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As the lead researcher behind the study told The New York Times, if you want to be happy, focus on quality over quantity. In one , researchers had participants keep private daily diaries in which they recorded things their partner had done for them and how it had made them feel. Advertisement / Couples who appreciate each other are more likely to stay together. The link between income and infidelity is more nuanced than that. After dating someone for a couple of years, you might feel like you know everything about them: what kind of toothpaste they use, which TV series they guiltily binge-watch, which foods nauseate them. Interestingly, when women are the breadwinners, they're less likely to cheat. But couples who did report testing the relationship were more likely to experience a number of negative emotions. For example, say a wife comes home to her partner and shares an accomplishment. A study found that marriage does indeed lead to increased well-being, mainly thanks to friendship. Then with the Industrial Revolution people had more leisure time, Finkel says, so we started looking for companionship in our partners. Business Insider's Jessica Orwig reported on a fascinating Carnegie Mellon study on the link between how often you have sex with your partner and how happy you are. "'You are different from who I thought you were or wanted you to be. When men are the breadwinners, they're more likely to cheat. Why relationships work. Once you start living together, you may realize that you have different priorities and tolerances - like, for instance, what does or doesn't constitute a mess. How dating apps work.

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. / AP Eventually you realize that you're not one person. When the researchers measured how each group felt at the end of the experiment, the group that had doubled their sex frequency was in fact slightly happy. Advertisement / When it comes to sex, quality is more important than quantity. "The longer couples waited to make that first serious commitment [cohabitation or marriage], the better their chances for marital success," The Atlantic reported. Dating without a title. As Business Insider's Erin Brodwin reported, gratitude may be a key to lasting relationships. "People have to come to terms with the reality that 'we really are different people,'" says Ellyn Bader, a couples therapist. Recent research from the University of Connecticut suggests that a person who is economically dependent on their spouse is more likely to be unfaithful - and that's especially true for a man who relies financially on a woman. / YouTube/Blank Spaces music video We think everyone except our own partner is cheating.

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. / Stephen Lovekin / Getty The happiest marriages are between best friends. Contrary to popular belief, cheating isn't necessarily more common among high-earning couples. Meanwhile, another series of studies, led by a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, found that more grateful couples were more likely to still be together nine months later. Friendship, the paper found, is a key mechanism that could help explain the causal relationship between marriage and life satisfaction. Relationship with married man. "If you really are better at the dishes than remembering to call the in-laws, then that should be your job," she writes. The Atlantic's Megan Garber reports: / Julian Finney / Getty If you get excited for your partner's good news, you'll have a better relationship. But you probably don't know them as well as you think you do. For example, among testers, men scored higher on measures of depression and anxiety, and women scored higher on measures of abandonment anxiety.

In a recent Psychology Today column, one of the study's authors explains what these findings might mean: Advertisement / If you're economically dependent on your spouse, you're more likely to cheat on them. / Flickr / Nan Palmero If you're moving in to 'test' the relationship, you're probably not so confident in it. The honeymoon phase doesn't go on forever.. We have different ideas, different feelings, different interests.'" It's a stressful - and necessary - evolution. Controlling for premarital happiness, the study concluded that marriage leads to increased well-being - and it does so much more for those who have a close friendship with their spouses. An "active-constructive" response would be the best, according to Amie Gordon, a social psychologist at the University of California at Berkeley: Advertisement / Resentment builds quickly in couples who don't tackle chores together. Both groups were less confident in the relationship. Advertisement / You'll never get to know your partner perfectly. As it turns out, couples who were more grateful toward each other felt that the relationship was stronger. Relationship n dating. After that, levels of a chemical called "nerve growth factor," which is associated with intense romantic feelings, start to fall. But as it turns out, relationship length wasn't related to accuracy. "It's Not You, It's the Dishes" coauthor Paula Szuchman recommends a system where each person specializes in the chores they're best at. Advertisement / The closer a couple are in age, the less likely they are to get divorced. / Flickr / Macnolete The 'in love' phase lasts about a year