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- Jeremy & Lindsay, Witnesses to Love engaged couple participants It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Witness to Love’s programs and resources to you. A self-scoring process compares the couple's answers to each other and to the inventory's preferred responses. - Deacon David Dawson, Pastoral Associate A program that is true to its name, Witness to Love is that on many levels because it builds Church at every level. Andrew Merrick, Pastor I believe we definitely grew as a couple, not only closer to each other, but closer to God and the church. Dating violence. We loved being marriage preparation mentors. REFOCCUS© is especially useful to couples willing to devote time and energy to their relationship but who desire direction and skill building assistance in doing this. Relationship inventory worksheet. USA website, immediately obtaining the FOCCUS© Couple Report. Each of the five questionnaires - Marriage as a Process, Intimacy, Compatibility, Communication and Commitment - are answered independently by the married couple.

Codependency Workbook Exercise Two: Relationship Inventory

. The mentoring process was such a blessing because we took the time to revisit important decisions and events that had happened during our twelve years of marriage. We wish that all couples were given this opportunity. It provides them with a personalized profile of their relationship, its strengths and challenges.

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. While FOCCUS is not a test and is not used to label couples or predict marital outcome, the report is used by the Facilitator to help couples celebrate their relationship strengths and talk to each other about topics warranting further attention. It is a blessing to our Parish, our community and our Church. REFOCCUS guides a couple's private discussion at home, as part of a weekend retreat, or in five weekly evenings of discussion with other couples. FOCCUS can be readily adapted to marriage preparation programs, skills training or facilitation by mentor couples. They opened up to us so much. It allows couples to identify their strengths and needs, while readying them to move further into marriage education, skill trainings or work with a mentor couple. A detailed FOCCUS© Facilitator Manual provides Facilitators with supplemental questions that help elicit optimal, positive couple discussion. that they are likely to repeat or react against in the new marriage. - Jill & John, Witness to Love mentor couple Witness to Love “reintegrates” the mentor couple as well, not only into the parish, but also into their own marriage. Once it is completed, the Facilitator can immediately view and print the confidential FOCCUS© Couple Report. Organization and individuals offering FOCCUS facilitation can also be searched on the FOCCUS website. FOCCUS Facilitators are trained to encourage each partner's private reflection, as well as the couple's shared discussion regarding the items and topics on the inventory. Facilitator training prepares facilitators and mentor couples to administer, interpret and discuss FOCCUS Inventory results with couples. Applies to Online Entry by couple or Quick Score entry by the Facilitator. When we were married, we were only required to attend a one day session. Scoring the REFOCCUS© Inventory highlights the areas warranting celebration and/or further discussion, and provides discussion questions specific to each of these areas on the inside of the questionnaire. However, several FOCCUS versions are tailored for specific religious faiths: Christian Non-Denominational edition, Orthodox Christian edition, and edition.

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. All the categories have good predictive validity but these two areas warrant special attention by FOCCUS Facilitators and couples. This includes attitudes and expectations about money, sex, communication, household roles, etc. Relationship inventory worksheet. It gives a unique profile of the couple so that the preparation work can reinforce the strengths in the relationship and concentrate discussion or problem solving on the particular challenges the couple may face. - Caprice & Dane, Witness to Love mentor couple. We became closer to the couple than we had even hoped for. For group use, the REFOCCUS© Guide to Individual and Group Discussion offers suggestions regarding format, content and handouts to guide and enhance each couple's conversation. - Most Reverend Gregory M. Let Witness to Love share love in your Parish. They always comment that it was “very good for their own marriage.” As a pastor, Witness To Love is a no-brainer for this very reason. We didn’t think we had a perfect marriage, but the fact that someone thought the way we lived, prayed, and loved was an inspiration was truly an eye opener for US for what we really had.

USA seeks to provide a pre-marriage inventory that can be used by marriage educators worldwide to promote positive communication and understanding for engaged couples. For this reason, the following editions of the FOCCUS© Pre-marriage Inventory differ primarily in the wording used in questions related to values, spirituality and religion. We get the chance to evangelize, form, and catechize two couples for the price of one! Give Witness To Love a try and you will not regret it. The fruits fostered by this ministry bring about deeper parish connection and authentic accompaniment for engaged and newly married couples. Taking the inventory results in a personalized FOCCUS© Couple Report that helps target discussion on topics important to marital success. Aymond, Archbishop of New Orleans The process was amazing. - Don & Sharon, Witness to Love mentor couple The more I do in ministry, including marriage prep, the more I am convinced that in today’s culture real evangelization happens person to person. It gives them a set of “fresh” eyes towards their own relationship with each other and with God. QuickScore by Facilitator - Facilitators who administer the paper-pencil version of the FOCCUS© Inventory can then input the couple's responses into a QuickScore screen on the FOCCUS, Inc. FOCCUS assesses nineteen categories to help couples sort the challenges and strengths they are bringing into marriage