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They had no guarantee that God would deliver them from the fiery furnace. Today there is no reason not to be able to study and learn from God's word. Humble yourselves through fasting to draw closer to God. Go to a concert together or to the park with a picnic lunch and play together. Think about how gracious and merciful God is. God wants us to learn spiritual lessons from fasting. Meditate on the spiritual things. He created the universe and all things that are within it. If we accept this gift, we have become acceptable to God and can have a relationship with Him. We must respect and honor God's name. We have a special relationship with our mate. This way we can get to know them better. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Let's use our kids as an example: We should support our kids in YOUTH functions at school and at church. God is your financial partner. We can see it, in how members treat each other. We would not like it if someone defamed our name. Jesus Christ is our saviour and the head of the Church.

Due to the sin of man, we became separated and disconnected from God. Relationship marketing. We must put God first in our lives. If we will draw closer to God through fasting, He will help us to overcome and sustain our spiritual lives. Attend their school plays and year end awards programs. The Church Corporations of today have rules, rules and more rules.Some Church Corporations tell their members that they can't visit congregations of other Church Corporations. We acknowledge when we’ve done wrong and seek forgiveness. We should to talk to God in a natural way, not in a monotone voice. Read the Psalms to see how David praised God. Friends talk with each other. It is a wonder that people don't call us the "Taped Church of God"! Even with all of the tapes and religious literature around we still need to stick our noses in the Bible. The keeping of the ten commandments are a very important part in our relationship with God. They would not bow down to the image that Nebuchadnezzar made even if punished with death in the fiery furnace. You can get Bible software for your computer and do all kinds of word searches and compare scriptures of different translations. We have to put our TRUST in God and in Jesus Christ. God is a very good listener. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE: We must SPEND TIME with them. You might say something that you shouldn't say. Relationship with god quotes. In the Bible, we “hear” God’s voice to us. “If you love me, you will obey what I command. By applying these seven points, you can BUILD and MAINTAIN a RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.Communicate with God in prayer. The Gospels often record Jesus secreting Himself away to commune with His Father in prayer. The commandments tell us what God requires in our relationship with him. With God, the Spirit is thicker than blood. We cannot put our mates, children, job, country, our favorite sport or hobby ahead of God. Our mate should be our very best friend. We must also understand that in this life we will never be as close to God as we ought to be or desire to be. Thank God for your blessings. This may inspire you and give you ideas as to how to pray to God. We seldom take the time to prepare our hearts and minds for worship. Another thing we can do to revive our prayer lives is to read the Psalms. The Holy Spirit is the common denominator of all of God's people. If sin is the barrier in our relationship with God, then confession removes that barrier. Relationships are built on TRUST not RULES! The pharisees had rules, rules and more rules. We don’t earn salvation through our obedience; rather, it is the way we show our love and gratitude toward God. How relationships fail. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is not a deficiency on God’s part, but on ours; our sin remains a barrier to the full and complete fellowship with God which will be realized once we’re in glory. Finally, a closer relationship with God is built upon a life of obedience. You would not want to do anything to offend them. TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE: We must SHARE EXPERIENCES with them. What many people do not know, realize, or care about, is that Jesus gave us the most amazing gift-the opportunity to spend eternity with God if we trust in Him. The reason for this is lingering sin in our lives. Don't brag or tell others that you are fasting. If reading the Bible is listening to God speak to us, speaking to God is accomplished through prayer. The fourth commandment is special. In the Psalms we see adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication modeled in a divinely inspired way. We need to respect each other. We must keep in mind that confession is more than simply saying, “I’m sorry for my sin, God.” It is the heartfelt contrition of those who recognize that their sin is an offense to a holy God. Relationship with god quotes. It is the confession of one who realizes that his sin is what nailed Jesus Christ to the cross. He is the potter and we are the clay. We in the Church of God live in the era of the sermon audio tapes. Why then would we want to disrespect and profane the name of our spiritual Father. When we talk on a telephone we can't see the individual on the other end but we know that they are there. Everyone knows the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. Without this divine Holy Spirit, we would not have the ability to fight against evil and temptations. The most unfortunate part of our "no-think" environment is its effect on the mental outlook of many of us in God's Church. God, our heavenly Father, has always desired to be close to us, to have a relationship with us. Some Church Corporations tell their members where they must send their tithes and donations. The third thing we can do to have a closer relationship with God is to speak to Him through prayer. Bibles, concordances, and other Bible helps are moderately priced. The Holy Spirit is a GIFT. It seems rather simple, if not simplistic. We must keep in mind that all biblical exhortations to obedience are presented as our response to the grace of God we receive in salvation. It is interesting that the disciples lived and walked with Jesus and yet they asked him to teach them how to pray. "The Lord's Prayer" was given to us by Jesus as a model prayer to show us how to pray to God.

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. David was a man after God's own heart. It’s not really that different with our relationship to our Heavenly Father. Many of the Psalms are heartfelt cries to God for various things. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Jesus said this before He died, and after He died, the Holy Spirit became available to all who earnestly seek to receive Him. This lesson teaches us that we are human and frail. It takes real concentration and practice to stay focused on a certain topic. " We are to meditate day and night. Although we may not see changes immediately, we will begin to see them over time, and all the truths will become clear. Think about how great God is. Put it into your own words.

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. God is faithful and will not change. Make sure you comb your hair and brush you teeth. God wants us to talk to Him. There are web sites on the internet that has Bible software that you can use that is free of charge. One trait of a good friend is the ability to be a good listener. We talk to God through PRAYER and we listen to God speak through BIBLE STUDY and through sermons, by having the Word of God expounded to us. As we come into the house of the Lord in worship and fellowship with His people, we can’t help but grow closer to the Lord as a result. We can see it, in how the members of one Corporation will treat the members of another Corporation. He took the seventh day of the week and ordained it and blessed it as holy time and called it the Sabbath. They had to make a stand and obey God even to the death. We should talk to God about things before we do them. We need to bounce it off of the ten commandments. Realize that you are coming before the very throne of the ruler of the universe! Always remember that God Is Listening! Just as important, realize as you pray that you have God's undivided attention. God wants to be first in our lives. We must SPEND TIME with God. We don't like it if we hear someone putting down our mate, our children, our mother or our father. As a consequence, we don't spend the time or effort we should in active thought and meditation about God, His law's, His word, and how they all relate to our lives. Some Church Corporation ministers even tell their members that they can't chew gum during church. The second thing we can do to have a closer relationship with God is to listen when God speaks