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. To log into an account, a user is typically required to authenticate oneself with a password or other credentials for the purposes of accounting, security, logging, and resource management. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. While systems expect most user accounts to be used by only a single person, many systems have a special account intended to allow anyone to use the system, such as the username "anonymous" for anonymous FTP and the username "guest" for a guest account. Computer systems operate in one of two types based on what kind of users they have: Single-user systems do not have a concept of several user accounts. I would prefer to call them 'people'." Information technology portal. The end-user development discipline blurs the typical distinction between users and developers.

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. For information on altering your own username, see Wikipedia:Changing username. When few constraints are imposed on the end-user category, especially when designing programs for use by the general public, it is common practice to expect minimal technical expertise or previous training in end users. Multi-user systems have such a concept, and require users to identify themselves before using the system.

In user-centered design, personas are created to represent the types of users. It designates activities or techniques in which people who are not professional developers create automated behavior and complex data objects without significant knowledge of a programming language. In Unix systems, the username is correlated with a user identifier or. In user-centered design, it also distinguishes the software operator from the client who pays for its development and other stakeholders who may not directly use the software, but help establish its requirements. Relationship usernames. Within Wikipedia, "Username" may refer to Wikipedia:Username. The term is used to abstract and distinguish those who only use the software from the developers of the system, who enhance the software for end users.

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. Systems whose actor is another system or a software agent have no direct end users. Once the user has logged on, the operating system will often use an identifier such as an integer to refer to them, rather than their username, through a process known as identity correlation. C-suite relationship building. User accounts often contain a public user profile, which contains basic information provided by the account's owner. This abstraction is primarily useful in designing the user interface, and refers to a relevant subset of characteristics that most expected users would have in common. A user's account allows a user to authenticate to a system and potentially to receive authorization to access resources provided by or connected to that system; however, authentication does not imply authorization. This article needs additional citations for verification. Some software products provide services to other systems and have no direct end users. I am on a crusade to get rid of the word 'users'. Various computer operating-systems and applications expect/enforce different rules for the format