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Parent: Elvis Presley Allegedly, according to Animal Planet, the King’s chimpanzee used to drink bourbon and lift up women’s skirts. Thurman Murman Parent: Rachel Bilson Yes, the  star named her dog after a  character. It turns out the consummate pop star is a huge fan of America’s favorite marathon-worthy show. There’s no proof that she , either. Dating kylie game online. Sirius Black Parent: Ariana Grande Grande let her geek flag fly by naming her dog after a Harry Potter character. Parent: Anne Hathaway Likewise with Hathaway and her -inspired pup. Herein, we’ve collected the funniest, wackiest, strangest celebrity pet names of all time. The christening was initially meant disrespectfully-the rapper and the national treasure spent six years in a high-profile feud-but, after a reconciliation, took on a new, homage-like light. Kitty Purry haps the most fitting pet name of all time. But when it comes to naming pets, celebrities are even wackier.

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.. But, Rossum’s other two dogs are named Cinnamon and Sugar. We’re well aware by now that celebrities can choose some seriously out-there names for their children. Relationship with parents.

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. Sadly, the camera-shy pup passed away last year. Relationship pet names. And for more fun facts, check out these Mr. Genghis Khan Parent: Martha Stewart One headed up a globe-spanning empire that changed the world as we know it. True, Pepper, just as a name, isn’t funny. Yes, Bruiser, named ironically, in all his cutesy, miniature stature, is among the funniest celebrity pet names of all time.

Sid Vicious Parent: George Clooney This pup-like all pups-is the cerebral opposite of his namesake. Relationship memes. For example: Pets named after food. Or named after popular fantasy stories.

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. Moke is among the two permanent ones. As such, the only parts of Eye in the Dark you could see were, well, the eyes. The song “Pablow the Blowfish,” from Miley Cyrus & Dead Petz, is dedicated to the blowfish. Relationship pet names. As such, Scatter was confined to a cage for a latter years of his life. To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life,  to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter!. Empress Tang Parent: Martha Stewart You wouldn’t be incorrect to note that Stewart names her pets after legendary conquerers. Fluffy Pants Missed opportunity: “Pant$.” And for more celebrity laughs, check out the. Neither won any accolades. Or how about the lifestyle guru who’s named not one but  animals after iron-fisted leaders. Yes, we’re aware that Moonie-the canine actor’s IRL name-could be, to some tastes, a funnier name than Bruiser