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Rap diva Eve and her man, Stevie J., have matching tattoos. TATTOO GOO®, COLOR GUARD®, X-PRESSION®, DR. This way, if things don't pan out the way you thought they would, you will always have that symbol with you as a reminder of that time in your life, but you won't have to worry about the embarrassment or expense involved with removing a name. Each time you look at your ink, you will be reminded of the special bond that you both share. Any Content that is a trademark, logo or service mark is also a registered or unregistered trademark of Lake View Laboratories in the U.S. So get it! Just go into the situation with your open eyes. Where relationships go wrong. Relationship tattoos. Only distributors specifically authorized by Lake View Laboratories may use these marks for commercial purposes. You are also advised that Lake View Laboratories will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution. His says "Sleazy" and hers reads "Sleazy's Girl". Relationship Tattoos: The Pro’s and Con’s Before you head to the tattoo shop to get your lover’s name tattooed on you this Valentine’s Day, give our list of pros and cons a look.

Always pursue romantic relationships with people who have bad tattoos. If they have bad enough judgment to get an ugly tattoo, then chances are that they'll have bad enough judgement to date you.

. That does not make you or them right or wrong. Try to choose a symbol that you both like rather than simply inking names. Classic Couple Tattoos Many couples choose to get a tattoo to commemorate their love. McDermott also has a portrait of Tori inked on his left arm.

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. Think Before You Ink If you have made your choice to get matching tattoos, you will not likely be influenced by friends and family who aren't in favor of your decision. The Lake View brands are the sole and exclusive intellectual property of Lake View Laboratories, protected by U.S. Dean McDermott has "Truly Madly Deeply Tori" tattooed on his arm in honor of his wife, Tori Spelling. and international laws and trademark registrations. Classic design choices include: The most basic couples' tattoos will simply featured the name of the beloved.

Couples often get tattoos to symbolize their relationship and celebrate their love. Your use of any Content, without the express, written permission of Lake View Laboratories, is strictly prohibited. Consider creating your own design. A tribal angel holding a heart, a traditional pinup girl and matching soldier or some other form of "his and hers" tattoos are all great design ideas that will express your unity as a couple without the need for removal if the relationship doesn't last. Classic design choices range from getting matching tattoos to having significant dates representing major relationship milestones inked. David also has Victoria's name tattooed in Hindu on his inner arm while Victoria has David's initials inked on her wrist. Relationship tattoos.

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. Dating ex's friend. *Master distribution Items Derma Numb™ trademarks of ATS Supply and Stencil Off, Stencil Stay Trademarks of Body Art Brands. DOBBS®, TATTOO RENEW®, INK FIXX®, HEALIX GOLD, BLUE WAVE™, PRO SERIES™, TATTOO GOO BRANDS® logo, and the pinwheel logo are among the brands owned by Lake View Laboratories. Check out true love tattoo designs. Lasting Reminder A matching tattoo with your beloved is a great way to show your commitment and devotion to one another. Name tattoos are one of the most common choices for couples, but there are also many other unique designs to consider. The bottom line is that you want this ink and so does your partner