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Join us as we talk with OA members about how their recovery in OA has given them lives beyond their wildest dreams. Both speakers stress the freedom and relief felt in making the list and becoming willing, without any thought or concern about the future steps. She addresses how to be a sponsor, why sponsor, when should a sponsor-sponsee relationship change and other thought-provoking topics. "To The Teen" This is a reading of the pamphlet To the Teen. Step Two “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” This week’s workshop leader discusses each aspect of Step Two, sharing her experience, strength and hope. Step Eleven workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how they work Step Eleven. | Download “If you remove your body from the truth, when you are ready the truth is nowhere to be found. This will be the year I start exercising regularly. Topics include: what a sponsor is and is not; why sponsor; how to pick a sponsor; and how and when to become a sponsor. Working with a sponsor also helps us with the process of Step Ten. Interviews, Readings, and Meetings Hear interviews with members in recovery from compulsive eating, readings of some of OA’s literature, and recordings of OA meetings. The Twelve Steps of OA have spiritual principles embodied within them, so recovery will take you beyond your obsession with food into a lifelong journey of spiritual growth, which makes long-term weight loss and maintenance possible. Bylaws, Subpart B, Article V p. Relationship and money. In this workshop, the speaker tells her story and talks about her personal commitment to abstinence one day at a time and the actions she takes to ward off the deadly disease of compulsive eating. The daily readers and workbooks are available at the OA Bookstore and as e-books. PLUS, download the Sponsorship Success questionnaire-thought provoking questions for writing exercises, discussion, or meditation that complement each podcast. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how neutrality and clarity are important in their service work. Emphasis is placed on the concept of making amends-changes-and not just saying I’m sorry. Members share how these vital appendices explain how our disease needs to be treated on all three levels and share how they built on this knowledge and recovered using the Twelve Steps of OA. If you want to view the Abstinence PowerPoint, click here. This handbook is available at the OA Bookstore. For those who battle compulsive eating, the added stress of the holidays and additional focus on food can trigger overeating. And they may have suffered loneliness, rejection, fear, and isolation due to their size as well. In this episode, hear from OA members who have made great strides emotionally in their recovery process, from greater self-esteem to improved relationships and an overall sense of happiness and satisfaction with life. In addition she shares her perspective on commonly asked questions about temporary sponsorship, frequency of contact, the number of members to sponsor, when to decline sponsoring, how to treat a slip or relapse and other practical considerations of sponsoring. In today’s show, we explore what physical recovery has meant to OA members in terms of their weight and health, and how the OA program has helped them achieve improved health and vitality. The Step Twelve workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how giving service in all its forms has enriched their lives. | Download This podcast is in Spanish. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how autonomy and equality are important in both their service work and in their lives. Pertinent OA literature and the Twelfth on the Twelfth Campaign are described as she shares how they may help members in relapse. K-ar dating calculator. | Download The holiday season brings excitement, nostalgic traditions and lots of social and family activities that tend to revolve around food. The second part of Step Nine is also stressed, ensuring that no further injury or insult occur due to inappropriate amends. Each workbook provides thought-provoking questions for every reading in and Voices of Recovery. Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous. These members describe how the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous coupled with the Plan of Eating and other tools helped them get and stay abstinent. had special meaning for her as it was the first OA literature addressing recovery from relapse.. She discusses how, when and why she changed sponsors and the benefits of being both a sponsor and a sponsee. Join us to discuss what spiritual recovery means to OA members maintaining a healthy weight and how their lives have been transformed. The focus of this workshop is on Respect. Body image, Higher Power, sponsorship, service, meetings and action plan are examined. Introduction Introduction/Step Zero This introductory workshop focuses on the nature of the disease of compulsive eating and what it takes to be willing to go to any length to recover. She shares about multiple techniques her sponsor showed her to inventory, how to be fearless when taking the Fifth Step and the relief she felt after completing it. Both speakers describe their own personal experience with doing Step Nine, giving specific examples of amends they have made. For additional study, review  and The Twelve Concepts of OA Service. This is a partial reading of the pamphlet. As she discusses each point of the Strong Meeting Checklist, she details of how these ideas are important to OA's Primary Purpose of carrying the message to others. Twelve Freedoms After sharing her story and some of the changes she made to find recovery, this long time member outlines the twelve freedoms she discovered in. For additional study, review and The Twelve Concepts of OA Service. | Download A Guide for Sponsors Using the pamphlet A Guide for Sponsors as a framework, a member describes how sponsoring and being sponsored has enriched her program and been vital to her own long-term recovery and the long-term viability of OA. “We will be more reconciled to discussing ourselves with another person when we see good reasons why we should do so. Her love of OA shines through in this workshop! | Download The common solution offered in the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous is the theme of this workshop. This will be the year I stop lying to myself, my friends and my family about what and how much I actually eat. From this vantage point, we can more effectively follow OA’s Twelve-Step program of recovery and move beyond the food to a happier, healthier and more spiritual life. In this show we will talk about what happens at an OA meeting and how the fellowship there is crucial to maintaining your recovery and abstinence from compulsive eating. While Step Eight encourages forgiveness, it also requires the individual to focus on what his or her part was in the situation. Spiritual Recovery The third level of recovery from the disease of compulsive eating is that of spiritual recovery. The story, "It’s Only Fat between My Ears," in the OA Members Come in All Sizes pamphlet prompts her to share about her gastric bypass and how it didn't solve her problem. | Download “In OA you are among people who truly understand you, a part of something special. Members share their experience, strength, and hope to bring the Twelve-Step program of Overeaters Anonymous to life. In this workshop, an insulin dependent diabetic shares how she got abstinent and stays in recovery using the Twelve Steps and the tool of Sponsorship. Lastly, she talks about the reason abstinence is so important to her. Interview with Kathleen OA member Kathleen from England discusses the circumstances that brought her to OA and her experiences in the program. When examining the essence of compulsive eating/food addiction, literature used includes the book Alcoholics Anonymous, a.k.a. Suggestions are also provided for making amends to people who have died or are no longer in one’s life. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how spirituality and respect are important in their service work. “Focus on what unites us; not our differences” captures the message of this workshop! | Download Person to Person Person to Person - Carrying the Message is the topic for this OA literature workshop. We cannot rest on our laurels if we are to continue our journey of recovery on a daily basis. The speaker shares her story, talks about the practical aspects of the checklist and emphasizes the importance of having strong meetings to effectively carry the message and keep newcomers returning. In this workshop, two members relate how working the Steps allowed them to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth when life presented them with problems.

– Tradition Eleven “Trustee administration of the World Service Office should always be assisted by the best standing committees, executive staffs and consultants.”– Concept Eleven The principle of Tradition Eleven is Anonymity and Concept Eleven is Humility.

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. But if you continue to bring your body to the truth, then when you are ready the truth is waiting there for you. As she discusses the suggestions offered in this literature to avoid eating compulsively, she shares her own experience. In addition, they emphasize the need to make amends in order to refrain from returning to compulsive eating, and to be released of the negative feelings or turmoil created by holding on to the amends. Perseverance is the spiritual principle of this Step. She discusses sponsoring, the difference between a suggestion and advice, and how her sponsor’s suggestion to pray and has helped her with the dilemmas of life. This podcast is in Spanish. En esta edición, Ana, miembro de OA, nos habla sobre su relación con la comida y las circunstancias que la trajeron a OA. We develop a personal plan of eating based on an honest appraisal of our past experience. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how trust and conscience are important in both their service work and in their working with others. Step Eleven “Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact we God as we understood Him, praying only for the knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out." The principle of Step Eleven is Spiritual Awareness. PST, we now offer this podcast covering the topic of Unity. “Thought does not have to equal action” is one of the ideas explored. Two members share about their eating history and how using the nine Tools of Overeaters Anonymous-Plan of Eating, Sponsorship, Meetings, Telephone, Writing, Literature, Action Plan, Anonymity and Service-has enriched and supported their recovery. These invaluable, inexpensive pieces of OA literature are available at the OA Bookstore. It helps us abstain from compulsive eating, guides us in our dietary decisions, and defines what, when, how, where and why we eat. While telling her story, a member shares how her sponsor relationships have evolved. Both speakers describe their personal experience with Step Ten. Here is a link to the script in case you would like to read it or translate the podcast. to clear off their side of the street, regardless of how the amends are received. This will be the year I give up sweets. Join us today as we talk to members of OA who have maintained significant long-term weight loss and have learned how to manage the holidays in a way that doesn’t trigger compulsive eating and compulsive behaviors around food. | Download This is a reading of the pamphlet. Their stories tell how they use their spiritual relationship with a Higher Power in everyday life situations. Tools of Recovery This workshop is focused on how using OA’s helps us achieve and maintain abstinence. She helps explain how the Steps help us recapture the assets that were part of ourselves, so we can live happy, joyous and free, without the fear that we will be nothing without these defects. Step Ten "Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it." This week the speakers share their stories of their experience, strength, and hope. Included are freedom from: food obsession, insanity and hopelessness; the bondage of self; dishonesty; isolation; the fear of change; self-reliance; blame; fear of people; complacency; loneliness; and lack of purpose. OA Meeting This podcast is a recording of a Saturday afternoon OA meeting held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One OA member shares about how, through working all Twelve Steps, she discovered her Higher Power, rebuilt her relationship with her son, and dealt with surgery on a tumor. Relationship podcasts. This podcast is in French. Helpful for newcomers, returning members and long-timers alike. In this workshop, we explore sponsorship. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how structure and ability are important in their service work.

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. Relationship podcasts. Concept Twelve has six principles associated with it; Selflessness, Realism, Representation, Dialogue, Compassion and Respect. The pamphlets A Plan of Eating and Dignity of Choice are discussed to help clarify the meaning and importance of abstinence and of having a plan of eating to help implement abstinence. The literature referenced was the Big Book, and. The workshop speakers share their individual stories of recovery and how purpose and consideration are important in both their service work and in their lives. For additional study, review  and The Twelve Concepts of OA Service.  The Lifeline Sampler is referenced by one of the speakers as a resource on this topic as well. A member shares her story and intertwines how OA’s focus on diversity in recovery made it possible for her to recover. | Download Abstinence Using the Abstinence PowerPoint Presentation as a framework, this Region Chair explains how she came to discover her plan of eating and behaviors that undermined her recovery. This year will be the year I lose the weight. We will also talk to Registered Dietitian Theresa Wright, who runs an nutrition center in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, about how she sees OA’s program as effective in its approach to a plan of eating. New Year’s Resolutions Another new year, another new year’s resolution. These freedoms are correlated with pages in this valuable piece of OA literature. | Download A great workshop discussing some of OA's most popular books: and and the companion workbook for each. | Download Strong Meetings The , available on the OA website, is the focus of this workshop. A Plan of Eating is one of OA's nine tools. Continuing to do a personal inventory daily helps us identify character defects and feelings that come up unexpectedly and see if we need to make amends to anyone. Their greatest importance lies in the fact that they work! They enable compulsive eaters and millions of other Twelve-Steppers to lead happy, productive lives, and they represent the foundation upon which OA is built. Both powerfully demonstrate how through using the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous, compulsive eaters can deal with any life issue without turning to food. – Tradition Ten “Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority; therefore, duplication of efforts is avoided.”– Concept Ten The principle of Tradition Ten is Neutrality and Concept Ten is Clarity