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WCW taped a pilot episode for their potential Lucha Libre TV show. After Baba's death, Misawa, Jumbo Tsuruta, and Mitsuo Momota Jr. Despite rumors that it's a Mick Foley documentary, it's actually a documentary about the wrestling industry as a whole. He also trashed WCW and said "They can't compare to us. Needless to say, it was a pretty huge success. Dan Severn is on his way out of WWF. Dave doesn't understand why they constantly feel the need to embellish things when the truth is already impressive enough. Eddie Guerrero was supposed to be backstage to help run the show, but his doctor told him not to fly because he's still too injured from his car wreck a month ago. Foley plays a prominent role in it, but so do Terry Funk and Jake Roberts. Dave doesn't see any upside to Butterbean doing a shoot match in WWF.

Basically, he just didn't get over and they didn't want him anymore. Howard Stern made fun of the WWF on his show recently, talking about the skit with Mark Henry and the transvestite that was apparently giving him a blowjob. If he wins, fine but if he somehow loses, it would be devastating for his real boxing career. Speaking of ER, George Clooney was reportedly backstage at a recent WCW house show in Los Angeles and comedian Dennis Miller was at ringside. Are relationships work. With Masa Chono out of action due to contract issues and Shinya Hashimoto injured, suspended, and still not signed to a new contract all at the same time, NJPW business is down and tickets are selling poorly. Relationship jackets. The Barry Blaustein movie tentatively titled "Hittin' The Mat" will be out later this year. Or he could remain under contract for the next year and be jobbed out. Goldberg recently spoke before Congress about trying to do more to stop cockfighting and other animal fighting. If you're a wrestling history buff, this is incredible stuff on the entire history of AJPW up to this point. They're also still talking about bringing Butterbean in to do a Brawl For All match against Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania. There's thought that Vince McMahon might have been worth more, and maaaaybe Hogan but probably not. On Raw this week, announcer Michael Cole claimed that the WWF had replaced Mike Tyson as the biggest draw on PPV and acted as if the Rumble had broken Tyson's records. Pretty funny letter in the Observer this week that's worth copying in full since we ain't got anything else left: I'm so confused. So no, WWF is nowhere close to passing Tyson as a PPV draw or breaking his records. Interestingly, it's believed that Baba was possibly the wealthiest person ever in wrestling history.

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. Sandman debuted on WCW Nitro and had a match with Bigelow, but he was never identified by name or given a new one. As it looks now, he'll be finishing up his advertised dates for the next week or two and then take the buyout and leave. The actual criminal charges were dropped by the Memphis police due to lack of evidence. Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. Ted Turner can go to hell. And the announcers tried to get him over while still not having a name for him. His death spells the end of a major chapter in Japanese wrestling history. That doesn't mean WWF isn't doing huge business though. He talks at length about how the style of wrestling that Baba promoted was more serious, treated as real athletics, and had more credibility because of it, but was more physically demanding than any other promotion. Dave talks about Baba's pop culture status in Japan and how, alongside Antonio Inoki, he was someone that everyone, from children to grandmothers in Japan was familiar with. WWF also had a full page ad in USA Today the day after. held a press conference, carried live on television, announcing Baba's death to the public. He talks about all the things in the business that Baba either invented or popularized and innovated that other companies still copy today. Kane was busted open badly on Raw in his cage match with Triple H and ended up needing several staples to close it. Goldberg was offered a guest appearance on the show ER but WCW nixed it because filming would conflict with a Nitro taping. It aired during halftime of the Super Bowl and was actually taped a few days earlier. Anyway, Dave recaps Baba's career in extreme detail. The ad was a totally misleading graphic implying that the WWF's Super Bowl commercial was the best reviewed commercial of the game. To everyone's surprise, Sid Vicious continues to make all of his ECW appearances and he's actually been by far the most popular person at the shows, getting huge reactions every time he comes out. There was a big TV event featuring critics and other industry people. The only thing they can do is throw negatives and grenades. DDP appeared on the Regis & Kathy Lee show and did a bit where he gave the diamond cutter to a guy in the crowd.

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. People are hoping that with Misawa in charge, he may be willing to pay more to bring in big stars and may be more open to building relationships with other groups than Baba was. Taylor responded that he's under a lot of pressure and his father is having health problems. The heading said "Best Newcomer" and then they spliced the WWF's name right there under the heading. From here, it's basically a long history of AJPW which is super interesting. Even Mitsuharu Misawa, who is basically inheriting AJPW, wasn't aware of how serious the issues were and wasn't even allowed to visit him in the hospital. We open with the passing of Giant Baba from bowel cancer. TNT and USA both held press conferences on different days. He's been jobbing to Blackman at house shows for the last couple of weeks.

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. WWF got a lot of publicity out of their Super Bowl commercial. That being said, despite Bischoff's repeated claims about advertisers, so far WWF isn't having any trouble getting them. Most of the footage never saw the light of day, although one of the matches was released on the WWE Network in the Hidden Gems collection. Jim Ross met with Tank Abbott about coming in recently, but nothing was agreed to. As for the taping, it was said to be a fiasco, with bad matches, things going wrong, etc. There doesn't seem to be much upside for him to risk it. When it comes to his influence on wrestling history, only a few people are up there alongside him: Inoki, Vince McMahon, and maaaaybe Sam Muchnick or Toots Mondt. USA was grilled over the content of the WWF and Vince McMahon was on hand as well didn't go well. He came off poorly, first claiming that their content is no worse than anything else on TV. Baba's death was the lead story nationwide in every newspaper and TV news show in Japan. He was on the road all the next week but didn't wrestle and only made appearances. So yeah.not a good look from a corporate CEO at a media event. With Misawa now in charge of the company, everyone is wondering how he's going to run things. WWF is said to be interested in a relationship and had pursued it recently but due to Baba's health, it didn't go anywhere at the time. Bischoff offered him time off without pay. Then he was given the option of taking his release and getting a severance check. Even Howard Stern said that shouldn't be on a TV show that kids watch. Dave recaps the commercial and also says that the stunt man who jumped out of the Titan Tower window ended up suffering a knee injury on the stunt. They wanted him to do a shoot-fight against Steve Blackman, but he refused because he and Blackman are friends.

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. The story behind Terry Taylor jumping ship to WWF is this: there were rumors that he was going, so Eric Bischoff approached Taylor and said if he's not happy in WCW to just leave. Taylor balked at that and instead went to WWF since he wasn't under contract. AJPW has also been pretty isolationist in the last couple of decades, almost never working with other promotions. Sable will likely be phased out of full-time wrestling except for an occasional gimmick match. Goldberg is said to be a really big animal rights activist. But expect them to push her Wrestlemania match hard to promote the Playboy cover. That was a moving picture. He came out with his cane and some barbed wire and cut a decent promo before the match, but most of the audience didn't seem to know who he was, although some did. AJPW used to be the company where all the top foreigners wanted to work because of the great money, but then Baba got cheap and didn't want to keep up with the big money other promotions started offering. Misawa didn't even know Baba had cancer until after he died. Of course, WWF still had to try to embellish it. On to other news: Mankind and The Rock had their empty arena match. Baba had made millions in wrestling and invested it wisely in stocks and real estate and was a multi-millionaire many times over, but he always kept his finances very private. Ted Dibiase once said that a handshake from Baba was worth more than any signed, legally binding contract with another promoter