Relationship without a title

Dating violence statistics. Trending on MadameNoire. I expect the best from everyone else so it was time I stopped giving myself scraps. M&t relationship banker job description. Although the situation felt like a relationship it wasn’t. However, I wasn’t willing to admit to myself that this wasn’t what I wanted and stayed in this relationship purgatory for way too long. I’m getting too old for this. As long as we played house maybe it would turn into a house one day. I denied, and was almost ashamed to admit that my heart needed a real relationship in title, action, word, and deed. When my heart was uncomfortable and it was time to get up, I just kept riding around hoping it would change. Often times, when we accept less than what we want and deserve, people take advantage of our willingness to settle. My desire to have him as my own blinded me to the red flags and clear signs to leave the situation before it got too deep. Relationship quotes funny. Although that’s not everyone’s story, it’s mine and it was time for me to reflect and do better the next time. The companionship was great and I convinced myself that because my feelings changed, his would change just the same. The whatevership just isn’t for me. If I’m just your friend stop eating my cooking, messing up my sheets and hair, and stop taking up space in my life where a boyfriend should be. And there I was picking up the pieces when it all fell apart. Theme music would play and I’d emerge like a triumphant heroine recanting the story to my girlfriends over wine in the next scene. Relationship without a title. If my life was a sitcom I would have kicked him and his duffle bag right out my house.

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. Some people enjoy whateverships. I played my “break up songs” playlist and melted into a puddle of feelings. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I settled. No amount of companionship is worth risking emotional damage. And when he left that evening he left for the last time. I subconsciously gave away the benefits of a relationship in hopes that he would give me the accountability and responsibility that comes with a relationship title eventually. But thank God for friends, prayer, writing and wine. I spent many sleepless nights completely thrown that I had another break up for a relationship that didn’t actually exist.

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. In the age of “playing it cool” and not wanting to “pressure” a man, I buckled in to a seat on the whatevership bus. There’s nothing wrong with the situation if that’s what you BOTH want.

No matter how much time, energy, and emotions we spent, at the end of the day he was a single man being held to boyfriend expectations that he did not want to meet. I got up one day and began to process how exactly I’d fallen down this gaping sink hole of foolishness in the first place. There was wine, but it was sipped from underneath the covers of my bed as I sat fully dressed in heartbreak