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Enjoy Leadership by Keeping Your Relationship with God Fresh

. Consider sharing your words of wisdom in the comment section!. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Living out our faith doesn’t mean never messing up, it just means we are better equipped to handle the times when we do. Everyone who seeks, finds. Not out of obligation but out of a desire to worship in the Lord’s house and be encouraged.

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. Relationship with god sermon.  Here on my blog today, I wanted to offer a few tips for spiritual nutrition – those things we can ‘consume’ or do to help  us build a more intimate relationship with God and feel connected with Him in heart, soul and mind. For additional info on getting the most out of reading your Bible, click here to read a past blog post which shares tips and questions for deeper bible study. God speaks through His Word, so if your goal is not only grow closer to God, but to begin hearing from Him with spiritual clarity, spending time reading what He has written will open up doors for spiritual growth.

How Lent Can Make a Difference in Your Relationship with God

. Make daily prayer a must, and don’t be afraid to be honest with God. Spend time with other believers.  We often tend to think feeling truly connected to God is out of reach, or only for other people, but God longs for that closeness with every one of us – not because of who we are, but because of Who He is.  Keep in mind that prayer isn’t like a phone call – we don’t have to hang up and try back later. A close relationship with our Savior is possible for all of us. And not only we do benefit in wonderful, blessed ways as we live according to God’s instructions, but our life can become a shining witness to His goodness and power, and other people might long to know Him as well. Relationship with god sermon. A heart on fire for Christ transforms our inner thoughts and desires and results in not only the desire to live out our faith, but the inspiration and motivation to do whatever it takes to do so.  If we are willing to make a relationship with Him a priority, we will eventually begin feeling His closeness. Seek out friends, support groups, or bible studies where conversation will fuel your faith, not squelch it.  This might sound like the hard part, yet when we make the first five tips a priority in our life, then living out our faith become a reality. Of course, we don’t have to go to church to be a good Christian, but getting a weekly dose of music, prayer, worship and fellowship is often just we need to stay focused on Christ after a long hard week, or before a hard week ahead. But I have learned when I start my day in prayer before I even get out of bed, and then spend at least a few moments reading my daily devotion or daily scripture verse, I have a much better day overall and am more alert to God’s whispers.

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