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Shane WittmersShane manages the day-to-day operations of the firm, ensuring the magic never stops. Micah ShanksMicah is the Founder and CEO of Lifeline. This is the part of the process where we stop simply talking about all the things we do, and we start doing them. What Lifeline gives us is peace of mind, and if we didn’t have that, I couldn’t put a price on the stress.Lifeline started by figuring out my vision, and they have always worked around me to make it happen. Relationship lifeline. And like any good first date, you’ll come away excited to meet again. Dating violence facts. Let Writer's Lifeline help you perfect your best asset. You can save even more money, time, and sweat by retaining the services of a development editor you finish your manuscript. Writer's Lifeline offers writers of all kinds information, guidance, solutions, and opportunities for transporting their vision onto the page and into the commercial marketplace in a way that will reach the greatest possible audience.

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. When we talk about backing you up, we’re talking about supporting you in making your vision for your business a reality. Our development professionals can help you get your finished work into shape for today's market. We take the frustration out of your employees’ lives by actively maintaining the tools they depend on, eliminating interruptions from their workflow. Writer's Lifeline prepares writers for the commercial book and film marketplace by bringing your skills to the level of your talent and vision. If you're only looking for a help desk that you can call in times of crisis, there are plenty of ``Managed Services Providers`` in the world.

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. Writer's Lifeline appraises your writing with practical-minded discernment and teaches you, one on one, how to marry creativity and commerce.

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. He leads the planning, design, implementation, and support for all technology related ventures at Lifeline and for our clients. You’ll definitely want to learn about our bold philosophy on the relationship between business and technology. This is why we treat your team, needs, and business objectives with the same level of familiarity as we treat our own. We want to learn about your vision, needs, and workflow. A deep understanding of small to medium size business economics, growth challenges, and business processes is what drove him to start Lifeline. A staff focused on customer service does not have time to navigate inefficient processes or deal with technical errors. Their technician was knowledgeable, available and methodical throughout the process. Delmar HusseyAs VCIO, Delmar collaborates with and advises our clients’ IT departments. Like any good first date, there will be questions. Because of our special relationship with Story Merchant, we're always on the lookout for potentially commercial writing talent that we can bridge to the success you deserve.. Once we've helped you bring your project up to the highly competitive level of the marketplace, we help you take that last step by having our sister company Story Merchant or an appropriate agency give it priority consideration for representation. Our Goals Are Aligned Your business revolves around your customers, and your work should, too. Our top priority is ensuring that you never have to spend time thinking about technology. She continually receives high praise from clients and vendors alike for her quick, friendly and knowledgeable responses. We Address Your NeedsIt’s time to have a real discussion about Lifeline’s process, how we help companies grow and scale, and the results that we consistently deliver – regardless of the technology you’re using. That means our editorial guidance is based not only upon artistic principles, but also upon today's marketplace realities. Sometimes, all it takes is being pointed in the right direction by a coach who's played in the big leagues. We can help you over the rough spots, help you translate your talent into the kind of marketable skill that publishers and entertainment execs recognize-and get excited about. Organizations partner with Lifeline so that they can be understood and set free to focus on the main profit drivers of their business. With Lifeline we don’t have to worry about IT anymore. We take pride in our unique ability to be a partner who uses technology to help you attain business goals, but of course that wouldn't be possible without our savvy team of normal humans who can communicate technical concepts in a relatable, goal-driven way. We've helped bestsellers Steve Alten, James Michael Pratt, Shirley Palmer, Cheryl Saban, Docre Stoker, Jerry Blame, Lisa McCubbine, Clint Hill Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not, John Scott Shepherd, and. The first conversation you ever have with a strategic business partner should not be about technology. It should be about your business, vision, workflow, and the opportunities that exist to help you grow.  As a Virtual Chief Information Officer he performs the same functions as an internal CIO including formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. Susan HarterSusan is masterful at attaining maximum utilization of internal and field technical resources through daily dispatch of service requests. Are u dating anyone. Dating without dating. Lifeline's expertise was essential to the successful CRM conversion.

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