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Sometime it is at the right side sometime at the left side. I have never seen this anywhere else except the Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist I sometimes see and I make sure I always have some in the house. Sometimes it eases but at same time when i swolow now feels like that constant lump feeling when you are about to be sick but without the being sick. Put Clove Oil on a Q-tip and apply it directly to the sore. I cannot eat or even swallow my own spit, sleeping is incredibly difficult, so I finally went to the doctor about it. It sounds weird but it works in my experience.I get ulcers in my mouth, tongue, tonsils, back of throat when I eat foods I am allergic to. its great reading all these posts so i get more of an understanding of what pain she is in! she ended up in hospital with dehydration cause she cant drink. I ran a high fever, and had aches and chills for a day and a TERRIBLE headache and backache. I drink water and today thanks to this site I shall resume my vitamin regime and boost my vit C D and fish oil levels to see if this improves my condition. My entire family suffered for years with these, and now we rarely get one, and if we do it's gone in a day.Hi, I have got little ulcers on my tonsils. Like most other people have said, there seems to be no definitve answers/cures. I thought I had strap throat, cause I had a bad cold before hand, but was told it wasn't strap but lots of ulcers in my throat area and down the back of my tongue. Pls give me suggetions if anyone can. I've been to the doctor and he perscribed difflam oral rinse and three tubes of bonjela, this didn't help at all and the bonjela seemed to irritate my mouth more.

My main theory is linked to diet though. I started noticing them when I first had braces as a teenager and brushed it off as cuts to my gums and lips by the braces. I recently got out of the routine as I moved countries and have just got one on my Tonsil which is a first for me, glad to hear not as uncommon as I had hoped. know how to really test for the problem. Also had many blood tests to check these things. Firstly you must understand a bit about the tonslins and note that a large perportion of the population have very sensitive tonsils, or malfunctioning ones. Y dating app. Any help would be really appreciated.I had then in my throat and whenever I drank or ate something I could basically point to each hot spot they hit cause the pain was horrible! I know have ulcers on my tonsils and back of throat + on the back of my tongue. I also suffer with cold sores so badly that I have to take oral acyclovir tablets. when i recover the ulcer, the ulcer will be back within a couple week and i can't just like my family. I've used it for five years and rarely get ulcers after getting them very often. Thieves oil from Young Living takes care of the pain and the sore. I too agree that it is far worse that childbirth!! Sometimes I do get them when I am tired/run-down but alot of the time I can see no reason. Am trying zinc pills for the first time and will switch today to SLS free toothpaste to see if it helps. I started suffering from these canker sore/ ulcers in the back of my throat and tonsils after I had my first child. If any one know what is that tube called , having the same problem or any method can solve this problem pls reply me. she prescribed me zorvirax in tablet form.

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. My pharyngitis is now better, though I am still continuing to take my is just the ulcer on my right tonsil that is bothering me. I now have a large white ulcer on the same tonsil that was infected a month ago. They are an absolute killer, particularly the ones down my throught. After suffering for over two weeks, I finally convinced him to use the silver nitrate swab and I was once again instantly cured! IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT TRULY WORKS and there are no ill side-effects. I believe dentists have used this for years, and I'm not sure why it's not more widely known. My mother had colon ulcers after taking anti-inflamatories and was told that it was a known link. I reccomend to my patients they take Manuka Honey. Also check your youth paste isn't too minty. Relationship reddit. They are very sore and stop me sleeping. After reading all these personal stories, I am wondering what was the initial problem that resulted in continuing mouth ulcers. I know this is the case as I have always suffered from them but not as severly as some of the others who have posted. I hope the others who got the same ulcer get back on this site again and update whether they are cured already and tell what they did to make the ulcer go away.Apparently antibiotics don't help the ulcers as they are a viral type rather than infection. It seems that as soon as I get rid of them, they're back again. It'll be a while before I get any sleep. BIG MONSTERS ULCERS! I got it last month and now it's back again. It's white looking and it is horribly painful especially when I eat; which I'm not doing much of now because of the intense pain. I suppose I am lucky compared to some of you - they do not hurt - BUT I am feeling sick and gagging all the time as it's like something is stuck in my throat. Anything citrus causes them for me, also chocolate, and coffee. I have also had oral lichen planus in the past and know how painful that can be. I went to the GP and she said that it was probably viral and that I should probably just ride it out. Felt like my ear and Eustachian tube was affected, lymph nodes started to swell in the neck. I was given two courses of very strong antibiotics which helped the infection but suddenly I have got ulcers in my throat and to the side of my tonsils. thank you very much!Sorry it looks like ive wrote and essay, just very glad i found this site. but today only one of my tonsils has become inflamed and hurts a little. I'm scared to death I have throat cancer. It burns a little when they do it, but no more than the pain you are already suffering. For tonsil ulcers, all I can say is beg your doctor to get a SILVER NITRATE SWAB and dab it on your tonsil. From my experience they do no know anything about them and seem to brush them off not understanding how they make you feel.

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. So back to the Vitamins for me, just thought would spread what worked for me.I currently have badly Inflammed tonsils and they're really big, together with some tonsil stones. A lumbar puncture could help diagnose but I had an anaphylactic reaction during a block while giving birth to my son. She was hospitalized and tested for many diseases, viruses, etc and the biopsies done revealed only erythema multiforme. So big/sore right at the back, couldn't talk, couldn't eat. I sometimes take licorice pills for stomach acid/ulcer symtoms so am going to see if that helps too. After suffering for almost a week from the pain, I read above someone mentioned gargling with it so I tried it and it helped a lot. I have read each post, and I am really wondering why the ulcer appears commonly on the right side.there must be a logical explanation to this as there have been quite a lot of similar stories here. I hope this helps someone. Rub Bonjela on the ulcer regulary. Thanks for all the ideas. It will cauterize the tissue and INSTANTLY relieve the pain. I try all the suggested cure's but for me nothing really does anything for these severe ones. but my ulcer is always inside the tonsil's tube don't know what is it called. Then omg no choice but to go doctors. I am now really contemplating on quitting.I am now afraid because of this huge ulcer on my right tonsil. Lately this has stopped working as well and I am now getting them regularly on my tonsils for the first time in my life. My father said i am a abnormal person always get the ulcer. I have ulcer in both of my tonsils. The stick test was positive. I thought I would give you some advice on how to deal with this problem as I have had several people talk to me recently about this very problem. The best thing to do is try to get some rest. My ulcer is always on the what you guys called it tonsil. If I don't do this, the bacteria sits and builds in the holes and I will get sick or become drained and exhausted. Sometimes if I deviate and eat a bowl of normal spaghetti, within a week I have an ulcer.

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. The main thing I eliminated from my diet was pasta, I love pasta and was eating a lot of it. Even when I go to a new Dr. Sometimes they are really small clusters and feel like hundreds of papercuts in your mouth or i can get massive ones up to the size of a pound coin! They will just crop up anywhere. She also said she would prescribe me some magic mouthwash. She said if it doesn't get significantly better by the end of the week I should come back. Unfortunately people dont normally see the harm. The pain has decreased considerably and it's worth trying. What you need to do is kill the micro-organisms and relieve the symptoms. I also gargle warm water with a few drops of Thieves oil, which can help with the pain. On one occasion the roof of my mother was a complete ulcer. They were surprised at the size of it, about the size of a pinky nail, and prescribed me amoxicillin, lidocaine, and hydrocodone. And that is the actual name of it. All kinda just having a stab into the dark, prescrbing antibiotics until the other day i went to the surgery and had a consult with a new doc. I do get them fairly regularly, maybe on a one to two month basis, but always when I bite my lip/cheek. Mouth/tongue ulcers come when I get tired and stressed and don't sleep well or sufficiently long. I've suffered with tonsil ulcers for years. I also get them really bad when I eat anything with the preservatives Ascorbic acid or Potassium sorbate. No sodas, juices, rough foods, etc. I have tried everything from hot salt water to creams, pastes, sprays, mouthwashes, antibiotics, toothpastes even cutting out all different foods and drinks. Without doing this, the sores last for weeks. I can't swallow food because it hurts a lot. Try to find the one with the least amount of alcohol as it's quite strong and can sting the affected areas. Because my throat isn't 'functioning' properly my mouth is constantly filling up with saliva which I have to spit out all the time as it is too difflicult to swallow. i have white spot on my left tonsill. Corsidyl mouth wash, Rinstead pastels and Difflam spray/rinse works quite well for small ones in front half of mouth/tongue. I will certainly try the honey and take additional zinc. Sory.i just got back fro the doctor thinking that i have strep throat, well i was excited to have strep and well now i learn that they are ulcers. I started freaking out because I have never seen so many canker sores at once. Relationship has become toxic. I got him some, the son tried it, raved about it and my dentist asked me to get a few bottles to keep in for some of his patients that also suffer with mouth ulcers! the packet does not give the address of the manufacturer in China just the name Sanjin. I do not sleep well due to the pain, swallowing is a nightmare and I found myself trying to avoid doing it. Hollywood u dating addison. Clove oil helps with the pain, but doesn't cure the sore