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Although initially only a Pair, her rowing already surpasses both Aika and Akari's-for which skill she was scouted by Orange Planet despite her young age. The series was originally titled when it was published by Enix in the magazine Monthly Stencil, being retitled when it moved to Mag Garden's magazine. Akira is particularly harsh with Aika because she believes there is potential in her, and Aika admits that it is only due to Akira's strictness and honesty that she has become a good undine. She and often works as a traghetto rower with Anzu as well as Ayumi from Himeya Company. Akira and Alicia are childhood friends, and their relationship mirrors Aika and Akari's, though Alicia teases Akira far more than Akari does Aika. She was a trainee undine with Alicia and Akira, and joined them in joint practice sessions much like Akari, Aika, and Alice do now. In the anime, the recipient is a young girl named Ai, a customer in the first episode who becomes Akari's pen pal, but in the manga the recipient is someone she does not name and is referred to as zenryaku but has never seen. She tells Akari she had put off her Prima exam because she had been planning to retire after that, and did not want to leave her student and friend. Deliveries are done by air in Neo-Venezia because only unpowered watercraft such as gondolas are allowed in the smaller canals of the city. Akari's first customer as a Single. Aria Company is a very small water-guide company that starts with only two employees. This is translated by Nozomi and ADV as "Prima", and by Tokyopop as "full-fledged Undine". Jun'ichi Satō, the director of the anime, claimed that his interpretation is "a little different from the original manga's interpretation.". Because of their environment, most gnomes are short and have bad eyesight. Relationship uno meme. According to Grandma Akino, she is an excellent undine because of her ability to enjoy everything. In both versions, at the end of the series she becomes a Pair under Akari after Alicia's marriage and retirement. When a Pair is promoted to Single, she removes one glove. Maa often bites President Aria's belly. She is the only daughter and heir of Himeya Company's owners, but does not enjoy the distinction as she feels the company's employees fawned on her too much. "Hime" means princess in Japanese. Because blue-eyed cats are considered lucky on Aqua, all undine companies have a blue-eyed cat as a mascot, who is given the title President. Although Anzu has failed her Prima exam several times, she continues to work hard at it and is determined to become a Prima. Akira is mentor to Aika, who calls her the Demon Instructor for her strictness and her loud, brusque personality. A person who makes deliveries by air bike. Tokyopop then acquired the English-language rights to as well as. Ferrari 晃·E·フェラーリ One of Neo-Venezia's Three Water Fairies, and a native of Aqua. She has many admirers among her customers, especially her female ones, but she considers herself very feminine. A very large cat with mysterious powers, said to be Cat Sìth from Scottish folklore. Because of its size and the number of passengers, the gondola is rowed by two Singles.. He was childhood friends with both Akatsuki and Al. So-called because she wears only one glove. Akatsuki is not on the ground often, so every visit to the surface is an adventure for him. Gnomes rarely come to the surface except to shop. President of Orange Planet, an Aqua kitten with very tiny blue eyes. Dating apps 2018. She is highly respected by younger undines, who call her "Grandma". A gondola designed to ferry a number of people across the Grand Canal.

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. A person working at controlling the weather and adding heat to the atmosphere as part of terraforming Aqua. For the light novel action series by Chūgaku Akamatsu, see Aria the Scarlet Ammo. When Akari passes, she is given the title "Aquamarine" 遙かなる蒼 Harukanaru Ao, lit. Amano frequently uses several pages of lush art to depict an environment, showing the wonder of both everyday activities as well as one-of-a-kind events. In the anime, Alicia and Akari suggest that he is the spiritual guardian of Aqua. Each chapter is a slice of life episode of Akari's exploration of the worlds of gondoliering, Neo-Venezia, and Aqua itself. Akari does not learn his name until near the end of the series, when he hires her for a gondola ride after retiring from his job. As a Prima undine, Akira is called the "Crimson Rose" 真紅の薔薇 and is famed for her conversational skills. While not as skillful at rowing a gondola as Alice nor as familiar with the history of her adopted city as Aika, Akari makes friends quickly and easily converses with customers and other strangers. A famous and long-serving Prima undine, who started Aria Company with Aria Pokoteng after realizing she was missing too much of life as Himeya's top ace.

Its uniforms are lined with yellow, and its president is Maa. Al is a Gnome, a person who lives underground regulating Aqua's gravity so that it is the same as Manhome's. Despite working for rival companies, Alice, Akari, and Aika often practice together, and Alice sincerely enjoys the others' company, though this does not stop her from telling them to be quiet when they argue. Alicia Florence アリシア·フローレンス The only other undine with Aria Company, Alicia is one of the Three Water Fairies of Neo-Venezia, known by the title "Snow White" 白き妖精 Shiroki Yōsei, lit. Akira still resents that Alicia became a Prima before her. Although drawn like a typical bishōnen, his constant scowl combined with a loose-fitting robe usually cover up his more "attractive" features, which he rarely displays. She has a son named Ahito, and lives with her family on Neo-Burano Island. This is translated by Nozomi and ADV as "Single", and by Tokyopop as "journeyman". A journeyman undine qualified to take customers only under supervision. A Pair is recognized by her pair of gloves, worn to protect her hands as she builds up calluses. He has a bad sense of direction and cannot navigate without a map. She often works as a traghetto rower with Atora as well as Ayumi from Himeya Company. For a long time, Alice was not confident in her singing skills, until Athena advises her simply enjoy what she sings and not worry about her performance. Salamanders live in floating islands tethered at high altitude. Relationship versus single. She also greatly admires Alicia, and finds any excuse to visit Aria Company-and once tells Akari that if not for her family obligations, she would have joined Aria Company. In any case, every visit to Neo-Venezia, no matter his official reason, he spends most of his time with Akari. Her name comes from Lewis Carroll, author of. Upon Alicia's retirement at the end of the series, Akira becomes the undisputed top undine in Neo-Venezia. Several terms of the world of Aqua are derived from elemental mythology: An apprentice undine who has just begun practising sculling a gondola. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the science fantasy series. He works as an apprentice Salamander, someone who helps maintain Aqua's climate in the floating buildings that are tethered overhead. She left Aria Company shortly after Alicia was promoted to Prima to marry a fisherman named Alberto. Aika considers herself reliable, especially compared to distractible Akari and antisocial Alice, but both her friends call her a crybaby for her tendency to tear up when emotional. She takes charge of a newly opened Himeya branch office, in preparation for one day taking on the whole company. At some point before the start in the OVA Aria the Avvenire, she becomes a Single. He claims to be in love with Alicia, though Alicia and his older brother suggest that he is really attracted to Akari. He is attracted to President Hime, who does not appear to reciprocate his sentiments; his pursuit of her is a common comic relief scene. His physique is well-built, and he is usually seen wearing goggles. McLaren あずさ・B・マクラーレン Azusa B. Athena Glory アテナ·グローリィ One of Neo-Venezia's Three Water Fairies, known by the title "Siren" 天上の謳声 Tenjō no Utagoe, lit. covers Akari's arrival on Aqua and her early training as a Pair, or apprentice, while continues her training as a Single, or journeyman, culminating in the graduation of her, Aika, and Alice as full Prima undines. Atora took the Prima exam once, but did not pass and became too discouraged to try again. Granzchesta 藍華·S·グランチェスタ Aika S. It has been described by reviewers as very similar in tone and effect to. He looks younger than Akari and Aika, but he is actually three years older. A Prima does not wear gloves. P dating app. His young appearance is due to the stronger gravity underground making him smaller. Aika is a Pair and then Single at Himeya Company. At the conclusion of the series, Athena semi-retires from being an undine in order to debut as an opera singer. Alice calls her "Maa-kun" after her unusual meow. Unlike many undines, Ayumi doesn't plan to become a Prima because she wants to specialize on the traghetto, which gets her involved with the city and its people as well as lets her make money. He is a kind man who is devoted to his work and his younger co-workers. She is Alice's mentor at Orange Planet. Through her friendship with Akari and Aika, Alice lightens up as the series progresses, though she still struggles with her detachment. Cats on Aqua have been bred to be as intelligent as humans, though they cannot speak. Postman 郵便屋さん An elderly mailman in Neo-Venezia, called Mailman-san or Mr. President Aria Pokoteng アリア·ポコテン President and namesake of Aria Company, and an Aqua cat. As she trains, Akari befriends her mentor Alicia, trainees and seniors from rival companies – Aika, Alice, Akira and Athena and others in the Neo-Venezia city. It is revealed at the end of the manga that he is Akari's penpal. He is the first person that Akari meets after arriving on Aqua. Relationship visibility. She is proud of her gondola skill as an undine, and can be very competitive about it. The series has been praised for its calm pacing, optimistic worldview, beautiful art, and, for the anime, the quality of the soundtrack. Granzchesta ヒメ·M·グランチェスタ Hime M. Supporting cast as they appear in the anime: from left to right, in front President Aria, Mr. Ferrari, and Athena Glory. Relationship uno meme. Like Akari, she is relaxed and easy-going, but she also likes to tease others, especially her childhood friend Akira. Despite their contrasting personalities, she gets along well with Akari and Alice, but frequently squabbles with her mentor, Akira, whom she resembles. This is translated by Nozomi and ADV as "Pair", and by Tokyopop as "apprentice". Akatsuki has an older brother who teases him to the point of rage. Athena has a strange laugh that comes out sounding as though she is angry. Over the course of the series, Aika develops feelings for Al. Main cast as they appear in the third season of the anime: from left to right, Aika, Akari, and Alice Himeya Company is the oldest and currently second-ranking water-guide company in Neo-Venezia. After meeting Akari during her stint on the traghetto, she decides to train harder to retake the exam. Neo-Venezia, based on Venice in both architecture and atmosphere, is a harbor city of narrow canals instead of streets, traveled by unmotorized gondolas. Aika later describes her as anti-social and complains about her tendency to put on a grim face and speak in a quiet voice.

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