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When the deal was made, APG did not know that Thug had signed a deal with Gucci Mane, according to Jordan*, a source who worked with APG on the Young Thug project and was privy to Thug’s contract negotiations and promotional budget. Relationship labels.

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. It’s better when it comes from the fans than when it comes from the executive level,” he said. “In the current hip-hop business climate, in order to become an artist that people care about, it’s basically irrelevant if you’re signed to a major label,” Caramanica said. But when APG A&R Jeff Vaughn traveled to Atlanta and witnessed how Thug was admired there, Jordan said, he sold Mike Caren - APG’s CEO and the president of Atlantic parent company Warner Music Group’s A&R department - on the idea. “When APG look at someone, they think about breaking somebody into popular culture, not something that’s gonna be the hottest thing on the urban market.

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. “Mike Caren is the most honest person I ever met in this industry. After Gucci Mane underwent a public meltdown last fall, insulting former allies on Twitter and ultimately being sent to jail for violating the terms of his parole, Thug defended him. Long before Drake was a fan, Gucci Mane, the Atlanta rap icon whose erratic behavior has threatened to overshadow his prolific talent, recognized Young Thug as a peer and potential successor. Relationship young thug soundcloud. The deal stipulates that the production company will release and promote the artist’s videos, mixtapes, or albums in order to develop their career and eventually a secure a deal with a major record company.

Dating nowadays. Generation y dating. “If major labels were smart or crafty enough to dictate where hip-hop went - especially grassroots, street-oriented hip-hop - it would've went somewhere very different. What dating site is the best. “I think at that point, [Thug and his team] felt like the Gucci contract was void. “If APG knew about his deal with Gucci at that point, they might have not even signed him,” Jordan said.APG has two divisions: Artist Partners Group for recording artists and Artist Publishing Group for producers. “Mike was like, ‘Fuck it, if you can sign him cheap, go for it,’” said Jordan. “Gucci was in jail,” the Atlanta publicist said.

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. Prominent mixtape host DJ Drama was arrested, and artists were pushed to record more original songs for their tapes