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Content continues below ad Become more interesting every week!The Reader's Digest "Read Up" Newsletter We will use your email address to send you this newsletter. Swiping at your partner during a fight You might be in the heat of an argument and know that you're right, but your partner's stubborn attitude keeps him or her from giving in for at least a few more hours. Relationship posts. Your besties are ecstatic for you-truly-but if you post one-too-many kissing selfies, they're likely to raise an eyebrow. And your life's about to get more interesting. Some people use subqueries instead of the solution I show above, but I find my solution makes it easier to resolve ties. "Partners in a healthy relationship know that there's value in the private moments that no one else gets to know about. That may allow the outer join to be done using a covering index. Yes, I know you can’t “see” it because of the modal window, but trust me, it’s there. "Never put your significant other down on social media, or talk about a fight that the two of you had or are having," Michael explains. We will also be storing any scripts we write for this blog in that same document library. For more information please read our privacy policy. The script will then hide the IssueID field from the New Time form completing our magical journey into the world of SharePoint for this evening.

"Your partner may be hot, but that doesn't give you the permission to post private pics of him or her for the world to see," Mandel says. Again, unless I broke something the script is going to read the Query String parameter “IssueID” and set the value of the “IssueID” lookup field to the corresponding value. Modify the Default New Item Form for the Time List If you haven't fallen asleep yet and have followed all the previous steps, the New Item Form for the Time list now has the ID for the Issue being passed to it in the Query String Parameter “IssueID”. And finally, it could make you and your significant other a target for theft.

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.. Be sure to test on your platform, because optimization is implementation-dependent. When you're in a satisfying couplehood, you should prefer to keep the little details to yourselves, where they often mean more. I toyed with doing that for you in this blog post, but I really wanted to keep it simple as I know many of you don’t want to be bogged down with the extra details. Not only is it tacky and probably makes your friends feel some TMI vibes, but it can be incredibly hurtful to your partner and have a lasting effect on your reputation. "Your single friends might get uncomfortable-call it FOMO or jealousy," Spira says. Scantily clad pics of your partner Sexting can be a fun way to entice your partner when they've been stressed out at work or you've both been too busy for intimacy, but those images are never meant to go beyond your shared blue bubbles. "Posting a mushy selfie may be fine if you do it once, but for people who overshare their tongue-in-mouth ceremony, I say don't kiss and tell," Spira says. Relationship posts. However, it’s very possible to create the same functionality using only JavaScript/jQuery. While OB-GYNs often suggest waiting until your second trimester to share the happy news with friends and relatives because your risk of miscarriage is lower, updating your social media accounts with an ultrasound might be taking your photo albums too far. U.s. relationship with turkey. I bring this up because I have to take this into account when setting and hiding the IssueID in the script below. Use the features of your RDBMS to analyze the optimization plan. "Posting about how you got dumped shouldn't be public knowledge. When we find that to be true, then is the most recent purchase for that customer. Don't post anything personal about your significant other unless they do it themselves." These are the photos to never ever post online, for safety reasons. "While many will toast to your new relationship status, we don't need to see every detail of your doctor's appointments." Kissing selfies Say you're the friend who's been forever single. Just change your relationship status to 'Single' when and if you call it quits to signal that you're on the market again. You've had all the terrible dates and lonely nights, and magically, wonderfully, you've found someone you want to spend your life with. Not to mention that your friends would likely want you to keep it to yourself. "Be aware of the relationship outside of yourself. The Script below does just that. In fact, I’ll just link the video for creating the lists here. "When that argument is over, you may seriously regret saying anything because now people are going to have a negative impression of your partner. Sharing too much can take away from the specialness of your relationship," she says. "Either way, don't be surprised if you get unfriended and blocked when you overshare photos like these." Check out these mind-blowing facts about selfies. If you and your partner break up, the emotional mess is enough to clean up without having to field comments and advice from the online peanut gallery. I actually blogged about that if you want to know more at:. As psychotherapist and relationship expert, Sarah Mandel, RN, LCSW notes, there's a lot of trust built between couples who share racy photos, and breaking that is dangerous for the longevity of your relationship. Which brings me to this blog post. Also, make sure you have the lists that we’ll be using.

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. Being content and secure in your relationship means you don't need to give a play-by-play for the world to bare witness, Mandel explains. The blurry, almost-alien like photo might be the cutest, most amazing image you've ever seen, but your followers might find it awkward.

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. You may want to get a second opinion from your pals online-to prove a point or get consolation in the moment, but resist the urge. "You can post things that are personal about you if you want, but don't post things that are personal about your significant other because it becomes an invasion of their privacy," says clinical sexologist and relationship expert Dawn Michael, PhD. Keep the vicious details to yourself." Here are the , so you can move on. Bragging on social media is a netiquette no-no." It could also be an insult to your partner, who is likely wrapping up these moments of joy to share with you personally, not for you to boast about for everyone to see online. Thanks! You're on our list. "We want to be happy that things are going well for you, up to a point." Not only does seeing your romantic, physical moments feel a bit intrusive, but it can be painful for people who maybe haven't been as lucky in love. If it's over, it's over," Spira says. Just like every previous example we’ll be using the following list structure: Parent List: “Issue” Child List: “Time” You can also refer to my video from my earlier blog post on this topic for more step-by-step instructions on how to create these lists.

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