds of kilometers of length, the fault is referred to as a megashear. Music, smells, lighting and colours all combine to produce the most sensually arousing setting for the most memorable lovemaking. Places with higher levels of gun control like cities have higher levels of gun homicides, which stems from a lack of armed good guys. Note the sinusoidal nature of the shear foliation. This article needs additional citations for verification. But if you ask a woman, she will remember the setting and atmosphere leading up to the lovemaking. Shearing at ductile conditions may occur by fracturing of minerals and growth of sub-grain boundaries, as well as by lattice glide. The response of the rock to these conditions determines how it accommodates the deformation. Such rocks are known as L-S tectonites. Megashears often indicate the edges of ancient tectonic plates. C-planes or cisaillement planes form parallel to the shear zone boundary. Gun laws only prevent the law abiding from being adequately armed to stop bad guys. That they happen to also be gun-free zones is coincidence. Mass shooters are simply not the calculating, death-optimizing machines that gun proponents depict them to be. Twenty of the sixty-two mass shootings occurred at the workplace, and each involved disgruntled employees taking their grievances out on employers and colleagues. The incipient shear foliation typically forms normal to the direction of principal shortening, and is diagnostic of the direction of shortening. Shear zones accommodate compressive stress by movement on foliation planes. Despite the fact that one-third of our nation’s schools have armed guards or officers, there is no evidence that these measures have deterred or de-escalated mass shootings. Denise C. Pronounced asymmetric shearing has stretched the conglomerate pebbles into elongate cigar shaped rods. During the initiation of shearing, a penetrative planar foliation is first formed within the rock mass. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Then there are the “errogenous zones” – those pleasure zones in parts of our bodies. The secret is to become creative. This is especially likely when lovemaking no longer seems like an adventure of doing something different together.

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. Some people are embarrassed to talk about lovemaking, especially with their partners. Shear can be homogeneous or non-homogeneous, and may be pure shear or simple shear. Mass shootings would be more likely and more deadly in areas where there are no armed citizens ready to take down the shooter. Like any other art, you need to practice the art of lovemaking in order to become really good at it. The process of shearing occurs within brittle, brittle-ductile, and ductile rocks. Whether they attract shooters doesn’t matter when the fact remains that shootings that occur in gun-free zones are extremely difficult to stop specifically because they are in gun-free zones. Transtension regimes are oblique tensional environments. The art of lovemaking is about intimacy and this comes from openness and trust. Instead, we only experience frustration. Define the flattened long-axis of the strain ellipse.

If you ask a man, he will focus on technique and results, such as “she had multiple orgasms”. These statistics seriously challenge the case that mass shooters dispassionately pursue vulnerable, target-rich environments to maximize their number of fatalities, and are instead shaped by motives directly related to their past.

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. Other microstructures which can give sense of shear include: Transpression regimes are formed during oblique collision of tectonic plates and during non-orthogonal subduction. But like anything in life, if you want to achieve enjoyment and fulfilment from it, you must be prepared to talk about it. After all, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. As such, many large and long shear zones are named, identical to fault systems. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Typically a mixture of oblique-slip thrust faults and strike-slip or transform faults are formed. Many shear zones host ore deposits as they are a focus for hydrothermal flow through orogenic belts. Study of geological shear is related to the study of structural geology, rock microstructure or rock texture and fault mechanics. Whether gun-free zones attract shooters has no bearing on the effect of gun-free zones. Relationship zones. The commonly held belief that mass shooters are attracted to gun-free, vulnerable areas is shown to lack evidentiary substantiation. The idea that schools have been made safer by armed guards is also challenged. They may often show some form of retrograde metamorphism from a peak metamorphic assemblage and are commonly metasomatised. The mechanisms of shearing depend on the pressure and temperature of the rock and on the rate of shear which the rock is subjected to. What matters is that shooters cannot easily be stopped in gun-free zones. There is no way to square this empirical reality with gun proponent’s suggestion that mass shooters are attracted to areas deprived of guns. En echelon veins or fractures may be observed within shear zones. An important group of microstructures observed in ductile shear zones are S-planes, C-planes and C' planes. Twelve of the sixty-two mass shootings surveyed took place at a school, and in all but one of them, the killer had direct ties to the school they targeted. The Alpine Schist of New Zealand is characterised by heavily crenulated and sheared phyllite.. So we have to learn to be honest and let your partner know exactly how you feel. Shear asymmetry is sinistral, pen for scale A shear zone is a tabular to sheetlike, planar or curviplanar zone composed of rocks that are more highly strained than rocks adjacent to the zone. So if we want the most memorable lovemaking experience, we need to take both the above into account. Microstructural evidence of transpressional regimes can be rodding lineations, mylonites, augen-structured gneisses, mica fish and so on. Mylonites are essentially ductile shear zones. Within purely brittle rocks, compressive stress results in fracturing and simple faulting. The Gun-Free Zone Myth: No relationship between Gun-Free Zones and Mass Shootings This post challenges the belief that ‘gun-free zones’, areas such as schools and work place institutions, are breeding grounds for a mass shooting. In symmetric shortening, objects flatten on this shear foliation much the same way that a round ball of treacle flattens with gravity. In this regard, men and women have different perceptions of what being a “good lover” ia all about. Sometimes we can be so focussed on reaching orgasm that we forget to simply enjoy the pleasure of lovemaking. When you feel a heart-to-heart connection with your partner, your lovemaking can be pure ecstacy. Typical example of dextral shear foliation in an L-S tectonite, with pencil pointing in direction of shear sense. The Art of Lovemaking – Real Intimacy We all like to think we’re good lovers, but in reality, most of us know there’s room for improvement. You need to taste each other, touch each other, see each other, smell each other, hear each other. Within shear zones with pronounced displacements a shear foliation may form at a shallow angle to the gross plane of the shear zone. Such rocks are known as L-tectonites. It is so important to communicate with each other. At this point shear foliaions begin to break down into a rodding lineation or a stretch lineation. Here, the orogenic belt attains a trapezoidal shape dominated by oblique splay faults, steeply-dipping recumbent nappes and fault-bend folds. This manifests as realignment of textural features, growth and realignment of micas and growth of new minerals. This occurs particularly on platy minerals, especially micas. How the man or the woman views this experience, is often programmed into them from an early age by the perceptions of a parent or caregiver and confirmed through life’ experiences