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Advertisement "Meghan's approach is hugely 'hit-the-ground-running' with her upright posture and her trait of sitting with one elbow in partial splay mode suggesting high levels of confidence and a desire to get her message across," James said. Relationship lamps. Their first official royal engagement as a foursome was at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum in January in London, where they answered questions about their past and future charity work and the foundation's programmes from host Tina Daheley. Markle is, after all, used to being on screen in a very different way. Markle, Kate Middleton, and Princes Harry and William appeared for their first official royal engagement as a foursome in January at the first annual Royal Foundation Forum in London. AdvertisementThe first time the two couples were photographed together was on Christmas Day at Sandringham. Meanwhile, Middleton seemed a little more laid back, which again is hardly surprising as she's far more well-versed in royal protocol. Markle and Middleton wore coordinating blue dresses, although than the latter's. Advertisement "I hear a lot of people speaking about girls' empowerment and women's empowerment - you will hear people saying they are helping women find their voices," she said.

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. "Both women initially hid their faces behind their hair and then Meghan laughed and grabbed Harry's arm in a rather telling gesture.

Dating with intention. The pair have only made a few public appearances but body language experts have already used it as an opportunity to analyse the relationship between them.

Meghan Markle Is the Dominant Partner in Prince Harry.


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. "When Harry joked we saw both women share genuine matching smiles and mirror the partial cut-off gesture when their hands mimicked face-covering," James said. James also pointed out that whenever Middleton spoke, Markle would make a concerted effort to turn to listen to her "intently," as per below..

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. Relationship language. William's 'Oh yes' told us sparks had clearly occurred, but Kate's demure smile wasn't giving any clues about who had been battling with who." Markle's spirited and candid approach to the interview has even led to William and Harry's late mother. But most people who watched the interview noticed a difference in the way the two handled questions, which is hardly surprising given their very different backgrounds. Advertisement But it's still early days - we'll have to wait to see how Markle finds her place in the royal family following her wedding to Harry on Saturday, after which she'll formally become the fourth patron of the foundation. Relationship language. "The cause was clearly also important to both although there was some interesting body language thrown up when suggestions of 'disagreements' were thrown up