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Hijacking a hashtag that you do not understand, use in the wrong context, or use insensitively, can lead to a whirlwind of backlash and bad PR, as these companies found out: The issue here is not the hashtag itself. Companies need to consider the potential effects when using hashtags for marketing purposes, or they could end up experiencing an unanticipated backlash. Use your relationship: As I lover of personal touches in weddings, I wanted to use a hashtag that was cute and complimentary to our relationship. Unfortunately, for Kenneth Cole, it created a huge PR crisis. Since we met, fell in love, worked and go married at our summer camp, I chose #CoCounselorsForLife. You can be successful if you can create a connection between the hashtag and your brand. With many in the United States having a distrust of police in light of recent incidents, it wasn’t hard to see the potential negative backlash the hashtag could create. We apologize for the poor image quality, but I think the fail is pretty apparent here. Brittany is the Content Manager at LoginRadius, a rapidly-expanding Customer Identity Management provider. She loves staying active but still enjoys a beer on a patio! Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter. The only issue was that the hashtag they chose had a slang meaning that they overlooked, causing the company a great deal of embarrassment. Dating j russell knives. Dating a gemini. However, it can also severely backfire, especially when joking about sensitive topics, and these hashtag fails were hopefully a lesson learned immediately. Always consider alternative meanings when using hashtags. This one is downright embarrassing and one of the biggest hashtag oversights to date. Always consider how a hashtag could be perceived, and think about your intentions from multiple perspectives.

Burger King found this out the hard way. McDonald’s removed the hashtag immediately, but the damage has been done. Do yourself a favor and learn from hashtag fails  and social media blunders from the past, so you don’t end up in hot water like the following companies: Unfortunate Hashtag Oversights Giving your hashtags a once over is always a good idea. On the bright side, it did create a huge buzz online and got Susan Boyle a lot of attention. Just not for the right reasons. Capitalize words to eliminate confusion. Relationship young thug clean. You may even want to consult Urban Dictionary just to be on the safe side. What you don’t want to do is come off as an opportunist trying to benefit from the misfortune of others. Relationship hashtag generator. Word combinations, acronyms, context, and timing all play a role in successfully using hashtags. It just neglected to mention precisely why,” says Kali Holloway.

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. To put out the fire, the PR team deleted the tweet, but the damage was already done.The Lesson Learned: When combining words to create hashtags, always read it over and look for potentially embarrassing combinations.

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. People weren’t amused, and the Twitterverse spent the rest of the day railing on Cole and his brand,” says Kim Bhasin from Business Insider. Joking about the misfortune of others is not an effective strategy. Hashtags can be a highly effective way to reach your audience online, however it can also be a source of embarrassment and cause a PR nightmare. This doesn’t have to be a big or expensive part of your day. While hashtags can help you gain the positive viral exposure everyone is after, if improperly used or used in the wrong context, they can also have the opposite effect and create a public relations nightmare for your brand. Acronyms can get you in a lot of trouble on Twitter if you don’t do your homework before using them. Search for how the hashtag is used on Twitter. Humor can be a highly effective marketing tool, especially on Twitter. In an attempt to show how police have a good relationship with citizens in New York, the NYPD asked Twitter users to share photos of themselves with police officers. In this case, McDonald’s should have had the foresight to anticipate people would hijack the hashtag to bash the company. Making these hashtags more specific could have also helped minimize the negative backlash. U relationship definition. If you hijack a hashtag, make sure you know what it means. Run hashtag ideas by multiple people. And it did:The Lesson Learned: Be sensitive to societal tensions and current events. Gap enraged storm victims by using the hashtag as an opportunity to promote shopping on It has become fairly common for companies to make job announcements on Twitter, and many have started to use hashtags to promote job openings. There is a time and a place for hashtag hijacking-you just need to be able to decipher when is the best time to capitalize, and when you should hold back. Not sure if it helped her sell her album, though. While the intention for this hashtag was “Susan-album-party,” it was interpreted in another way by users on Twitter. Combining words and creating acronyms could lead to some very interesting results. Always check the meaning of an acronym before using it. Hashtag Hijacking Fails There is no shortage of companies that use trending hashtags as a means to gain exposure for their tweets. It’s a great way to promote your brand, follow trends, create conversations, generate feedback from customers, and make your brand easier to find on social media. Cole later deleted the Tweet and apologized, but it was too little, too late. While the intended meaning for the hashtag #WTFF was intended to mean “What the French Fry” to promote the company’s new low fat fries, they overlooked the fact that the acronym stands for a profane statement. As CNN tweeted, #AskACop succeeded in trending nationally. It also didn’t help that local newspapers picked up on the mistake and used it to create some pretty cheeky headlines themselves. Capitalizing each word – #SusanAlbumParty – in the hashtag could have avoided this issue, especially when creating custom hashtags. Do not use trending hashtags to capitalize on the misfortune of others. However, it did not go according to plan as unsatisfied customers used the hashtag to bash the company and share their negative experiences. “Su’s-anal-bum-party” caught on like wildfire and was trending in no time. Word has spread, and posts were retweeted and shared, creating more negative publicity than positive stories about the company. Take all of thing into consideration when planning your next marketing strategy or you could end up as one of the next social media fails and go viral for the wrong reason. Make hashtags as narrowly focused as possible. Now let’s move onto hashtags that created an unintended Twitter backlash. Hashtags that Created Twitter Backlash Even if you have good intentions, hashtags do not always yield the results you anticipated, enter hashtag fails that were completely avoidable. American Apparel also used #Sandy as an opportunity to promote itself: Don’t use the misfortune of others, like a natural disaster, as a promotional opportunity. Relationship hashtag generator. She graduated from MacEwan University and has lived in Vietnam and Washington D.C. Timing can play a big role in the reaction you will receive. When combining words, always review for alternative interpretations