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I bring a wealth of knowledge that I have acquired through my doctoral studies, teaching, and life experience. I address numerous concerns, including marital problems, family conflict, parental issues, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, substance abuse, and aging issues such as empty nest adjustment, to name a few. Thus, if one partner is resistant to couples counseling or counseling that moves a divorcing couple toward an amicable conclusion, the other partner may still positively impact the relationship by doing individual work. Dating your roommate. You can create change in your life and overcome difficult, seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Couples Counseling in San Diego, CA, Relationship Counseling in San Diego, CA, and Marriage Counseling in San Diego, CA. I am very respectful of the notion that it takes great courage to embark upon a path of personal growth and change. In summary, my training, compassion, life experience, and insight offer clients a unique opportunity to transcend current problems in the service of their own growth and developing maturity. In working with couples, I believe that two strong "I's" make the strongest possible "we." Because I am a systems therapist, I also believe that it is possible to do couples therapy with only one partner. I bring with me rich life experience and clients have often noted my warm, nurturing style of practice.

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. I am passionate about my work in the fields of individual counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling.

Convenient to Mission Valley and La Jolla. .. I am easy to talk to, supportive, and not judgmental.

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. While working toward change is serious business, humor has its place in my sessions as well. Dating over 60. I have been trained, mentored or studied under some of the greats in marriage and family therapy, including Dr. Michael Kerr, Jay Haley, Drs. Relationship moving too fast. In the long run, a course of relationship counseling will be more economically, emotionally and spiritually feasible than divorce. You have the right to enjoy fulfilling and happy relationships. My doctoral research focused on grief and loss, and my dissertation was a case study of the effective, resiliency-based treatment I developed for family survivors of homicide and other violent losses. Barbara Cunningham offers Psychotherapy in San Diego, CA. I am happy to offer a complimentary telephone consultation to help you decide whether this model of psychotherapy may be a fit for you.

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. Gary Lawson and Ann Lawson and Dr. Dan Papero.

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. In systems thinking, if there is a change in one person, the relationship will be impacted and change as well. Call me now as a first step toward taking back your life!  ______________________________________________ Dr. Remember that seeking counseling guidance is not a sign of weakness, but one of true courage. Counseling can empower you to thrive, not just survive. You have the right to thrive instead of merely survive! As a clinician with training at the doctoral level, I have assisted married couples, divorcing couples, families and individuals for several years