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I have an entrepreneurial spirit. It's important to strive for consensus. I need the affirmation of others to feel really good about myself. I'm a control freak; if I don't do it, it doesn't get done. For women: I am never intimidated by men. Ouch! Sometimes people can really hurt me. If it's important, I'll play hardball in a negotiation. I worry about my partner cheating on me. When things go wrong, I blame myself. People kid me about how I take up all the space in a room. I respect the opinions of others. I have benefitted from some therapy. Relationship quiz for her. Other people come up short a lot of the time. I am devastated if I unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. I'm gutsier than a lot of my friends. I am good at taking care of other people. Once I make up my mind, I'm hard to budge. I act confident even if I am not feeling it.

I frequently stay awake at night thinking about what I should have said.

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. I am a good mediator, because I don't take sides. I know just when to go in for the kill. I don't hesitate to assert my needs in a relationship. I let people know I'm angry without actually saying so. When things go wrong, I usually blame myself. I was/am a big party person in college. I love a tete a tete with a close friend more than a party. I procrastinate on projects at home and at work. I love the adrenalin rush of gambling. I am aggressive about getting what I want. I am very intense about my life and keep my goals front and center. I put friendships above ambition. I am hesitant to take credit for work I do as part of a team. I tend to be cautious about spending money. H dating sites. I sometimes have to talk myself out of self-doubt. I try to intuit other people's feelings. I like to take on a difficult project and prove I can do it. I am sometimes so confident that I underestimate the competition. I often become overwhelmed when I am angry.

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. I can crush people with my criticism. I frequently cancel dates at the last minute. I tend to dwell on my mistakes. I make sure that people pay attention to me. I try to see other points of view. I find myself apologizing for many things that happen. I worry about other people's opinions of me. I don't really care what people think of me. People sometimes say I'm arrogant. It's important to be a good partner in a relationship. I almost always see an argument from both sides. It's better to be gentle than blunt. A perfect evening is to order in and watch a movie. I empathize easily with other people's problems. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I'm a little inhibited sexually. I hate dealing with money problems.

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. For men: I would never talk down to a woman. I go out of my way to make people feel comfortable. I will do almost anything to avoid a fight with a friend. I naturally take the lead in groups. I initiate in many ways: choosing a restaurant, a movie, an apartment, etc. I tend to be a very laid back person. Esfj-t relationships. I take pride in being a caring lover.. Other people make more mistakes than I do. I don't really keep to any budget. I shut down when I am overwhelmed. I'm cautious about most decisions. Other people's achievements make me work harder. Sometimes it is hard not to make a snarky comment. I try hard to please my partner. I'm cautious with people I don't know. My arguments are usually hard-hitting