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Relationship hero. ANY device in the system might be used for booting as long as it has the right data in the right place. But in all this there is no system "Master" drive.Excellent reference provided above by Twoboxer on how WD uses jumpers on their SATA drives. Dear Michelle - Thank you for everything you did to make our schools fundraiser a success - from the great prices to taking care of the manager to great delivery!  Julie - Read more. Pastor John Cole, Colonial Baptist Church Read more. Thank you! Sherrill Carr - Trinity UMC Read more. By default, Windows will assume that whatever device you boot from this time is the C: drive. Other makers use other ways - at least one I've seen uses a software switch and a downloadable utility to force slow SATA speed.

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. Dennis and Michelle, Your waterslide MADE the party!  It was awesome for kids AND kids at heart! Many thanks, Christie Read more. SATA drives have no master-slave relationship.It shouldn't be necessary, but - if you are worried about damage to your "D" drive - pull its data and power cables before doing the "format".

Occasionally someone might actually have more than one HDD set up to boot from. Thanks guys, this helps a lot. There are NO Master drives for the entire system! The confusion comes from the fact that over a decade ago it was common to have the Primary IDE channel Master drive serve as the default boot HDD called C:.Think instead in terms of Boot Drive and Other Drives.

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. These are set these days in the BIOS Setup screens under Boot Device Priority Sequence. Bottom line is there is no universal use of jumpers on SATA drives, but one thing is universal. Jumpers on SATA drives are NEVER for setting a "Master" or "Slave". Relationship jumpers