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International relationships to me sounds ambiguous. However, the concept of a relationship can be abstracted to all things, and results in the follow distinction between the two terms: A relation is a concept relating two things. This is a book about international relations/relationships. Consequently, in many cases the distinction between the two words is unnecessary. Si simplemente dices que tienen relaciones diplomáticas pero no dices cómo son, entonces: "the US government has diplomatic relations with the Bolivian government" Espero haberlo entendido y que te ayude. Quiero significar que da igual que odiemos o amemos, lo contrario del amor no es el odio, sino la indiferencia. The relation and relationship are the same because there are no addition ways to qualify equality. It can describe two things and the way in which they are connected: Doctors now believe that there may be some relationship / connection between autism and the MMR vaccine. When talking about countries or cities, you can't use relationship. Por favor decidme que estoy equivocado e indicadme en qué y cómo. Os lo suplico, sed despiadados conmigo. Also notice that I am not saying what kind of relation it is; if I'd want to specify it, I'd say integer numbers have an inclusive relationship with real numbers. Why relationships matter.

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. It can also describe close ties between people or groups of people and the way they feel and behave towards each other: The Smiths placed great emphasis on close family relationships and always went on holiday together. Thanks for listening and thanks for your explanation of relation and relationship, it's exactly what I was looking for. En resumen podría decirse que 'relation' es más conceptual y 'relationship' más cualitativo. En matemáticas, creo que se suele decir más. For example, we talk about diplomatic relations and race relations, not diplomatic relationships or race relationships: Diplomatic relations between the two countries were broken off over this incident and their ambassadors were sent home.. Es decir, hay que entrar en detalle.Click to expand. ", se suele emplear "relation". The two related things or people must have a specific relation that can develop a certain relationship.That's why the relationship is mostly made between the subjects who or which can be envolved in the relationship regarding their relations for themselves.

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. Usarías 'relationship' si entraras en detalle de cómo son dichas relaciones, por ejemplo: "the relationship between the Bolivian government and the US government is strained". Su 'relation' es que son hermanas y su 'relationship' hace referencia a cómo se llevan. I also want to thank rightondev and Phdando. There is a tight relation/relationship between success and efficient time management. To explore a little further the differences between the two words, especially when not used in the form relation/relationship between A and B, you might want to take a look at Right now, I want to say that I was looking for a clarification on this difference, because I'm translating some legal documents, and one of them is a "Certificado de Relaciones Comerciales", issued by a Bank to support a man's financial statement. Manage customers' relationships. After reading, I am pretty decided to use "Certificate of Commercial Relationships", understanding something a little closer and dynamic than just the fact of commercing here and there. Dating apps 2018. Es decir, hay que entrar en detalles. Relationship memes. In fact, unless a relationship supports added subtleties the two words collapse for all intensive purpose to mean the same thing. However, once we started talking about the relation between relation and relationship, now we need to think about the contextual relationship between the two. I would not be sure whether it referred to relationships between people in different countries, relationships between countries, or something else. In this sense there is very little difference between relations and relationship. I mean somebody that organizes meetings with his customers or investors, tries that they are happy with the services the company provides. En otro hilo explican también muy bien lo de las relaciones internacionales. Manage the relationship with the customers. Most of the differences are context specific in this sense. Relationship is used when describing a relation. Lo que tenemos es una relación de amistad. If you say that they are your own flesh and blood, you are emphasizing that they are members of your own family: He's my own flesh and blood. No sé si relationship puede aplicarse a objetos, como números o ecuaciones matemáticas, pero lo dudo. In the case of two sisters, the word relation refers to their being siblings, but when it comes to the relationship between the two, the added subtlety of them being on good or bad terms can come into play. Por lo leído aquí parece que tendría que usar 'relationship' ya que la forma de esa función no sólo depende de si un parámetro es mayor que el otro o de si son iguales, sino de cuánto mayor. I would use "relation" in those three cases. The present research attempts to examine and quantify these relationships" I hope I'm correct using "relationships" instead of "relation" since I want to quantify instead of just establishing a relation. Probably he/she does not read at all, and therefore his/her inability to understand. Relationship forum. When two subjects have a relation, you can also say that those two subjects are related. Es decir, 'relation' implica estar conectados por vínculos más allá de nuestra voluntad, mientras que 'relationship' implica el tipo de relación en la que interviene la voluntad de las partes, voluntad de querer o no tener una relación, sea de amor o de odio. Examples will make this clearer.Click to expand. Relationship can be used in two other ways. However, once we started talking about the relation between relation and relationship, now we need to think about the contextual relationship between the two.Click to expand. Barcelona Spain, Spanish Hi When I DO NOT refer to people. Welcome to the WR forum, rightondev, and thanks for the information. I hope it is useful for you, guys. En mi caso, buscaba la diferencia entre estas dos palabras porque tengo una función matemática cuya forma depende de la relación entre dos parámetros, y, claro, no sabía si usar 'relation' o 'relationship'. Manage customers' relations. Yours are great explanations! As for poor minds like Stanmoss's, pity to them.


. The relationship between the leaders of the two countries has never been closer.Relation also describes the link between people, groups or countries and the way they behave towards each other. Tenemos una relación de amistad. Their explanations were very thorough. Spain and Portugal have a very good relation. Welcome to the WR forum, momeng, and thanks for the correction. I can't leave him to fend for himself when he needs my help. In the second example, however, international relations and international relationships would not necessarily mean the same thing. As always, thanks in advance for all the help this site provides us. Seguro que alguien estará en desacuerdo. We are a relationship as a friends. Your blood relations are the people who are related to you by birth, not through marriage. Si tus parientes, o algún pariente te es indiferente, tiene una 'relation' con quien sea, si le amas o le odias tienes una 'relationship'. El ejemplo de las hermanas está bastante claro. Relation is used to say that two subjects are connected, with the exception of countries, when you can use it both to say that they are related and to describe their relation. Bueno, allá va mi intento. Examples will make this clearer. The need to improve race relations in Inner London boroughs is of paramount importance.Your relations are also members of your family: I invited all my friends and relations to my twenty-first birthday party. Cuando se trata de relaciones interpersonales, "relationship" suele ser la forma más apta. A relationship is a conception of a relation. International relations is a term commonly used for diplomatic matters among nations of the world.

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