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Never bothered to tell the President, never bothered to write in his book, never bothered to tell anybody until it was revealed this week that Daniel Richmond was a special government employee at the FBI. CUOMO: But you know why people in the bureau don't vote it helps give them the appearance of being impartial. Here is the problem with what Comey said about leaking. We know he is a "friend" of Jim Comeys. And a leak is an unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. I believe Comey expected a hero's welcome from many in the mainstream media and between Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper I think many tough questions came as right. CUOMO: How is this -- how does it change -- tell me why though.

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. COOPER: You did leak memos. The bottom line is I see know credible claim by any serious person that that violated the law. CONWAY: He never said his friend and then a Columbia professor.. COMEY: One unclassified memo to the media. Anderson, first, I didn't leak memos. It's relevant because you don't know what other access to information he had. COOPER: But it was an internal document, a document you've written while you were FBI director. Relationship vs association. A dashed line means that the relationship is strong, whereas a solid line means that the relationship is weak. Consider a weak but not ID-dependent relationship; We draw a dashed line because it is a weak relationship. Also tonight, I think Anderson was right in asking Jim Comey the question -- CUOMO: Hold on, hold on, Kellyanne, Kellyanne I'm not saying that you're wrong what you're saying about Richmond. Jim Comey said tonight this impassioned patriotic.

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. Relationship f and t statistics. It's relevant because the man was at the FBI when all of the investigations and other things were going on. Relationship vs association. Meaning, I had the training and authority to make decision about what should be classified and what shouldn't. The only thing we ever heard about this guy previously is that he was his friend. You got to start identifying this guy to who he was.

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Well, he also said he gave it to his counsel to help in giving good division for his potential defense. CUOMO: I would love to I ask people to come on all the time whether or not they say yes is different. It's been recently revealed something that Jim Comey never bother to tell anybody while he was under oath up in Congress. He was concealing a very important fact. CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: But first, let's get the White House response to all that James Comey put on the President as a liar, a bad leader, as someone who is endangering the fundamental institutions of this country. Separately, I wrote a bunch of memos about my interactions with President Trump and I was what was called an original classification authority at the FBI. I'm dating my sister. He called him a friend and Columbia professor as did everybody else in the media. CUOMO: All right, so let me play you a piece of sound that went to the charge against Comey, the central one about his behavior, his decision to leak his notion of that word, and his assessment of his move. But even if it were all true, even if it is all true, I'm saying, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on all of it it's all true I don't understand how it makes a difference in terms what have decided to do. But I just want to say, why you think it matters whom he gave it to disseminate to the media. I want you to go and vote. I think of leak as unauthorized disclosure of classified information. I want you to stay involved. And I was really important, I was a private citizen, I was not an FBI employee at that time. Maybe he wasn't expected that. We investigated leaks unauthorized disclosure. On the following diagram how do we decide that the relationship between the and entities is strong. KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Hi, Christopher. And this checked none of those boxes. I have to get into it a little bit more -- CONWAY: You can have Richmond on the program tomorrow. I had the decision to say what was classified or not. And here what sells relevant. I don't know, that's not my reporting I have to check more into that. CUOMO: I'm not saying your wrong I'm asking to you explain it. Dating h&b bats. There is one thing that we didn't know until recently about Daniel Richmond. Never bothered to tell us once that that man worked with the FBI for over a year and a half, including during the time when Hillary Clinton was being investigated. With that response Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President joining us now. He thought Hillary Clinton who he wanted to win didn't need his vote. We know he is A Columbia University Professor. CUOMO: That's not uncommon with people in law enforcement let alone at the DOJ and FBI. Kellyanne, thank you, I appreciate you doing it, as always. And you saw that he was squirming around answering those tough questions by your colleague Anderson Cooper