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Those books changed not only my grades at school but also my mind and my behavior.Although I do not gain as much success as you, it is enough to be a good guy and I am happy with that. The inspirational songs from the movie “Rocky” has really helped. I remembered that there’s no failure but only learning experience. I was not so convinced yet though it spoke to me a lot, but I decided to at least give myself a chance to know more about it. You keep on mentioning again and again and it is really inspire me to know more how you coach the students. Finally, on occasion of Lunar New Year, I would like to send my warmest wishes to you and your family ! If you receive this letter and if you don’t mind , I hope we can be friends. Relationship has changed. I hope one day I can see you in real life, talk to you, and perhaps cooperate with you to bring your knowledge and experiences to more people in Vietnam and England. Thanks again for changing my life, on my recent trip to India I mentioned it to everyone that I have found my Spiritual GURU in Singapore 🙂 and shared some of the key learnings from POE. J dating sim. I am currently writing a book entitled The Abilities Factor©” , which focuses on the utilization of the abilities of individual and not their disabilities. I was happy to meet you and many friend from other parts of Indonesia.I was also able to practice my english. The url for the foundation is: My URL is: I realize the importance of being successful and setting my goals high. The general election has just begun, and big energy and health care companies may still be pouring money into social-welfare groups that don’t have to disclose their donors. Of course that doesn’t mean I will stick with my O’level forever, even though I believe that success in school has very little to do with someone’s abilities and skills in the real world. it is that conviction that brought me to where I am. Yes, I have a very literal and very painful handicap, but this doesn’t; stop me my friend. Sadly, i could not get a photo taken with my idol. I hope I can improve my english faster because I want to study in senior high school in Singapore. Since then, I’ve also had the privilege to consult for SMEs and empower thousands of people to reach their fullest income potential. Please find a thank you card she sent me a few days ago, when her birthday. I guess it was just something daring I decided to do. I can’t wait for the ‘reunion’, and I’ll be sure to introduce myself and thank you personally. All of the sudden, I got my motivation back. First, the Supreme Court wiped away much of the rigmarole about “express advocacy” and “electioneering.” Now any outside group can use corporate money to make a direct case for who deserves your vote and why, and they can do so right up to Election Day. I took the opportunity given to me, and I learnt so much more than I would have elsewhere. What I’ve not done in the past does not equate to what I will not do in the future. Frankly, all these would not have been possible without the success principles and personal empowerment strategies that he teaches. At last, I thank you and all of other trainers for the materials taught to me. Your books really enlightened my mind and led me to the mindset of successful people. For instance, in a basket ball game; one of his friends told him he cannot do this and cannot do that. Thank you very much for your crew. It felt kinda like a hypnosis.

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. I am really inspired after the course.

My life has been literally transformed since I attended your workshop for the first time. And for that, I thank you. I wish to start back pursuing my goals now and I am learning from you how to do so. Now, i am refilled with passion and energy that i should never let my family, my colleagues and the mentors in my life down and show to the world, starting from JB that AKLTG WA program made a difference in my life. So, I’m writing to say a Million Thanks to Adam, Stuart and everyone in AKLTG. I was called retard, loser and betrayed by friends in high school and fell into deep depression. I wasn’t a bad student in school, but the book brought me a new way of thinking and I had a stronger belief in myself and my potentials, thereby generating unbelievable results. You are really funny and cool. But I did a very silly act. Dominic Tay Director, I am lucky to have read Adam Khoo’s books during my early days of my career. I also want to thank you for inspiring me in doing what i like. I was awarded greatest improvement in my class and i start to slack off which cost my O level to fail and get into an ITE when all other polytechnic rejected me, some even told me i cannot make it for sure. Adam, thank you so much for your tutelage, and for everything you’ve done for me. I really don’t want that program to finish. Even my father asking me to go out and not to stay in his house if I resign. It was the leadership skills I learnt in TLC, and the focus that you helped drill into us. I have never give up onher and constantly talked to her and I guess that time, I didnt know how to talk to her. Not only in studies, but in other aspects as well. That time, I was a “nobody”. Thanks God… I just book my daughter to Singapore trip yesterday. My journey has just started and I am sure by applying POE in every of sphere of life, it will be lot more fulfilling. I am sure that none of them had score as well as I did. Ofcourse its not possible to change that quick you may say, but you wont beleive this, as you come and literally haunt me. Thank you to Ricky, Igor and Aldi, for always being there for me during camps. But none of it inspired and stimulated me to the grade and level as POE did or rather you did! I read ‘master your mind and design your destiny’ the day I got back to India and it intensified my passion incredibly. Just to share with you all, my wife and I went back to work and we had similar positive feedbacks from colleagues that somehow we were behaving and communicating very confidently and firm with our decisions at work. I am currently still a student. Atleast, if earth were to have thousands like you the world would have been a better place for us. I extend my complete gratefulness to your trainers as well. I’ve found a greater purpose in everything I do each day. However, being here, I find many other wonderful schools, and I chose the one that would give me the most opportunities and that would fit me best. He appreciates his family more and now tries very hard to keep to his timetable. After your camp, I continued my endeavor in Sekolah Pelita Harapan in Banten. I will work hard to achieve the scholarship. Do let me know if you having another management retreat in JB or want to have another nice experience at Soul Thai Restaurant and Soul Asia Massage Centre. One of Jerome’s coaches, Desmond, called the other night to check on Jerome’s progress. I would like to share the excitement of my success journey. I am currently looking for a suitable organizer to record my planned kids activities. I here standing tall telling you that I’m a fighter, I will not go down easily without a fight. I teach them goal setting strategies, ways to plan their studying schedules and they have been really appreciative. Once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. But now, I am aware all those things and what I am going to do now is to practice it everyday. Instead I am even more motivated to do well because everyone does not believe I can. Brighter future are there waiting for me. In the last few days, I have been practicing Milton model by generating empowering sentences. I focus on my goals and take action constantly. You are Definitely an Angel Reincarnated on Earth. He was responsible for the integrity of his argument, and his advisers ultimately controlled it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful coaches for teaching me all those helpful techniques and strategies. Thank you for that activity, which became my turning point and will always be remembered. I can assure you, this won’t be the last email I have for you. You and your life story have an important part to play in my success; your story changed my life, inspired me, led me to the right mindset and I’ve been helping others just like how you helped me. For example, previously, I would not have idea on how to read chart, how to draw support and resistance line, how to see the trend. It’s very proud to read and share this letter to you. Looking forward to see whether are there any other good and under-valued stocks I have missed out, and also, on “how to exit from the markets” as mentioned by Conrad on TV. Relationship has changed. Standing on stage to thank them yesterday was only a very small gesture as by doing so, I have achieved my first goal of wanting to stand up for myself and speak before an audience. And I’ll be having the most happiest and LOVINGfamily you will ever see. I am involved with social media marketing and Network marketing as a part time job. I am also a college dropout like Bill Gates and Michael Dell. Any good things that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it, for I will never pass this way again.” Thank you very much for everything. Speaking of this, I actually couldn’t believe that I can be here today, writing this. Since the camp, I’m very open minded and do what ever it takes every time. “I’d go so far as to call it a liberal delusion,” Ira Glasser, the former executive director of the A.C.L.U. I felt your passion and commitment in that you truly want to see your readers or audience benefitting from the knowledge that you have shared with them. Even though I revised many versions, this remains as the most genuine of them all. I have a little Adam figure inside my head and you just point your finger at me and tell me “Are you going to waiste my time then you are going back to be in your comfort zone” “Make sense isn’t it”. Both of you have pasts that are so similar to mine- being underachievers, inept speakers and were unable to form rapport with people.

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. I have declared that both of you, Mr Adam and Mr Stuart are my angels who have come to save me and push me towards my destiny. I was inspired by two of your book published. Thank you very much for giving us a talk and teach us so much