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As they grow, fed by mutual trust and shared benefits, they evolve through three phases: visibility, credibility and profitability. It starts out tentative, fragile, full of unfulfilled possibilities and expectations. We call this evolution the VCP model. Relationship visibility. The two of you begin to communicate and establish links--perhaps a question or two over the phone about product availability. But when you have established an effective referral-generation system, you will have entered the profitability stage of your relationships with many people--the people who send you referrals and the customers you recruit as a result. To determine how credible you are, people often turn to third parties. Visibility must be actively maintained and developed; without it, you cannot move on to the next level, credibility. These relationships don't just spring up full-grown; they must be nurtured. It matures into trust and commitment. They ask someone they know who has known you longer, perhaps done business with you. Credibility is the quality of being reliable, worthy of confidence.

In business terms, a potential source of referrals or a potential customer becomes aware of the nature of your business--perhaps because of your PR and advertising efforts, or perhaps through someone you both know. When fully realized, such a relationship is mutually rewarding and thus self-perpetuating. If each person is confident of gaining satisfaction from the relationship, then it will continue to strengthen. Where relationship eloquent. Perhaps you're a customer who has done business with a certain vendor off and on for several months, but to save pennies you keep hunting around for the lowest price, ignoring the value this vendor provides in terms of service, hours, goodwill and reliability. The time it takes to pass through the phases of a developing relationship is highly variable. It must be cultivated, and, like farming, it takes patience. You may become personally acquainted and work on a first-name basis, but you know little about each other. This person may observe you in the act of conducting business or relating with the people around you. It depends on the frequency and quality of the contacts, and especially on the desire of both parties to move the relationship forward. Successful businesspeople understand that networking and relationship marketing are more about "farming" than they are about "hunting." It's about building long-lasting connections with other professionals. Credibility grows when appointments are kept, promises are acted upon, facts are verified and services are rendered. Profitability is not found by bargain hunting. It grows stronger with experience and familiarity. A combination of many such relationships forms a casual-contact network, a sort of de facto association based on one or more shared interests. Any successful relationship, whether a personal or a business relationship, is unique to every pair of individuals, and it evolves over time. Once you and your new acquaintance begin to form expectations of each other--and the expectations are fulfilled--your relationship can enter the credibility stage.

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. Visibility and credibility are important in the relationship-building stages of the referral marketing process.

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. Relationship problem memes. Failure to live up to expectations--to keep both explicit and implicit promises--can kill a budding relationship before it breaks through the ground and can create visibility of a kind you don't want. The old saying that results speak louder than words is true. Relationship y=kx. The visibility phase is important because it creates recognition and awareness. The same is true of profitability; it may happen quickly, or it may take years--most likely, somewhere in between. Shortsightedness can impede full development of the relationship. All this is critical to successful relationship marketing and networking. R relationships top. It can be used to nurture the growth of an effective and rewarding relationship with a prospective friend, client, co-worker, vendor, colleague or family member. Among the most important connections are those with your referral sources, with prospects these referral sources bring you and with customers you recruit from the prospects.. Relationship marketing involves building deep networks strongly rooted in a bond or connection that is developed over time with other people.

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. The VCP model describes the process of creation, growth and strengthening of business, professional and personal relationships; it is useful for assessing the status of a relationship and where it fits in the process of getting referrals. The first phase of growing a relationship is visibility: You and another individual become aware of each other