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When opportunity knocks, it's always a person knocking. Dating bases. Every job, every piece of advice, every business deal, every vendor relationship - there's that word - every single one. Even with ecommerce, most sales transactions are still between two human beings. And the best product doesn't necessarily win. The world's greatest business experts - Peter Drucker, Mark McCormack, Regis McKenna and others - have all said the same thing in one way or another. Si necesita información en español, por favor haga clic aquí. Relationship g and e. As much as we like to fantasize about opportunities just falling in our laps, the truth is, that never happens. In a service business, they're the biggest factor, hands down. Sales transactions are between two real human beings.   Related: Related: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy..

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. Buyer behavior is mostly subjective and relationships are a big factor. Relationship to cardholder.

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. Related: How Great Entrepreneurs Got Started Your most important asset is your network - not your virtual network, your real one. Relationship with food. They mean people they actually know and work with in real time because they're the ones that actually get things done. Every successful executive and entrepreneur will tell you, their most important asset is their network, and they don't mean social network.

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