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Blaine tells him he should have just talked to him about his unhappiness instead of cheating. After the initial surprise, Kurt reciprocates the kiss, touching his hand to Blaine's cheek. Blaine was severely depressed, causing his grades to slip and eventually was cut from NYADA and returned to Lima and found a job as the new coach of the Warblers.. Blaine had not told Kurt yet. Kurt says, "No Blaine, you have to.

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. At the end of the wedding, the two couples sing. Burt tells Kurt that his present is too big to put under the tree, and that he can pick it up at a certain address. A few Glee members, most notably Finn, initially resent his presence in New Directions. She says "You have a fiancé, so stop flirting." Rachel mentions that Kurt and Blaine Skype every day, but that it's not sexy skyping. He said that Kurt belongs in New York. Kurt stops Blaine on the stairwell at Dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. Kurt finally pulls away, out of the car and nearly crying. Kurt and Blaine sing with Rachel during the performance of sharing loving looks throughout the performance.

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. Blaine says he got permission from Carmen Tibideaux to be in six of Kurt's classes, and as they continue talking, the teacher asks them to be quiet. Blaine apologizes again, but Kurt then continues by saying he gets what happened. While talking to Rachel in their new, spacious apartment, Kurt informs her that Blaine told him about the second Britney week. Kurt and Blaine's relationship is not heavily featured in this episode, however the couple has one intimate scene together. When they hear a knock on the door, Kurt tells Blaine they have to find a way to make Mary come to the showcase, since Rachel shouldn't be the only one with a chance for TV-stardom. Blaine reminds him that Dalton is about fitting in, hence the uniforms. Blaine then calms down and apologizes to Elliott explaining that they've been apart for so long, and he just wants to catch up to him. They can't touch us or what we have." Back at prom, Kurt gets crowned and announces, "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton" after he receives the scepter. After coming back another day, Blaine invites Kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the Warblers, Wes and David for questioning. Relationship not moving forward. Blaine hangs up the phone, the expression on his face implying that, with this huge weight taken off of his chest, he can finally breathe again. While choosing a movie to go and see, Kurt takes Blaine's laptop, and finds that Blaine has been visiting pornographic websites. When Blaine and Dave go out for a date night at BreadstiX, they meet the many guys Dave dated, invited by Sue, and based on the DNA research she did, she tells them that they are third cousins. Blaine singing Teenage Dream with The Warblers while looking in Kurt's direction. Kurt says that he doesn't want to have sex at that moment, but Blaine tells him that it's about them as a couple, not where they are.

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. Kurt and Blaine do not interact during this episode, but their engagement is briefly brought up by Sam, Rachel, and Santana. Blaine apologizes and Kurt apologizes as well explaining that Blaine "just needs his bubbles." Rachel walks through the door shortly after, and Blaine asks her if she wants a homemade soda. During this song Blaine sits next to Kurt for a while, causing Kurt to smile nervously, to which Blaine seems oblivious. Blaine comes to surprise Kurt because he and the Warblers wanted to say goodbye. This hints that he and Blaine have communicated in some form after Kurt left Lima. Before singing though, Blaine snaps when Kurt brings up Sebastian, but quickly apologizes, saying he doesn't want to think about Sebastian, only about winning. They are seen lying in Blaine's bed with their legs touching, arms linking, and exchanging Eskimo kisses. Blaine looks devastated as Kurt comforts him. The episode starts with the first Blaine voiceover. Kurt and Blaine's first scene, accompanied by Brittany, is in The Lima Bean, where Kurt is on his shift. In the end, they do not win Regionals. Blaine tells him he, for the first time in his life, feels like they're competing against each other - and he's losing. Rachel confronts Kurt saying she heard from Blaine that Kurt is planning to perform for his audition. At the end of the episode, the both of them attend Rachel's new foundation's party and perform along with Artie, Santana, Sam, Mercedes, and Rachel. Blaine gives him a handkerchief and sends him off to the stage. Rachel states how it's sweet, but it's unnecessary. At the song's end, the two boys are sitting very close on the sofa, and Blaine assures Kurt that he sang way better than the girl he's going to perform it with will. In that room, Kurt is seen looking in the mirror buttoning up his disheveled shirt implying that the two of them had sex. Blaine bounces onto the bed, and they playfully banter for a bit about the multiple layers of Kurt's clothes. He returns to Lima in hopes of mending their relationship and takes a job at McKinley High as the rebooted New Directions' director, partnered with Rachel. The song ends with the two embracing tightly and passionately, and it fades back to reality where Kurt is crying. Back in Lima, Blaine is still crushing on Sam. After, Blaine comments on how he looks cute, and he means “dirty cute”. While walking, they run into Brittany and Artie who tell them to hurry up and get a seat in the auditorium. Blaine and Kurt's relationship is seen from within the hallowed halls of Dalton Academy. Kurt and Blaine are seen coaching New Directions at the beginning of the episode. She says that would be a huge mistake and that she believes he is sabotaging himself without sticking to what is safe. Meanwhile, Blaine is sitting uncomfortably noticing that something is clearly wrong with how much Kurt is enjoying whatever is happening with his phone. Blaine then dares Kurt to tell him that they're not back together. Kurt makes a list of ways to get back at Sebastian and Santana gives out a few violent suggestions, but he decides he needs to take the high road. Kurt brings up New Directions and Blaine says he already has a number in mind. Kurt, disgusted and utterly hurt by this revelation, feigns enthusiasm and rushes to the men's room where he bursts into tears. When they tried to use it, however, the doors shut tightly and both are locked inside. After getting in trouble because of the puppet, Blaine realizes he'll miss Kurt's band's gig. Kurt also gives Blaine a few flirtatious looks. In his room, Blaine sits on his bedside and holds his hand. Worried, Blaine finds Burt and tells him that he should talk to Kurt about sex, as he thinks that if Burt waits until Kurt is ready to talk about it, the conversation might come too late. Later at the loft Kurt is seen pacing back and forth trying to help Artie who had just been mugged. Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch and they walk off together. Later during the prom, Blaine rejoins the prom with all eyes on him in shock, including Kurt and Brittany.

Blaine's cell phone rings and the display is shown, which says "Kurt Hummel." Blaine gets up and walks to the back of the stage so he can talk to Kurt in quiet. Back at home; Kurt comes down to show Blaine, Finn, and Burt the kilt he has made himself for prom. A while after, Blaine returns to Mercedes, Sam and Blaine's home to find an again supportive Kurt. He can be seen reading a magazine for Blaine. He feels ashamed and pleads Santana, to not told Blaine about it, even though they´re separated. Later on, as Kurt is about to leave work, he discovers that Isabelle is still sitting at her desk, so he has a brief chat with her. Adam asks Kurt if he still loves Blaine, and if he’s his rebound from him. Rachel sees Kurt's reaction upon receiving a text and assumes it is from Blaine. Blaine then says, "Don't give up hope, ever. At the end of the episode, Blaine auditions for West Side Story with a smashing rendition of. Just when he leaves, Kurt stops him, telling him that he loves him no matter what his hair looks like. When you say to yourself: 'Oh, there you are. Kurt then tells Blaine to calm down by pointing him in the direction of their seats, where they enjoy the rest of the concert together. Blaine leads Kurt by the hand, running through the picturesque hallway shortcut to where the performance takes place, and then sings Katy Perry's , seemingly to Kurt. Elliott tells Blaine that it doesn't matter if he did because Kurt loves him, and never shuts up about him. When Blaine says that talking to him doesn't work, Kurt implies he should sing to him. It seems that Blaine was never informed of the supposed 'cheating' as he didn't appear in the episode and it wasn't mentioned that he knew. Elliott however, remains calm throughout Blaine's rant, and reassures Blaine that he is just friends with Kurt, and doesn't think of him in that way. Blaine becomes noticeably nervous and attempts to back out. Blaine and the Warblers serenade to Kurt as his "goodbye song." Blaine passionately looks at Kurt throughout the performance, fighting back emotions. Schuester requests Kurt to attend 'Booty Camp' due to his lack of dance moves. Kurt walks in on the two of them having coffee and takes a possessive role over his boyfriend, taking Blaine's arm and cuddling up against him in their seats. Back at Kurt and Rachel's apartment, the gang return for Monday night dinner, and Blaine quickly walks over to give Kurt a hug. He refers to Chandler's texts as innocent. Kurt excitedly hugs Blaine and he hugs him tightly back, but Kurt draws back. Blaine also reminds Kurt of holiday tradition, their Christmas duet. In the interview for Geraldo Rivera's exposé on Sue Sylvester, Kurt reveals the events in the fake elevator and Blaine reveals that Sue once put a live bear in his home. Dating russian women. It also shows Kurt and Blaine having a "Skype date" while watching Treme with Kurt, and he slides the popcorn bowl towards the computer while Kurt eats a piece of popcorn. They later appear together in the teacher's lounge and then in the auditorium during the performance, as the couple and Rachel hug happily. He flails at Cooper, telling him his commercial is his ringtone. With the help of the Cheerios, he serenades Kurt with. He thinks about how it’s not really weird to see Blaine anymore, and how he’s not sure whether that should make him sad or happy. After Finn convinces Kurt and Blaine to come to prom, Brittany tells Blaine that he can't join unless he gets rid of the gel in his hair. Kurt and Blaine are then seen celebrating New Directions' win with everyone in the choir room. Sebastian mentions that he and the Warblers have usurped New Directions' idea for covering Michael Jackson for Regionals. Kurt is wearing the same outfit he wore when he first met Blaine at Dalton. Kurt and Blaine are at the Lima Bean having coffee and teasing each other. In other terms, this episode did not happen in terms of future glee storylines. Blaine reassures him that he will be wonderful, but that Kurt's nervousness is absolutely adorable. Later, June Dolloway is welcome to NYADA. I call that progress" which is likely a reference to his past with Finn or alliance with Sam. Kurt states how he’s met someone, Blaine being taken back, stating how thats good. Kurt thinks that Blaine is the perfect Tony. Kurt then gets angry with him telling him that he can't just do whatever he wants, when he wants and that he should ask Kurt permission to change something in his apartment. On Thanksgiving, Isabelle brings a group of friends to Rachel and Kurt's apartment to have a "Kiki," seemingly to calm Kurt's nerves as the song Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time implies. He feels that since NYADA is only a performing arts school, he won’t have an opportunity to broaden his horizons and pursue his other passions, such as teaching or Pre-Med. He says he can't possibly play a romance when he himself had just ruined his own. During the opening credits of the special, Kurt appears to be adjusting Blaine's tie. Later, he, Mercedes, Blaine, and Mike are out at the Lima Bean, and Blaine starts talking about the success of marriage equality and that he'll be able to see it when he goes to New York. Relationship n love. At McKinley High, just after twelve, Kurt has made the transfer official and is greeted by his fellow New Directions members on the lunchtime steps. Blaine is upset because, as he explains, he has been feeling a little jealous due to Kurt caring more for his physical appearance, and remembers how it used to be back in their High School days - exactly the opposite. In a deleted scene that Ryan Murphy released on his Twitter and YouTube page, infamously known as the "Klaine Box Scene," Kurt and Blaine are walking through the halls of McKinley as time is quickening to Christmas vacation. Together with the rest of the group, they sing. I think they do!" Jeremiah soon ends the conversation and leaves Blaine and Kurt together. Relationship verses bible dating. Kurt and Blaine sing to show Santana that they support her and accept her for who she is. He shrugs it off when asked about it, saying that his contacts were hurting. Back at the loft, Kurt arrives to find Blaine redecorating the living room; turning it into a workspace. After the video they sing and dance together to along with all the other past and final New Directions members