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Most couples try to fix their relationship on their own, but when it doesn't work, they slide into hopelessness. Oztantra’s Annette & Graeme intimately understand  integrity and commitment expected by our clients. If people have a heart problem, they go to a cardiologist who specializes in the heart -- not just their general practitioner who does some of everything. Ask a counselor about them in your first meeting and THEN decide if you want to return to work with that person. Couples carry deep pain in their hearts when they live together disconnected and feeling alone, misunderstood, unloved, disrespected, or unimportant. Relationship workshops near me. If either of you brush off or demean your partner’s desire for help, you will multiply your problems. From a place of trust, you both decide if and how you wish to proceed, we will offer suggestions that will support your goals, desires and objectives.    • discover why you get stuck in patterns of triggering and self-protection that adds to more trigerring and leads you to repeat the same pattern that increases distress and drains your love.

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. Relationship jumping. Skype sessions can be arranged quickly and easily at a time that suits you.

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. Some people begin to doubt that marriage counseling or a couples workshop COULD help them. I am located in Winter Park, Florida -- a community in the Orlando, FL area. I am a marriage and relationship specialist. We prioritise safety, accountability, transparency and integrity with TOTAL confidentiality. If you have any questions, please contact us with your enquiries, we’d love to talk with you…. Explore what approach is right for you. If just ONE of you thinks you need couples' counseling, you do! Pay attention if your spouse or partner suggests that you need to get some help for your marriage or relationship. Those who choose to ignore their issues, either intentionally or unintentionally  are generally those who crash and burn in relationshipping…. All couples face issues, and those who succeed in relationship are simply those who take control and seek  solutions earlier. So some will never do anything beyond a search on Google! But Take your next step to get help now.

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. Conflicts and disconnects, big or small, invite you to increase your relational intelligence and competencies.

Dating sites for kids. Couples Sessions, Getaways, Retreats and Tantra Workshops We run specialised workshops, retreats and more, working exclusively with a small number of clients who desire the absolute best in their relationship. I teach and coach couples how to improve communication and connection, effectively work with conflict at its roots where couples get stuck. They value their marriage, family and/or partnership. They long to feel close, connected and loving as they once did. K michelle relationship 2017. I also teach YOU to continue using tools and skills on your own. It is also ok if you want to proceed on your own for a while as well. That deserves specialized help for healing and growth. . Every marriage or love relationship will have some conflict. Counseling, workshops, or books don't magically make your problems disappear. At this point, it is also ok if you’re unsure, our role is in supporting you in discovering and connecting with your deeper desires