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In a well-balanced blend of country-pop, the duo play off of each other’s harmonies and unique vocals to bring a new name to love ballads everywhere. A Bishōnen version of this is Renjou Hotsuma from. Days after her performance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Camila was back in the big apple to sing some hits and share her beliefs of following your dreams. For her first solo TV performance since she parted ways with Fifth Harmony, Cabello turned her song about dancing the pain of a relationship gone wrong awry away into a triumphant affair, showcasing that she was ready to go it alone and take centerstage. But Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is not only completely loyal to Yuya, it's actually shown to play along and enjoy duels, to the point where it can sometimes be seen smiling happily with everyone. Besting her previous record of No. An entire scene is dedicated to how. Principal Enzo from , whose face is so scary and thuggish, it scares not only the children, but also the teachers.

: Kale's Kubrick Stare, appropriately, has a stoic, delinquent facade that tends to fade quickly once she becomes weak-willed and emotional. He often frightens small children with his size, looks, and sharp implements. Guts from is a downplayed example who is actually pretty handsome if you stop to appreciate his face, and he's a lot more gentle with his friends than his demeanor would suggest, but he undoubtedly has an image problem especially after the Eclipse. Makoto/Sailor Jupiter from , sorta. She really is a kind and sweet girl who wants friends. He also has Big Ol' Eyebrows, a perpetual frown, and a permanent Death Glare. He's just highly professional about it rather than being a thug. Hilariously, he and Komi are scared of each other Sasayama of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is bald with a nasty-looking scar on his head, and has only one working leg. He's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold delinquent, and certainly looked scary. However, underneath, he's actually a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who wants to be loved. Randoh from , before the whole mess with the surgery that made him look like his crush. Hedoro from is an almost unfathomably nice guy who runs a flower shop, respects the elderly, and literally won't hurt a fly. Captain T-Bone of the Marines is an even better example. The Host Club try all sorts of ways to "soften" his appearance, but all their efforts seem to only make him seem more unnerving and scary. He is very tall and muscular on top of having a scary face, and even though he likes to fight, he is a genuinely Nice Guy who also has a weakness for cute things. Watch the official music video HERE. 's Argo Gulskii is a Rusian Space Pirate and absolutely , seven feet tall with biceps bigger than most people's heads. : Moss may be a huge and intimidating English mastiff, indeed being a brutal powerhouse. Ling deliberately keeps his Eyes Always Shut for the most part because of this. Sawako Kuronuma, the protagonist of , has frequently been mistaken for a nightmare-inducing ghost due to her appearance, particularlywhen she tries to smile. On the other hand, other people think he looks scary: Orihime's friend Michiru cannot bring herself to talk to him, and entire delinquent gangs look for him to beat him up. Before the performance, Camila and Joe recall the first time they met. He looks like a delinquent and his attempts to appear friendly often backfires. In fact, the whole plot is driven and catapulted by how he looks like a horrible thug that does drugs and kills people with impunity, which causes everyone to fear and respect him. To the people around him, his neutral face seems to be a glare. They think she looks a little intense at worst and the manga adaptation shows that her eye color comes across looking more like Innocent Blue Eyes than anything. The Light Novels describe his face as "the face of a man who, no matter how you looked at him, didn't seem as though he did proper business." Leo Aoi from the manga , who looks like he's always giving everyone the death glare. However, Kenta picks up on the 'kind-hearted' bit. To a lesser extent, there's Numata, who looks like a tough guy, always wearing leather jackets and sunglasses at all times. Interestingly enough, the really dangerous guy in the show, Shizuo, is a slim blond bishonen, and so unfortunate people sometimes underestimate him and are crushed by flying vending machines. It scares pretty much everyone to death. However, he's actually a former cop and currently works in social services, and is a good guy. Orihime of used to think Ichigo had a scary face due to his constant scowling..

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. She thinks they look harsh and cold, but people tend to be confused when she actually says it. Kai Shiden has mismatched eyes, a perpetual smirk, and a crooked nose. Parodied and subverted in. In reality, her squint is because she's a shark and therefore has poor eyesight without her glasses, and her teeth, like a shark's teeth, are constantly falling out. then she considered it a bit more and realized it was actually kind of funny-looking. Sotomura from is feared by all, primarily because she can't seem to smile without somehow looking like she's about to shank you. However, he has a tender heart, and is shown to actually be a very nice person. Running opposite of her visually electrifying performance of the pop ballad she created for The Tonight Show, Camila took control of the stage this morning with an intimate and passionate performance. The thing is that he's definitely not a Nice Guy, but he's still a lot nicer than he looks. Gotou from has a rather rough face, and several characters comment on how scary it is. He looks like a zombie or ghoul but he is one of the most compassionate and caring people in the whole series, ripping his own mantle to pieces just to provide bandages for his wounded men. Kogoro and Conan end up laughing at him. Mayo Mitama has creepy looking eyes, but since Dark Is Not Evil, everyone is still nice to her, thinking she fits this trope. : Sig Curtis is an enormous bear of a man, and a butcher by trade. Yuki Sanada from has frequent panic attacks in social situations, which causes his face to twist up and turn red until it resembles a demonic noh mask. He's a hulking muscular guy in black clothing and armor with tons of scars, fearsome weaponry, and a face that's usually scowling. Around his partner Shuusei though, he becomes caring and gentle, smiles warmly, is very considerate and devoted. From , we have Lanchia, who despite being quite scary looking, is apparently a Friend to All Children. The only problem is that he just scares the heck out of everyone because of his thuggish face. Reina's dad in scares pretty much everybody away because of this trope, along with not being very sociable. Kannu from is The Bandit Hunter and ironically she gets confused for one and in one episode she is called thuggish.

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. Ling Yao, a mildly suspicious but otherwise amiable guy who values his comrades, and is also one of many heirs to the Xing throne, admits to knowing that he doesn't have the friendliest looking eyes when Ed points out he wouldn't trust Ling's face. Frequently mistaken as the Fullmetal Alchemist; only in Super-Deformed do his true colors show. Camila Cabello performs first solo TV performance on BBMAs with single “Crying in the Club” Camila Cabello brought her new solo single “Crying in the Club” to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. Rmr q relationship. In reality, she's a shy girl who loves everything cute and cuddly. Kane Brown Camila took the music world by surprise with a country remix of “Never Be The Same” featuring Kane Brown. He looked like a thug, but he was actually a policeman who was tailing the serial killer who seduced and targeted Sonoko. The entire Sanada North Perfectual High School's Student Council in Daily Lives of High School Boys is this, save for the Student Council President who is traditionally bishonen. Ran catches a huge and angry-looking man with Cool Shades spying on the Mouri Detective Agency, and he refuses to take off his glasses even after it's seen he is actually a fellow detective. Katarina in is convinced that she has a villains face, particularly her eyes. Relationship young thug music video. Interestingly, one episode had a "dress-up race" and Sakaki dressed like a stereotypical delinquent. Legosi, the main character of generally makes everyone around him uncomfortable due to a combination of being a relatively large predator, having an odd demeanor, and have a rather thuggish looking face. Germany also displays this, but he's got a hard exterior. When introduced to the class as the new transfer student, everyone is shown shaking in fear, and even the teacher is shown to say while sweating, "Everyone, please be kind to him. Though he acts like he doesn't notice. Then there are FBI agents Andre Camel and Shuichi Akai. : Played with in regards to the title character, Shouko Komi. With ’s first solo album in the works, the music world is very eager to see how far she can go. They're giant,sharp-toothed dragons covered in spikes, and even their summon chants tend to portray them as scary and intimidating. Naturally this leads to numerous unwanted confrontations. However, it backfires, since the baby is actually Satan's son, and therefore actually incredibly scary faces. In , Armin claims that Eren and Jean both have the same "vicious" expression. These traits, coupled with his style of dress, makes the protagonists initially think he is a Yakuza. Simon from is a friendly, peaceful and intelligent sushi tout. It happens mostly for comedic effect, and he's shown to actually be very attractive when he lightens up a bit. His Death Glare scares the crap out of everyone, his partner Finland included. Tojo is a more straight example. It's why he constantly has a stream of bullies challenging him, which led to how he became so good at fighting. Samejima of is a great white shark mermaid with a perpetual glare and a mouth of sharp teeth. He was just born that way. The Never Be The Same Tour will make its way around cities in North America and the UK. She was wrong, but fell head over heels in love with him anyway and they ended up Happily Married. During the case Makoto Kyogoku was introduced, there was a suspiciously looking man tailing Ran's travel group. Okay, so he in the Mafia, but more of the honor-bound Noble Demon Neighborhood Friendly Gangsters variety. : Hanamichi Sakuragi is considered scary, but that's mainly because of his bright red hair and his MASSIVE height. Played straight with Katai. Eren is insulted by the idea that he looks anything like Jean, calling him a "horseface". He also has a fairly gentle personality and takes part in the playful activities of the group as often as his smaller classmates. Don't be afraid of him." It turns out that he was raised in a wild jungle, but is actually very gentle and kind. Umetarou Nozaki in occasionally comes to school pissed off and covered in bandages. Eventually, his crush on Bifauxnen Haruhi leads him to be Mistaken for Gay by his Yakuza underlings, and the Host Club's sizeable Yaoi Fangirl clientèle, who start seeing him as Troubled, but Cute. This becomes a problem when she attempts to find a part-time job, but becomes pretty useful in her current position in a Cosplay Café as the resident "sadist" character. On the bright side, he met his wife, an actual thug, because she thought he looked like a total badass. Camila, who is beyond excited for the campaign and its aesthetic, has teased upcoming pieces like deep red bodysuits and faux fur shaggy coats, set to arrive in late November. Narumi of , amongst others. This doesn't stop other delinquents from thinking he's a super violent thug that wants to challenge them. She's tall and imposing, so everyone assumes she's a juvenile delinquent. But he's as much of a lovelorn idiot as the rest of the cast. The manga shows a glaring in the background when he does this, just to drive the point home. Kaidou Kaoru from , to a degree. Read more about the performance here. Camila Cabello Drops Steamy Video for Debut Solo Singles ‘Crying in the Club’ & ‘I Have Questions’ Read the full article on The bandages she's seen with early on aren't from getting into fights, but because those cute and cuddly animals she loves don't love her back. He's the calmest and most mature person in the Shuffle Alliance and often acts as an understated Big Brother Mentor, and never took a life during his raids. Notably averted by Russia. She's actually a fairly shy girl who ended up being named a awe-inspiring monster by the local boys and decided to roll with it. Despite his immense height and large build, he has a round, childish, sweet face with a calm smile as his default expression. However, he also listens to J-pop groups, and the reason for wearing his Cool Shades completely subverts the thuggish image he's a highly emotional guy, and they hide tears. In Oga's case, he actually is a delinquent instead of just looking like one. “Excited for […] Read More Camila Announces Performances on the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour Camila is set to appear on select dates of the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour this November and December. Because of how it contrasts with his intimidating aura, this actually manages to make him scary, displaying his Psychopathic Manchild and Cute and Psycho nature before he even says or does anything. Her face look about perfect as a villains since it was literally designed to be one, but if she doesn't glare at people her extremely good nature and complete cluelessness totally overrides any issues with her features. In reality, she's an incredibly withdrawn girl with the heart of a saint. Sousuke Sagara from is shown to have such an intense, intimidatingly scary face that it scares off anyone who approaches him or Kaname. His bizarre behavior doesn't improve his image either. She will be appearing in cities all around the US this holiday season with acts including Demi Lovato and The Chainsmokers. This is mostly a defense mechanism, though to keep people at arms length, because he is scared of losing control of his powers again. Her beauty and aloof behaviour invites peoples' admiration, but also intimidates them from becoming closer to her. Like Komi, though, he's just a shy guy who wants friends. Relationship young thug music video. It does help that he's quite polite and well-mannered towards adults.   Listen to “Havana” now Spotify: Apple Music: […] Read More Camila Drops “Havana” Remix ft. : Oga, who is known as the "strongest juvenile delinquent." He attempts to scare away a baby who has grown attached to him by making his face even scarier than it already is. In spite of this, he is a kind and loving grandfather to his granddaughters, a generally Reasonable Authority Figure and while he is strict and demanding towards his students, he is also supportive and fair in his judgements. However, he's also a jovial dog and even has a soft spot for puppies, having raised a son by himself