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Coastal wetland ecosystem that is inundated for some period of time by. Instrument that measures the contained in from an or other type of ground displacement. Spheroidal Weathering A type of below ground where the corners of jointed become rounded over time. Inorganic colloids are often particles. Process of where one lithospheric plate is pushed below another into the. Subdiscipline of that studies sequence, spacing, composition, and spatial distribution of deposits and. Most commonly, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment. Sea-Level Pressure Average atmospheric at sea-level. System Relationship Is the association that exist between the and of a based on cause and effect. Species Diversity Number of different in a given region. The climate of a savanna is tropical with a dry season occurring in the low Sun period of the year. The average surface elevation of the world's. A significant proportion of scattered shortwave solar radiation is redirected back to space. Since the lust and attraction stages are both considered temporary, a third stage is needed to account for long-term relationships. These particles play an important role in , , and incoming. The flow of water in a or.

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. In addition to cross-cultural differences in understanding love, ideas about love have also changed greatly over time. Astronomically it is the period from the to the in the Northern Hemisphere. The process first involves the movement of heat energy from the Earth's surface to the atmosphere by and. Transport of initiated by moving air or water where particles move from a resting surface to the transport medium in quick continuous repeated cycles. Stratus Clouds Low altitude gray colored composed of water droplets. Also see vs sedimentary rocks. Surface Tension Tension of a 's surface. Plants that exist in this community have special adaptation to survive in the presence of high in their immediate environment. Due to the forces of attraction between. Zone between one system and another system. Conversion of into and with the onset of warmer temperatures. can exist in three different forms , , and. Solar Constant A term used to describe the average quantity of solar received by a horizontal surface at the edge of the Earth's. Fatuous love includes passion and commitment. It is characterized by the slow movement of material downslope and the formation of lobe-shaped features. The complex and abstract nature of love often reduces discourse of love to a thought-terminating cliché. Most of the human-made particles come from the combustion of fossil fuels. Spatial Isolation Reproductive isolation of two or more of a by distance or physical barriers. A relatively smooth that travels some distance from the area of its generation. A large, destructive caused by very low atmospheric and strong winds. Examples of carnivores include flies, various species of vultures, crabs, and hyenas. In recent years, the sciences of psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, and biology have added to the understanding the concept of love. Self-Regulation The ability of some to maintain a through and. Snow pellets develop when droplets freeze on snowflakes. Sinusoidal Equal-Area Projection Map projection that represents areas in their true form on a two-dimensional map. Moment of time when the 's edge completely disappears below the Earth's. Secondary Substance chemical produced by a that has no direct function in its. Each cloud patch consists of a rounded mass. P diddy relationships. These landforms are created when through a thin from both sides. System Element System elements are the kinds of things or substances composing the. This liquid normally contains released from particles, or plant roots and leaves. These features form as the result of the of by. Light precipitation is often found falling from it. A tropical or sub-tropical characterized by trees and shrubs scattered among a cover of grasses, herbs and forbs. Some historians date modern conceptions of romantic love to courtly Europe during or after the Middle Ages, although the prior existence of romantic attachments is attested by ancient love poetry. This condition can be cause when , which charges the aquifer, is withdrawn faster than it is recharged by. In general, deciduous trees have more stemflow than vegetation. This cloud has a uniform base and normally covers the entire sky. The volume of water that can be held in a. Snowflakes begin their life as very tiny crystals developing on a six-sided hexagonal. The line that separates a land surface from a water body. A large region of and in a. These effects rarely last more than a few weeks or months. process that concentrates salts at or near the soil surface because greatly exceeds water inputs from. The September equinox denotes the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Type of that travels across the Earth's surface. Semi-Diurnal Tide that have two high and two low waters per tidal period. Shaking displacement usually caused by an. Often caused by the storm winds pushing water towards land. Interpersonal love is most closely associated with interpersonal relationships. This soil type is associated with grassland habitats where high levels of cause the accumulation of salts at or near the soil surface. Concentration of dissolved found in a sample of water. Aqueous liquid found within a. Also called a secondary wave or a shear wave. Believed to form when windblown materials settle on areas of patchy snow. A pit like hole in found in areas of.

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. Originates from the east off an elevated desert plateau. Much of this transfer takes place when solar radiation absorbed at the land or ocean surface is converted into heat energy. Involves and reasoning, and , and testing. Sediment Rating Curve Numerical expression or graphical curve that describes the quantitative relationship between and the sediment transported by a particular stream. They may be atoms or molecules, or larger bodies of matter-sand grains, rain drops, plants, or cows. During this period, the first and species appear. The relative position, or rank, of a segment in a. Standard Deviation A statistical measure of the dispersion of observation values in a data set. Love has been postulated to be a function to keep human beings together against menaces and to. Subsea Permafrost Form of that exists beneath the sea in ocean sediments. Sustainable Development Forms of economic growth and other human activities that meet the requirements of the present without jeopardizing the ability of future generations of individuals to meet their own needs. A branch of science focused on the study of and activity. Measured as the total amount of dissolved salts in parts per thousand. Also refers to the ratio of the volume of voids to the total volume of the soil. A that creates -like motion perpendicular to the direction of seismic energy propagation. This flow is not great enough to call it a. Often associated with the formation of a at the ground surface.

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. The source of these compounds is both natural and human-made. that is composed of silicon dioxide, SiO. This article contains special characters. The word "love" can have a variety of related but distinct meanings in different contexts. Symbiotic Mutualism Mutualistic where the interact physically and their relationship is biologically essential for survival A in layers that forms a trough-like bend. Soil Organic Matter constituents of. Stress caused by forces operating parallel to each other but in opposite directions. Commitment, on the other hand, is the expectation that the relationship is permanent. Surface location defined by the intersection of the with Earth's surface in the Southern Hemisphere. Rock changes from a rectangular to more round shape.

South Magnetic Pole Location in the Southern Hemisphere where the lines of force from Earth's are vertical. The part of the that forms the continents and is composed of relatively light,. Seed Dispersal Movement of a plant away from the parent by a passive or active mechanism. The study of from an interdisciplinary perspective. Heterotrophic organism that mainly dead animals or the parts of dead animals for food. Over long periods of time geographic isolation leads to speciation through because of environmental heterogeneity. People can be said to love an object, principle, or goal to which they are deeply committed and greatly value. Is a graph that describes the quantity of that is emitted from a body at particular. This view is represented in the works of Scott Peck, whose work in the field of applied psychology explored the definitions of love and evil. Relationship without emotional intimacy. Heat that can be measured by a and thus sensed by humans. Point of time during the day when the Sun is aligned with and. System Attribute A system attribute is the perceived characteristic of a. Snow pellets can be easily distinguished from packed snowflakes as they tend to bounce when they strike the ground. A small wave in the and the that extends from the middle to the upper. This adaptation reduces the surface area for thus reducing the loss of scarce water. Secondary Succession on a previously vegetated surface. Sulfur dioxide is a component in the creation of. A common principle that people say they love is life itself. Following developments in electrical theories such as Coulomb's law, which showed that positive and negative charges attract, analogs in human life were developed, such as "opposites attract". Second-Growth Forest Stand of forest that is the result of. Positioned or located away from land but towards an ocean or sea. Sulfur Dioxide A gas produced from volcanic eruptions, ocean spray, organic decomposition and the burning of fossil fuels. Four seasons are normally recognized: ; ; ; and. As a result of this fact, natural processes that involve energy transfer must have one direction, and all natural processes are irreversible. It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals. Strike is the horizontal directional taken by an imaginary line drawn on the plane of the formation. Three distinct neural circuitries, including neurotransmitters, and three behavioral patterns, are associated with these three romantic styles. This type of seismic wave causes shear stress in the material it moves through. Snowfall is most common with the frontal lifting associated with during fall, winter, and spring months when air temperatures are below freezing. The Earth's orbit is not circular but elliptical. Heat energy stored in ocean waters can also move quickly over large horizontal distances in a poleward direction through. This includes landforms with some of the following geomorphic features: fold mountains, rift valleys, and volcanoes. encompasses a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, ranging from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols. Science is a way of acquiring knowledge. The time it takes the Earth to make one orbit around the. A that gets its water primarily from the of. In the Southern Hemisphere, this date marks the first day of spring. Side of a slope that faces the direction of flow of ice, wind, or water. Refers to the material or carried by a. Usually at high altitudes or latitudes