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. Your lack of sexual motivation might also be a symptom of your declining interest in this relationship. Even highly satisfied couples have long-term disagreements that never seem to get worked out. Here are a few things to consider:First, you mentioned a bunch of reasons why you’re less interested than in the past. Exceptional relationship management skills.

He wants more sex, but you somewhat content with less sex. It’s hard for me to tell if you are actually content with less sex, or if you’ve convinced yourself you could be content with less sex because he’s a good partner on so many other levels.

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. For those whose questions I couldn’t get to-and those who have more questions to ask-I hope you found this discussion helpful. For you guys, sex might be just that theme.The key word in that sentence was. Relationship q and a. I am not trying to create a problem where one does not exist. Your boyfriend wants it more, and you’re wondering if any more is even possible. Instead, I suggest you entertain and explore all possibilities. Relationship in asl.

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. F number relationship. It’s possible that you guys can be quite happy overall while having this “ongoing fight” be about how much sex you each want to have.

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. When it comes to sexual frequency, there is no normal.Unfortunately, however, you’re in a situation where the frequency issue is causing a problem in your relationship. I discussed the topic in a recent column that might be of interest. I wish you all the best for your relationships. Relationship q and a