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As God gives us more light in the future, we expect and plan to add to and revise this document so as to accurately represent our knowledge of His divine will for us. But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets. Masters - We believe that God has ordained that masters rule over servants in the business relationship. Where the Bible speaks and declares It must be followed, but other areas are to be left to the conscience of the individual believer before God. We believe that the Mass, transubstantiation, consubstantiation and all other forms of Roman Catholic sacramentalism are doctrines from the father of lies himself and are to be rejected as gross heresy. Dating with kids. Exercise of gifts We believe that God has placed the members within His churches as it has pleased Him, and that He has blessed them with a variety of natural and spiritual gifts for the benefit of the entire body. We believe that this is the kingdom foretold by the Old Testament prophets, proclaimed by John the Baptist, and established by the ministry of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. Judgment of members in sin We believe that a church is responsible before God to judge those of its own who are publicly known to be living in sin or error, as the New Testament teaches that there are offences which are not to be named once among saints. We believe that the Reformed practice of distinguishing between "ruling " and "teaching" elders is unscriptural and a misinterpretation of the Scriptures. We believe that women are to be silent in the church and under the authority of their fathers or husbands and are not to be in positions of authority over a man, but have a proper role in teaching each other and their children. Upon demonstration of repentance such should be reinstated as members of the congregation. Therefore pouring, sprinkling or any other wetting is not Bible baptism. Relationship future lyrics. We believe that God will preserve His elect unto this glorious day, and that Jesus Christ shall present them unto the Father pure and spotless, clothed in His own righteousness, regardless of their works of righteousness or lack thereof. We believe that God's saints who die before these events occur go to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven and shall return with Him at the general resurrection, therefore the doctrine of soul sleep is unscriptural and damnable. We believe that the ceremonial law given to the Jews was filled with types and shadows of Him Who was to come, even our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who personally and in His life and ministry fulfilled all. The Final Judgment and the Future State of Man We believe that there shall be a general resurrection of the dead and a final judgment where all men shall give account of themselves and be judged by their works. Source of Good Works We believe that the ability to do good works is something not at all of man himself, but wholly derived from the Spirit of God to do His good pleasure, and are an outgrowth of a renewed heart given by God in regeneration.

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. We believe that the unregenerate, being justly and righteously condemned for their wicked and abominable works, shall be cast into the lake of fire, a real and literal place of torment, which they shall inhabit with the Devil and his angels for eternity. Those found guilty of such offences are to be removed from the membership of the body, turned over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, and exhorted to repentance, for the glory of Christ and their own salvation. We believe that God gave man to rest one day out of seven, and we believe that New Testament believers should follow this practice. We believe that the revelatory gifts recorded in the New Testament were given to reveal the fullness of God's truth in the New Covenant to his churches until such time as His apostles had completed writing the New Testament, at which time they ended. We believe that our liberty is not to be used as a cover for wickedness, and that it is to be limited by a charitable consideration of the conscience of others and our own faith.

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. We believe that the doctrine of the eternal generation or begetting of the Son of God, by nature, to be damnable heresy most grievous to God and most dangerous to those who profess belief in such teaching, as it denies the Lord of glory. We believe that they that preach the gospel should, where at all possible, be completely supported by their congregation so as to give themselves wholly to the work of the ministry, to prayer and study of the Word. Independence of the Church We believe that each church stands alone under Christ as its head, independent of any pope, cardinal, president or moderator and separate from any other body, group or organization in this world. We earnestly desire to contribute together also, to the need of the poor saints, to the support of the ministry, and the furtherance of the Gospel as the possessions of life and the providence of God may enable and direct us. We believe that a church is formed by the mutual consent and commitment of individual believers to perform their Scriptural duties. It does not require any pastor, church or other body to ordain them as a church, though there is nothing unscriptural with a pastor or another church assisting or aiding in the forming of a new church. Dating over 40.

Parents - We believe that God has ordained parents to rule over children in the relationship of a family. We believe that the gospel is also proclaimed through the godly witness of believing saints, who are ready to give an answer of the reason of the hope that is within them to those who ask them. Scofield, John Darby, and others of the Dispensational school do, is to wrest and pervert the Scripture. We believe that these two offices, that of pastor and deacon, are the only offices that God has ordained for His congregations. But we believe that the Sabbath, as taught in the Old Testament, has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ, and that we rest from our works for righteousness in Him. These articles of faith represent a brief summary of many of the aspects of the truth that God has revealed to us in His Word over time. The Lord's Supper Purpose and Nature of Communion We believe that the Lord's supper is an observance given to New Testament churches as a memorial of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ until He returns. Each member should be exhorted and encouraged to use the gift or gifts that he has been given for the blessing and profit of the congregation in general and the other members in particular, whether public or private. It is totally symbolic in nature and serves to remind God's people of the price that was paid for their redemption. Dating without facebook. Therefore a member is put out or released from membership only by unanimous consent of the members of the congregation. Definition of Good Works We believe that good works are only such as God commands in His holy Word, and not such as are devised by men out of blind zeal, or upon any pretense of good intentions. We believe that the proper form of musical expression in New Testament churches is congregational singing unaccompanied by musical instruments, the purpose being to praise God and to edify each other. We believe that it provides wise rules in dealing with men to live by while in this life. Articles of Faith A declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us. The purpose for authority We believe that God, as the Supreme Lord and King of all creation, has ordained positions or offices of authority over men for the orderly functioning of society, for the good of those under them, and for His own honor and glory. While not all passages are of equal weight on every subject, yet each is to be followed and obeyed in the area of life to which it speaks, being the mind of God on that subject and an ordinance to be followed by His saints. We believe that a member is received into a congregation by unanimous consent of all of the members of that congregation. Subject of Baptism We believe that baptism is only properly administered to a person who is of sufficient age and sensibilities to express belief and confidence in Jesus Christ for the saving of his soul.

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. We believe they are strictly forbidden and condemned by God in His holy Word, and cannot be participated in by godly, knowledgeable Christians, but should be separated from and taught against in His churches. Governors - We believe that God has ordained kings and magistrates to rule over citizens in political and national relationships. Christian Liberty of Conscience We believe that only what the Scripture positively teaches or negatively forbids should be held and enforced upon believers, the silence of Scripture to be echoed by the church. Separation from Holy days We believe that the religious holidays observed by the world, such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, are, at best, mixtures of pagan practices and doctrines with portions of God's truth. Separation from Secret Orders We believe that the religion of Jesus Christ is one of light, not darkness, and one of revealed truth, not hidden mysteries, so that it is impossible for a Christian to be a member of a secret society or esoteric fraternal order. We believe that every word of God is pure and should be obeyed in its sphere of reference. Administrator of Baptism We believe that baptism is only to be administered by a duly ordained minister of the gospel. Being the work of men, we know that this writing will contain errors, though none are put here intentionally