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I can see Lancaster at the horizon. Scythe Girl and Kick Friend. In Kill la Kill, Ryuko severs Nui Harime's arms in a Heroic Second Wind. Matt the Mammoth-Rider's recaps started a joke about Adam being trapped on the moon and writing a Moon-Log about his struggles. Hence comparisons to Shirou/Archer Bad "Yang losing an arm" jokes. Horrible Penny Jokes Gallows Humor jokes at her expense. Whenever this scene is mentioned or referenced in a video, there WILL be a scene from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Meaningful Name gained a new layer of significance.

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. stabs himself with Dust and yells, somebody gives him a nonplussed look.     RWBY Manga  playing whenever Glynda shows up. For bonus points, the song originated from , the character concept which Penny is based off of. On that day, humanity received a Grimm reminder. Pandas make everything better."To all my favorite mamas. This has caused viewers to joke that Adam would blame the Belladonnas for any thing that happens to him, even if they weren't the cause. Blake being fed up with everyone around her making cat puns. The Great One Ascended Meme. Played for Laughs, naturally. How dating works today. Salem just wants to date Blake. "Yeah, I'm a girl, but I'm also a gun." Fans telling Monty Oum that he needs to get some sleep. "You had one goddamn job, Jaune!". Ami Koshimizu is the seiyu of Yang. gone and the remaining villains Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel last seen retreating into the woods, some fans have speculated that the three of them form their own team. Stop forgetting the map, Jaune! Weiss' Father stole Christmas. Immediately after her debut, people began comparing Neo to Nui Harime. Bold Advertisement RWBY Chibi had a new episode after the finale which was pretty much a plug for Rooster Teeth's merchandise. The ass is the weak point. "Don't even play like that, Tommy.""When mama makes you mad. Fan Nickname given to Blake's butt, which has been turned into an Ensemble Darkhorse by itself. Being a robot, there's also a possibility Penny won't stay dead, much like 's Kenny.

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. Hope you got them good genes."Mother's Day on Facebook. It also makes the fandom want him to take over as her. Yang losing her right arm ended, these came out. Oh my god! They killed ! You bastards! accidentally tears Penny to pieces in their tournament fight. The first time it was Qrow, the second it was Mercury. In reverse, it's not uncommon to see jokes about Qrow being such a jerk because he can't get laid, as presumably he's the only one on his team whom Taiyang never slept with. The term Smolboi popped up as a term of endearment in reaction videos, livestreams, and comment sections across the Internet. I'm the best girl." Since this is Zwei's perspective, it's official. Bad "Pyrrha getting shot" jokes. Taiyang Xiao Long being a Memetic Sex God. Ren's father is a "Hanzo Main". Fall, many fans speculated that Yang would go to prison, and while she has no real life equivalent, you wouldn't be in the minority if you headcanoned Yang as gay. fanon Trademark Favorite Food. Character X is trapped on the moon and is writing a Moon-Log. Little Cute Boy Ozpin! Nora's choice of words regarding the scenario. Neptune is the key to everyone's bisexual awakening. Given a popular fan comic, later made into a skit on , made a pun joke about Cinder Fall{ing} the fandom was hard wired to think along these lines. , its become a theory that Qrow has been watching over the cast from the beginning, which may be supported by sightings of a crow in each Color Trailer. As seen during Team RNJR's fight against it, the Nuckelavee's rider body is seen waving its long arms around to attack opponents, and is practically undergoing spasms throughout the fight. As a successor, it is now Jaune's duty to go beyond his team, add the fact that fans enjoy shipping Jaune with every female of the series and you get this meme. Was being the operative term. RT took advantage of the comedic value of the thing and made the plush doll the center of a cult of living Blind Box dolls who were awakened by her. Now a citation for the overall impossibility of the weapons of the series.

complete with an alive Chibi Pyrrha. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr. People have begun to joke that if Li Ren was a better Hanzo, he wouldn't have died. People have begun to joke that Watts will end up losing his mustache if he ever crosses paths with Ruby. I May Fall was repurposed into this Yang-worthy pun. Hilariously, the arm Yang loses is her right, which is the one that gets cut off the most in for the Skywalker family. Cue, or rather continue the shipping. Other viewers who saw this as Catharsis Factor responded that, after killing Pyrrha, Cinder deserved everything she got and more. FISTS! MY ONLY WEAKNESS!Tyrian was by a simple punch. Jaune Goku Dragon Ball Z Abridged Ironwood Rex Off-Model appearance with bizarrely short arms has caused many to compare him to a T. Relationship funny memes. Dating journal. Taiyang Church/Leonard Xiao Long Leonard Church Kali is a Cougar! likes younger men and is "into" Sun. The Yang vs Mercury aftermath has spawned several memes for each side. Pyrrha plush The Great One Chibi that called the plush that way, this is the new name of the Pyrrha Plush, coupled with a MASSIVE discount on the store, further cementing its memetic status. A few weeks later he posted DeviantArt page from now on. Some people are blaming Whitley, due to his voice actor Never Living Down killing Sigward in Team Four Star's play through. Then perish.Karmic Death has been compared to a certain variant of the "Hewwo" meme. "MY LEG!" and "I used to be a Hunter like you." Mercury's kneecapping, these two memes sprung back to life once again. Ren not having much stamina, often depicting him falling face-first onto the ground. Matching Scars! have suggested that they are now perfect for each other because their scars would mirror each other. Considering the fact that Back from the Dead about to be killed all over again. Somehow the whole thing went memetic. As a side note: People have taken to calling Ironwood "Daddy." No, Velvet will steal your soul.Power Copying, so maybe they were onto something. Screencaps of these faces are now common. You ruined everything! EVERYTHING! his brother Fennec's death. A pile of ashes is an accurate cosplay of Pyrrha Nikos. Almost EXACTLY like in the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! series, as regular Yugi switches to Yami Yugi. The best moms are honest moms."I've been drinking sine before you were born. Some time after that he fell in love with his other teammate, a silver eyed redhead, named Summer Rose. Fight, fight, fight! Kiss kiss. Because of course I am."Mom, I love how we don't need to say out loud that I'm your favorite.""I am the mother of dragons. Achievement Hunter's Jeremy Dooley's "Weiss voice", which hits Gavin Free levels of unintelligible gibberish. Relationship funny memes. The team has gotten in on this. History will repeat itself. Bad Weiss getting impaled jokes.

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. "Looks like they've been taking tips from ArcSys." BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, people have stated that they've been using their ideas. Arkos ship name is now ! Pyrrha's death has effectively sunken this ship shortly after it set sail. Taiyang Xiao Long, a blue eyed blonde, was left behind by his first love and teammate, Raven Branwen, and never saw her again. Not knowing Emerald and Mercury's names, they described them as "the black girl with gun scythes and her kicking friend." Fans immediately adopted these as their new nicknames. She just wants to play Monkey in the Middle with Blake! Blakey's mom has got it going on! Fountains of Wayne song All Hail Queen Blake! year before she was revealed to be the daughter of Menagerie's chieftan. For example, someone pasted Adam's face on the man riding a bike and tripping from the "Baton Roue" webcomic, where on the last panel he repeats the quote. Possibly with the alcoholism. "There are no strings on me." Ultron, another popular robot in the Marvel Universe. Now that Adam's appeared in the show, the Moon-Log joke has been passed on to other characters that have been referenced but never seen, such as Sun's teammates Scarlet and Sage. Fuck it, I have fists!Memetic Badass in the slightest. Amber going into the Maiden State Amber using Diamond Storm Flechette Storm. A little armor could help.where his armor was. What makes this one even funnier is that this was probably determined way before was even thought of! We don't know Remnant's laws. Suggesting Character X should offer to break Target Y's legs. Fans were quick to latch on to this. Dating in seattle. Anti-Upskirt Technology has failed! Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Grimm! Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Grimm!Cutaway Gag from. "The Belladonna name has brought me nothing but grief." Never My Fault attitude. same difference."Don't forget to buy your mom a glass of wine for Mother's Day. It even dies from being shot! Ruby the Tavern Wench Entire Team Genes Memetic Sex God and Yang so. Yang Skywalker loses an arm to Adam in "Heroes and Monsters", people have been comparing her to members of the Skywalker family, infamous for having most of their family members losing a limb or two at some point in their lives. Said user gilded him and the hilarity of it all propelled it into meme status. Great Weiss Shark Jaws music. Jaune has a Mexican cousin called "Juane". And to the surprise of everyone, X is Y. This leads to Nora confronting the screen and telling the audience this. It's the thought that counts."Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I was going to serve you breakfast in bed, but I ate it.""Happy Mother's Day.

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. an edit from RWBYRecaps began circulating where Taiyang says he's going to impregnate his entire team and Qrow tries clarifying that he's there too. Team CRWBY has stated that even if there isn't an official name, they'll still internally refer to it as RNJR. Character X is a dick to trees. Too bad when Yang tries to do the same for Blake in fighting Adam, she lost her arm and her way. this meme won't be stopping any time soon. "Funny Aneurysm" Moment now that he is permanently asleep. post on the subreddit about it. Drunkle Qrow Memetic Badass is also not uncommonly applied to Qrow. Last but not least, the President sends his regards."Hope your Mother's Day is yuuuuuuuge."RELATED: Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman. Unlimited Velvet/Bunny works.Power Copying and specifically uses the weapons of other characters. "His name is Smolboi." tiny next to the girls who are between two and four years older than him respectively. Several scenes have been noticed to be very similar, like the scene in "No Brakes" where Grimm break into Vale reminding of the opening scene of , and near-identical death scenes of Ren and Eren's mothers. The idea that the world of Remnant is populated entirely by homosexuals. like us on facebook If you 'like' us, we'll LOVE you!. The fact that the main weapon of both is a bow also helps. Jaune Arc, a blue eyed blonde, was left behind by his first love and teammate, Pyrrha Nikos, and never saw her again. either yaoi or yuri and that nobody, especially the voice actors/actresses, are stopping them. That defies physics!that is the weirdest thing she's seen.     open/close all folders  Beware of potential unmarked spoilers!     General  Aura Rule of Cool all the time, fans already had taken a liking to use that answer themselves to explain any strange occurrences in the show that didn't seem physically possible. Happy Valentine's Day It was also cruelly sunk when Pyrrha died. I need an army, not an edible arrangement. The other Ruby Rose plays a lesbian love interest in the show. Relationship verses bible dating. The fact that he shatters his previously calm demeanor and the sheer hamminess of the moment have caused many permutations if the line. meme page is the common occurence of people who claim to "Main" Hanzo actually being really bad at playing him