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The answer to the question is not directly stated in the passage. * The vocabulary items vary in degree of difficulty. For instance, if the prefix is added to , the new word is, which is the opposite of. The prefix "mal" means bad or improper.  In addition, learning common suffixes can be an extremely helpful tool for the acquisition of new words. While some may be easy, others may be semi-difficult or difficult.

To make the reading more technical C. Which relationship is shown in the graph. The correct answer is based on the antecedent, the noun to which the pronoun refers. To illustrate, "nourished" means having proper nourishment. They may not be stated at all, but simply implied. August to early October D. Scan the passage to spot the key words for the specific details. Understand definitions, recognize examples, understand explanations, find similar or unlike characteristics of two things or whatever, learn what produces a result and what its effects are. has been put to use in furniture, interior woodwork, flooring, and crates. These types of questions are relatively easy to locate. To provide information on how maple syrup is made D. is the appropriate synonym for. This question tests your understanding of how the author organizes the information in the passage. * Language expression questions include pronouns and vocabulary questions. To persuade the reader to buy the product This inference question asks the author's purpose. The sentences used before or after the sentence in which the word or phrase appears often supply clues to the meaning of the word or phrase. Sometimes the main idea or topic sentence comes at the end of the paragraph and, on occasion, anywhere in the paragraph. To examine the economic viability of a tree B. Then the sap goes through the boiling process. The analogy here is the relationship between a part and a whole. To illustrate the difference in quality D. * Vocabulary questions ask you the meaning of a word or phrase within the context of the passage. rank as major producers of maple syrup. The answers to these types of questions are not explicitly stated. These types of questions need attention. Pay attention that numbers are always in ascending order. The production technique is quite straightforward, but it takes time. Some specific detail questions are negative and are singled by the words ,,,and.  If you cannot find the correct answer for negative specific details, eliminate the choices given in the reading and choose the choice that remains as the correct response. Some of the choices might have similar meanings, but only one will be the most appropriate meaning within the context. Write the new word and its pronunciation on the front of a three by five inch index card; on the back, write the definition of the word and the sentence in which you saw the word. made in the trunk of the tree at the end of the winter or in early spring. Then read the passages whose topics are less familiar. * Questions about the organization of the passage, the author's point of view, analogy, or the following paragraph are not as common as the other types. Description of Comprehension Passages The Reading Comprehension passages have academic content and style and include topics from a variety of fields including arts, sciences, social sciences, etc. The vocabulary in the Reading Comprehension section includes only general words that have synonyms. The prefix "ex" means "out," but the word " " is not a synonym for "." The of modern churches lacks typical Gothic architectural features. The most effective way to answer the main idea question is to ask yourself what the whole passage is about, not just a portion of it. How to Tackle the Vocabulary * Be careful with word choice that has the prefix clue, which can be a distractor rather than the correct response. "" means improper nourishment. to a tank kept in the sugar house. To be solidified This is a language expression question. You will not lose any points for guessing. Early November to late December This is a specific detail question. Cause-and-effect words -- as a result, therefore-- meanwhile, before-- in contrast, conversely-- also, in addition-- more important, remember * Watch for questions that test your knowledge of the relationships between the topic and the supporting ideas. Further, if you decide to add the suffix "al" to the noun , the new word is an adjective. Study all three types of vocabulary. Effective Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary * If you do not know the meaning of a given word, the prefix and suffix information can help you unlock its meaning. Most of the passage explains the technique used for making maple syrup. * The words tested on TOEFL are similar to those used in college-level textbooks. Make a habit of reading the opening and closing statement of each paragraph. To provide a visual description B. This question tests your inference ability. Although mint hybrids are infertile, true mints can be propagated from seeds. This specific detail question is negative. Late January through April B. The sugar maple is a hard maple tree. * Specific detail questions are based on the supports presented in the reading. These passages are comparable to the texts found in freshman university textbooks in North America. The ratio varies from test to test. For instance, if the vocabulary is a phrasal, all the answers will be phrasal, but the correct answer does not necessarily have the same preposition. The correct answer is usually a restatement of what is said in the whole passage; therefore, the options that have the same words from the reading are almost always incorrect. * From the four answer choices given, choose the word or the phrase that is closest in meaning, or is a synonym, to the vocabulary or the phrase. Helpful Testing Hints * Use context clue to guess the meaning of the words or phrases tested in the reading comprehension passages. * DO NOT be tricked into choosing the correct answer on the basis of its grammatical form.  All the possible answers have the same grammatical form. Geographical and historical references made in the test are generally related to the United States and Canada. It increases the sugar content. Based on the information in the passage, sapping takes place at the end of the winter and in early spring. Study the common prefix list to increase your knowledge of a word. Sometimes the specific lines on which the definitions and explanations appear are mentioned. * More pronoun and antecedent questions. If you add the suffix "ment" to the verb the new word is a noun. Most prefixes are of Greek or Latin origin. To emphasize the use of the maple lumber in furniture and other products This is a general inference question. * Go over the passages with familiar subjects. To list a number of the major producers of maple syrup C. Boiling enhances the flavor as well as adding color to the sap. Relationship paragraph. It is rather simple, but time-consuming. What dating sites does match own. Master p relationships. * If you do not know the meaning of a word or a phrase, read the entire sentence because the sentence may provide additional clues. Sometimes these questions test your understanding of the meaning of a complicated sentence or an important comment or idea expressed in a paragraph. * Inference questions ask you to draw a logical conclusion from what you read in the passage. Description of the types of questions tested in the comprehension passages * Main idea questions test your understanding of the whole passage rather the individual parts.

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. The producers have to depend on the natural flow of the sap. The answers that cover specific details are either too narrow or too broad. Before long, you will have a rich assortment of words. Its processing demands complicated equipment. This type of question always gives you the line number, so it is easy to locate.

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. * If you do not know the answer, guess. Dating group limited. These questions test your understanding of definitions and explanations presented for a term or a word in the passage. Since the sugar maple tree's popularity for strength and finish of its wood is mentioned at the end of the passage, it makes sense to know something about its other uses. Definitions of minerals, animals, planets, chemicals, plants, etc. A prefix by definition is a word part that comes at the beginning of a word and changes its meaning. All of the following is true about boiling EXCEPT A. You do not need to have specific knowledge of the topic to answer the comprehension questions. * Nouns and adjectives as well as verbs and adverbs are tested in the vocabulary section.   Keep reviewing your index card pile and adding new vocabulary. Other types of words labeled as Slang, Informal, Nonstandard, Rare, Vulgar, Poetic, and Archaic are not tested. The following example shows this point.


. These questions are based on the meaning of the vocabulary or the phrase within the context of the passage. * Pronoun questions ask you to spot the correct antecedent or noun to which the pronoun refers to. Coral, a gem stone, is related to living plants. For instance, suffixes can help you with the understanding of different parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. The information in the dependent clause is in contrast with the information in the independent clause. It reduces the shelf life of the syrup. * Do not study unusual or technical words related to specific fields of study such as chemistry, biology, geology, and physics. The higher the volume, the less predictable the quality is. * More detailed questions about the methods of development in the passage