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Share the vision and goals of your relationship. These never lead to positive outcomes; they only lead to unkindness, anger and sadness.If you aren't comfortable talking to your partner about issues, find someone else to talk to. Work on your relationship.The biggest difference between relationships that work and the ones that don't are the couples in the relationships that work, work on them. Communicate your feelings in a loving, constructive way as soon as circumstances permit.One of the quickest ways to kill a relationship is to nurse grudges and harbor resentment. Create new goals together.Goals create deeper understanding and strengthen loving relationships. Don't ambush your partner; pick a time that is good for both of you to talk in private. Never try to hold a conversation when your partner's attention is focused on something else.There are times when it isn't appropriate to make an appointment to talk. Few things will do more to improve the relationship. Relationship happiness. During crises, your partner needs you now, not later.

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. Everything else is small stuff.

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Criticize the behavior, not the person. Dating in college. Be willing to give in on the small stuff. Have a relationship meeting, where you talk face to face once a week.This should be very private, uninterrupted time in which you and your partner can focus only on each other.Here are some ideas of what your session should include: A. Find ways to say "I love you" without saying "I love you."Practice random acts of kindness with your partner. If you fight fair, conflict can be resolved in a positive, constructive manner.Some rules for constructive arguing include the following: A. Decide whether you are going to talk about what's going on right now, or resolve old issues. Give in on the little things.There are only two big things in life: birth and death. A relationship without intimacy.

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. Connect with each other by holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. Relationship with parents. Dating younger men. Relationship happiness.

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. Remember, using "old stuff" or "stockpiling" is not constructive to solving problems. If it's not a good time, don't try to force the conversation. List three or four things you would like to do in the next few weeks. Make sure you have your partner's attention before you talk.To communicate, you first must agree to listen and make sure you are being heard. Instead, schedule a time when you both will be able to give your full attention. Act romantic and you will feel romantic.When it comes to sex, don't wait for the "mood" to come over you. Do nice things for no reason. Don't name-call or belittle your partner