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Agree with the customers and other interested parties what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it – service catalogue, service level agreements and contracts etc. No-one mentioned business relationship management, despite the fact that direct contact with customers was probably the most prominent interaction between the service desk and customer – often the only contact. An expectation that the relationship will continue indefinitely, rather than for a specific project or period, is generally seen as evidence that the intent was to create an employer-employee relationship. Although a contract stating the worker is an employee or an independent contractor is not sufficient to determine the worker’s status. Businesses generally do not grant these benefits to independent contractors. Sample of Chargemaster Screen Talk Now, Not Later The launch point for clarifying reimbursement and untangling the charge/code relationship lies in further understanding of the chargemaster alongside application of HIM skills, knowledge, and coding connections. These clinical points of data entry are applied to the chargemaster, which in turn applies the correct charge to the patient’s bill. In addition, the  offers certain eligible businesses the option to reclassify their workers as employees with partial relief from federal employment taxes. Businesses normally do not have to withhold or pay any taxes on payments to independent contractors. Businesses providing employee-type benefits, such as insurance, a pension plan, vacation pay or sick pay have employees. Receiving the types of instructions in these examples may indicate a worker is an employee. I agree to my information being processed by TechTarget and its Partners to contact me via phone, email, or other means regarding information relevant to my professional interests. Even when I asked the attendees whether anyone thought that the service desk should be involved in business relationship management, only three people put their hand up.. Small businesses should consider all evidence of the degree of control and independence in the employer/worker relationship. Unreimbursed expenses, independent contractors are more likely to incur unreimbursed expenses than employees. The IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center provides a multitude of resources for small businesses as well as self-employed independent contractors.

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. ITIL business relationship management identifies the needs of existing and potential customers and ensures that appropriate services are developed to meet those needs. Evaluation systems measuring just the end result point to either an independent contractor or an employee. Start Download Corporate E-mail Address: I agree to TechTarget’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the transfer of my information to the United States for processing to provide me with relevant information as described in our Privacy Policy. Behavioral control categories are: Type of instructions given, such as when and where to work, what tools to use or where to purchase supplies and services. It’s important to identify who gets the benefits as well as what they are. Specific Areas of Concern Complex inpatient procedures are a specific area of concern often resulting in a charging-coding mismatch. Opportunity for profit or loss is often an indicator of an independent contractor. Follow us as we go through the technologies that complement and enhance their use, and outline a first-hand insight into the impact. Furthermore, reimbursement staff may not understand codes, nor do they need to. I may unsubscribe at any time. Article citation: Pilato, Jeff. The reimbursement department is often responsible for making sure the charges are correct. Design the SMS and the services which aim to meet the outcomes and requirements. The earnings of a person working as an independent contractor are subject to self-employment tax. Services available to the market. Even if only viewed as a service encounter, a good or bad experience with the service desk is likely to positively or negatively influence the relationship between the service provider and customer. The majority of charge and billing issues are not the result of an inaccurate CDM but rather the disconnected nature of the charging process. Worker classification is important because it determines if an employer must withhold income taxes and pay Social Security, Medicare taxes and unemployment tax on wages paid to an employee. Some see CRM as a sub-set of BRM because CRM only deals with customers, who are only one type of stakeholder. There are conflicting views around the definition though. Named individuals should be responsible for managing the relationship and customer satisfaction.

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. Auditing for inaccurate charges is a complex process. To better determine how to properly classify a worker, consider these three categories – Behavioral Control, Financial Control and Relationship of the Parties. The main purpose of BRM is to capture demand in a business / service context. However, clinical departments only perform half of the review; they do not match charges to coded procedures. Relationship vs correlation. The IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center on the IRS website offers helpful resources. Relationship: The type of relationship depends upon how the worker and business perceive their interaction with one another. Chargemasters Explained At the core of the revenue cycle, the hospital CDM is extensive. There are no extra hands to review charges, double-check bills, or safeguard claims. Every chargeable item in the hospital must be part of the CDM in order for a hospital to track and bill a patient, payer, or another healthcare provider. To be honest, like most things in this industry, it’s about how we choose to adopt and adapt best practices to suit specific circumstances and respond to the objectives of customer and business. For federal employment tax purposes, a business must examine the relationship between it and the worker. Depending on the situation, we may want to start off by deciding whether we want to do business with the potential customer or not, before we waste time or money. Now is the time to develop strong working relationships between HIM professionals and the staff members responsible for reconciling charges within the organization. Relationship vs correlation.

Relationship anxiety. The permanency of the relationship is important. Method of payment. An employee is generally guaranteed a regular wage amount for an hourly, weekly, or other period of time even when supplemented by a commission. However, independent contractors are most often paid for the job by a flat fee. At some point in our lives we may all be both customers and service providers. Behavioral Control:  A worker is an employee when the business has the right to direct and control the work performed by the worker, even if that right is not exercised. HIM professionals should have a meaningful discussion with their revenue team about the risks associated with incorrect or inconsistent charges. Independent contractors ordinarily use their own methods. This step is usually the responsibility of the clinical department. Encounters can lead to relationships, even possibly a life-long partnership, but both sides have to get something out of it and make a firm commitment. Others see BRM as being the IT service management equivalent of CRM. The next disconnect occurs in the reimbursement department.

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. Independent contractors are generally free to seek out business opportunities. Three Areas of Disconnect There are three areas of disconnect between charging and coding. Each charge code is then associated with a revenue code linking to revenue categories used in the hospital’s accounting and billing systems. Certain employers that can provide a reasonable basis for not treating a worker as an employee may have the opportunity to avoid paying employment taxes. Multi-component procedures with one or more surgical and/or technical components fall into the high risk category. Degree of instruction, more detailed instructions may indicate that the worker is an employee.  Less detailed instructions reflects less control, indicating that the worker is more likely an independent contractor. They simply review a list of daily charges to ensure that all services were charged. However, very few reimbursement or financial departments have mechanisms in place to check for inaccurate charges. Combination and add-on procedures also lead to charging-coding mismatches. Their objectives and desired outcomes could include improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, cost reduction, standardisation, service quality improvements, greater maturity, and revenue protection or growth. Multiple subsystems interface with the CDM including radiology, laboratory, respiratory, pharmacy, central supply, and billing. Training a worker on how to do the job -- or periodic or on-going training about procedures and methods -- is strong evidence that the worker is an employee. HIM professionals have the ability to fill in the gaps in the code-chargemaster relationship by performing audits to ensure codes assigned by HIM professionals match the charges assigned by the CDM. This includes all services and supplies for all patient types. Services provided which are a key activity of the business. The extent to which services performed by the worker are seen as a key aspect of the regular business of the company. To mitigate risk, preventive measures should be put into place at every juncture within the revenue cycle to ensure bills are correct and claims are paid. The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work, not will be done and  it will be done. For the relationship to work, it must be rewarding for both parties – the first law of interpersonal attraction. Other interested parties could include management, customers of our customers, shareholders, government, regulators, professional bodies, and suppliers. This includes: Written contracts which describe the relationship the parties intend to create. Consequences of Misclassifying an Employee Classifying an employee as an independent contractor with no reasonable basis for doing so makes employers liable for employment taxes. Educating HIM professionals on the disconnect discussed above and working to resolve issues in chargemaster update efforts will improve revenue and charging-coding collaboration.

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. These include interventional radiology and cardiology. The BRM process should be used to identify customer need / demand; identify changing business strategy and objectives; and ensure that continual improvement opportunities are being fed in. Whether a worker is an independent contractor or employee depends on the facts in each situation. For this reason, auditing inpatient charges is a difficult and labor intensive process. However, there are some practical ways HIM professionals can begin to allocate time and resources to this challenging process. This type of mismatch could impact the EBIDA, cost-to-charge ratios, outlier payments, and a host of other financial reports. Evaluation systems to measure the details of how the work is done points to an employee. For each chargeable procedure, item, or service, the CDM includes a unique item number, technical description, CPT/HCPCS and revenue codes, the assigned price, and several other elements