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What a wonderful, amazing and enlightening week!” Angela, QLD “A deeply life changing experience! I came to the retreat without expectation but hoping to reach deep inside to find my inner self. This new me is going to help me fix my issues and be a better and more responsible husband and father. I am alive.” Brett NSW “I had no sense that finding ecstasy and intimacy in myself could give me such a taste of freedom. Tantric Lover” ability, as women connect to their own female sexuality through their feminine “Power of Yoni“. Upon arrival, you will be met and escorted to your own room, situated in lush tropical rainforest setting. And the skills for you to keep the connection alive when you get back home.

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. Malaysia “This has been the most soul searching and couples bonding experience ever. I regain my power as a woman, reconnect with my heart again, regain trust in my motherhood capacity and connected with so menay great and authentic people. The workshop cemented my relationship with my husband and with myself, taking them to a higher level of understanding and in doing so I fell even deeper in love with him. Relationship retreat near me. I understand the meaning of connection now at a deeper level for myself and for our relationship. My husband and I both understood that we first needed to be deeply connected with ourselves if we wanted to be deeply connected with each other. I had no idea what to expect but knew my relationship was worth it. This was done in a well supported environment. I came here with a rather narrow view or goal oriented sexuality and left with a completely different view of myself, my relationship and my sexuality. Thankyou Annette & Graeme.” Susan, U.S. this workshop took that foundation and built upon it a home of stone. Their awareness of self and ability to step inside their own experience is truly a gift that cannot be described in words.

The sex was almost instant- amazing!! But more importantly, it was the emotional connection that we found to be more powerful. Thankyou does not even begin to cover it. The other participants were couples just like us, with their own set of challenges but looking to increase intimacy with their partners. They’re such beautiful people. Our Transformational Program Includes: Nb. Facilitators Annette & Graeme have an excellent support system for when you return home to ensure the changes in this week are fully integrated and benefit you for a lifetime! Honour the Divine in each other and embrace your beloved in mind, body and soul. I was very nervous from the time I agreed to halfway through the first day when I realized the other people there were no different to us. Our approach is wholistic, it’s not just about the intimacy and sex with your partner, it’s about your relationship with yourselves as well. Annette & Graeme will help you find the love, the connection and inner peace you deserve.” Jan, Malaysia “When we started we already had a very good foundation in our relationship. Opening up new ways of thinking about relationships I now realize I was in a partnership with my wife; now I am in a relationship with her. It was truly magical to see what can happen out of love and compassion for others. The benefits we gained at the course and following it have been beyond our greatest expectations, resulting in a deepening and strengthening of our relationship from the sexual right through to the spiritual. Thankyou Annette & Graeme.” K.L. We were very nervous coming here, as we brought a topic into this retreat that has been challenging us as a couple for years. I feel more centred in my journey as a woman which in turn will allow me to be a better person for my partner. Working with each other- although this is a group retreat the focus is on your relationship and there are no partnered exchanges with other participants. “A truly amazing and hopefully life changing experience. Gently guiding me to trust myself, shed the shadows I’d layered around me, they allowed a more vulnerable, authentic me to emerge. At no time was I embarrassed by any of the content and the leadership was outstanding.” Allan QLD “Annette & Graeme, thankyou from the bottom of my heart for giving me the support, love and space, for holding me up when I would have given up. Join us at the Sanctuary Retreat at Mission Beach QLD for a once in a lifetime intimate journey of love, acceptance and passion. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect it to have such a positive influence on our lives. I am able to step into the excitement of my new beginnings with my beautiful wife.” Greg, NSW “I came to this retreat with doubt that my marriage would continue. Sharing myself, feeling understood and loved even with my challenges was hugely reassuring. This was my first week long retreat and I was not disappointed.

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. It feels like an entirely new direction has been shown to me. Relationship retreat near me. I now feel a lot more comfortable in my body. After the retreat I found I was not only able to feel more but able to open my heart to my partner and receive her love” Tony, QLD “Totally and truly blissful, ecstatic, orgasmic, joyous & divine! We felt so safe in Annette & Graeme’s sacred hands. It took that love to a whole new and deeper level that I did not think was possible. Annette and Graeme’s work addresses the spiritual, the sexual and the practical. I came here not knowing what to expect and was apprehensive but have come away with the skills and power to be confident in myself and find my ‘inner man’. Graeme and Annette not just saved our marriage but have taken it to new levels time and time again, each more fulfilling than the last. This workshop was a life experience that I will never regret.” Derek, U.S. This has been another profound step on my journey. .” Lucie VIC “I was dragged to this workshop wondering what the hell I was in for. Annette & Graeme created a safe environment which allowed me to open up and grow deep in my soul. During the retreat I learned how to deeply communicate with him, both verbally and physically by being true to myself. I was reminded of what life could be like again and was overcome with the love I felt for my children and partner. I learned ways to open up to him that I can always use. This retreat is not just for long married couples but for all lovers who want to experience the depth of love and intimacy.

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. You just know life must be better if lived this way.” Greg VIC “It has been freeing. I now cannot imagine not being able to feel, this brings joy to me and opens me to everything, especially my partner, and surprisingly myself. That mysterious restriction is gone. Come with an open mind, be ready to be challenged. The workshop and the space was calming and brought peace to many of the difficulties I faced. The insight I got from that affected me and us so much. Marriage saved.” Elizabeth QLD “The greatest gift we could have given our relationship. I would like to do another one sometime soon. We were able to reach deeper into each others’ souls and hearts and I came away with even a deeper love of my life partner. Their work has been honed thought years of experience and they are both very real and hands on. “When we arrived I just wasn’t comfortable and didn’t know what to expect. My husband experienced his own journey and now we are ready to come back together to try again. Can’t wait till the next one!” Nicole, QLD “I came to the workshop for my relationship with my wife. Annette & Graeme are amazing facilitators, leaders, confidantes and whatever I needed. This I achieved and have emerged better understanding myself and my relationship with my partner. We set relationship goals together that will guide our future and we regained the intimacy of our earlier years.” Samantha, This week was fabulous. Intimacy & Ecstasy at the same time, with all my heart. Things started to move in the right direction, something shifted. I was focussed on making a decision as to whether or not to stay. Honour your beloved Honour the Divine in each other and embrace your beloved in mind, body and soul. Annette & Graeme I am honorably grateful for my unique experience.” Sonia NSW. Their knowledge and skill came through as each individuals’ and couples’ scenarios received customised attention that didn’t feel like it came out of a can. I have never before experienced this unbelievable sensual, tingling, raw emotion. My husband and I had lost that intimate connection. Annette & Graeme  present for you a high quality and unique experience that will exceed  your expectations. Some of this time is in group space, some of it on your own. We are committed to personal and spiritual development but couldn’t find anything that worked for couples. We didn’t know what to expect from this workshop but we jumped in regardless. I also see myself as a much better lover” Francoise, NT “I started the week feeling stressed and uptight. Annette and Graeme are so kind, authentic, experienced and sensitive that we trusted them and the process quickly. Annette and Graeme are very down to earth people who are gifted at helping others move at their own pace through relationship growth. If you are willing to challenge yourself to form a real connection with your own heart and soul then these two can take you to that place. The men’s sharing  was excellent with Graeme leading us. Thankyou Annette & Graeme for your help and support from the bottom of my heart. Reconnect sex and love.Find the YOU in your relationship, as well as the WE.Learn skills to last a lifetime.Fall in love all over again. The retreat helped me focus on myself first, which completely changed my perspective and I discovered what I really needed in the process. In short, this saved our relationship and I cannot wait for our new lives together! It’s like we’re in the honeymoon phase all over again but in a more authentic space. We do yoga and meditation and tried couples counselling- the latter a waste of time. Graeme and Annette’s approach made us feel very comfortable in opening up to each other which was a big step to making us connect more emotionally. Those are not only words, it really happened! We felt it, we went through it. The education and practice of tantric sex was enlightening and revealed to me the importance of not just giving but receiving and how this can really enhance our sexual relationship. Thank you so much!” Patricia, Germany “You owe it to yourself to come to this workshop. I can only recommend to really anybody anywhere to do this workshop when you have the chance- what a privilege.” Jan, Germany “This retreat was very meaningful and fulfilling to me. Thankyou Annette & Graeme” Sally, QLD “My wife and I have had trouble for years to be intimate, it was a big problem. Thankyou Annette & Graeme!” Jamie, QLD “I came to the workshop because I had hit a wall in my relationship and couldn’t find my way. Leisurely Lunch break Respectful exploration of tantric practices Dinner Optional homeplay practices in the privacy of your room Extras: men’s and women’s circles, candlelit Date Night dinner for two, afternoon outing. To get to know myself in ways I hadn’t imagined and to see my girlfriend open up and grow has been a beautiful experience” Kieran NSW “I will never be the same again, my expectations were exceeded in a way that completely surprised and delighted me. Looking back on this intense training in such a tranquil environment it has brought to my relationship what we’ve always wanted and yet nothing we thought possible. Though the workshop she manifested a dream that we shared and Annette & Graeme, the other couples and the entire staff fulfilled that dream for us.. We will be forever grateful to Graeme and Annette for their amazing workshop, truly life changing. It felt always so safe and loving that we could go through a learning process that helped us discover things about ourselves we didn’t know were there!  It was lots of fun and  sometimes emotionally challenging but it was so worth it. Annette & Graeme are grounded, practical, experienced facilitators and I can commend this tantric sex workshop to every couple.” Rod, NSW “I am thankful beyond words to Annette and Graeme for the week my husband and I spent here under their guidance. We have discovered each other again, that we hadn’t really changed just lost the connection. Hollywood u dating addison. But of so much more value was the counselling provided by Annette & Graeme of our wider relationship, including some one on one time with just my wife and I. Upon arrival at Cairns Airport your bus driver will pick you up and drive you to Sanctuary Retreat, Mission Beach. the retreat to consider, with the beautiful and relaxing essence of tropical Mission Beach bringing an extra zing to your experience. A wonderful experience on every level.”  Suzanne, NSW “Graeme and Annette truly embody their teachings. E & I Mission Beach Retreat What To Bring info TESTIMONIALS ” I came to the workshop because my husband and I had felt disconnected for a very long time, we had resolved a lot of issues but the intimacy was gone. The retreat gave me so much more than I dreamed