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The single Pisces will have the opportunity to have romance blossom with a fulfilling romantic relationship. For example, Pisces would do well to beware overindulgence this month, while in the throes of all those pheromones. Sex can become a topic of desire mid month for you attached Pisces. It might not be the monthly horoscope the Pisces single man or woman is looking for, but every month cannot be like October. This includes relationships that involve friendship, sex or love. This is fine for single Pisces but for those in a relationship, try including your partner with some of your dreams and fantasies. Toward the end of the month you may decide it is the end of your relationship's road, but make sure it is not that you are just being moody. Your August forecast is predicting some real love opportunities.. Develop a strong faith in this relationship. You can expect to experience harmony in your relationship once a decision has been made. Single Pisces also find a new stability in their relationships, bringing more tranquility into their love life. They are not meant to replace intelligent decision making on behalf of the reader, nor assume responsibility for the reader's life choices. For single Pisces, the situation could prove to be pleasant. You are not a complicated person. Pisces birth chart includes a majority of the planets located in its lower region. The stars seem to want to sing the joy of your coupling. They are also generally accepting of different people and views because they are much more capable of empathizing with plight of others.

It's taking something to the next developmental level. Pisces should also be careful not to overindulge in eating, drinking, or sex. This could lead to a spicy night in the bedroom! Pisces will also feel a surge in energy and vitality this month. Pisces should focus some time this month on what makes them happy and try not to focus too much on others. Suddenly, the path ahead will be clear and Pisces will make those difficult decisions. Contentment in love makes Pisces good company this month. Neptune forms several hard aspects to other planets, causing some difficulty with clear thinking in friendships or love relationships. Relax masters of the deep because Mercury will align with Venus soon enough within this month. Think of something unique where you can soak in the culture as opposed to the sun. Single Pisces can let that special someone know exactly how they really feel and take them out on a really memorable date. Don't accumulate anything or keep anything for tomorrow. Committed Fish should lean on the strength of their partner because alone time with a loved one can help Pisces calm down and make them feel happy again. Troubles in relationships have a way of working themselves out and give Pisces a deep sense of relief. Money and business take a lead role in May. Something may just take a little while longer to perfect, but the effort will be worth it. Pisces must realize that what you think of as being selfish, is in no way selfish. A beautiful and loving sexual reunion will help heal Pisces and fill their life with happiness again. A Pisces will have no problem finding romantic partners this month. All website information is offered entirely free, and purely under that common understanding. Assuring the value systems match or are at least complimentary. Early June will be confusing and difficult for Pisces. It's really a matter of measuring mutual benefits. Relationship astrology. The encounter will enrich you both. This month is smooth sailing for the Pisces in a relationship. Totally forgive those old emotional hurts and pain you have endured from past lovers and cast off your wounds. Be strong Pisces! Someone will be there to help in being supportive of the goals and possibly career moves that need to be addressed. Pisces should not make any major changes to romantic partnerships this month. However, change can bring the serenity you have so desperately been seeking, Pisces. There will also be a nice opportunity to take a very enjoyable journey with a loved one, as predicted by the Pisces monthly horoscope. Pisces should watch a tendency to overspend this month. Don't worry about getting too elaborate; keep things simple. Emotions can run high in the last days of the month October for Pisces, single and attached - take care of yourself. Pisces Type-A activity is the reason behind this discord. Pisces could be very lucky in such a situation. There will be a sense of peace and romantic relationships will really flourish, especially with Pisces in a committed relationship with that special man or woman. The adage that two heads can be better than one rings true, providing they are moving in the same direction. Pisces will have great success following dreams and being independent in your actions. The single Pisces needs to liven up the first part of the month. Dating brings great opportunities for steamy sex and unbridled passion for single Pisces. Singles may feel super nervous or very uncomfortable in social gatherings, but these feelings will not last. You will be focused on getting the intimacy you desire, loyalty, perseverance and stability. During the month of June, the Fish has a tendency to see all relationships in a very idealistic way, and not very realistically. In the meantime, watch out for life's big hurdles. This monthly horoscope symbol of a fish also connotes the faith in religion. During the second part of December, a social encounter will cross over into a love interest if single. Pisces sex life has been great and will continue to be this way all throughout August, and this trend should continue into the first week of the following month. Single or not single this month's horoscope seems to have a little for everyone. Pisces has a tendency to allow their imaginations to impede their better judgment, and this can wreak havoc on their relationships. However, be careful with this power because it can easily bring great consequence just as it can bring happiness. If a relationship ends, then it will give you an opening to a new companion, a new partner, someone you never knew you were dreaming of. Those who are single will find they are more willing to take a chance on a new person, while those who are not may find their significant others are newly enamored with the vibrant person before them. Now is the time to let go of old wounds or insecurities and explore new things. Even though most Pisces are unlikely to take the lead on most matters, the presence of a Pisces in a relationship is bound to add strength to any project. By late July the fires will have calmed and life will return to normal, albeit with some wonderful memories, no doubt. As Mercury is also the ruler of the significant others in your life, this marks a time for getting down to business. Pisces in a committed relationship should forgive and embrace their special man or woman for any past transgression and renew their great passion for each other. Disclaimer - The information and astrological interpretations at this site are purely for recreational reading. Sex will be bonding experience in May that can express more than physical need and desire. Take a stroll in beautiful nature or see a sensual movie together. Don't let shyness keep you from new sexual adventures. This phenomenon will give Pisces a new desire for romance and love, and allow sexual relationships to reach a new level of intimacy. To keep things in check, take your spouse out for a dinner date before any sexual encounter. The single Pisces can begin to move closer to relationship goals. June knows that in order to enjoy a bright day you must undertake a dark obsidian night. Although misunderstandings may occur, stay calm. This month is one of the best months to flirt because your charm will be at its highest level and you will be quite successful in your conquests. Reaching personal goals will be high on your list of accomplishments and love interests will be there to cheer you on. Sexual attraction and creativity will abound, and gregarious Pisces will reap the rewards with a month of playful, fun interaction. Due to that vulnerability and or co-dependency you need a certain amount of proof, rather than be driving in the dark, so to speak. The single Pisces man will be extremely attractive to others during the spring and summer months. Mars believes there's no point beating around the bush, so let's get straight to the point. Despite these sentiments give your lover a chance to make things right, because things are bound to improve and romance is likely to hit new highs for both of you. Expect opportunities for dating or sex with multiple partners this month as sensuous Venus moves into Libra, the sign of love. Pisces who are involved in a relationship should take the time to express their true feelings and not assume that their partner already knows. During the month of July and August, Pisces experienced a lot of natural charm. An interpersonal conflict might come to a head in the middle of the month. Regardless of how self-indulgent Pisces attempts to be, your giving nature will ensure that you treat your partner respectfully. The Venus retrograde in the first week of September could indicate an ex-love returning from your past.

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. Doors are sure to open in the month of November for Pisces, in ways that are not expected, bringing new romantic prospects, and opportunities for the casual love affair. You will then need to continue to strengthen your connection this month. However, as a Pisces, if this is an Aquarius, be mindful of the situation. There could be problems with vehicles or appliances as well. Even if the passion and sensuality seem to be pulling you into uncharted waters, they won't be steering you wrong. Couples: With Neptune transiting Pisces, this period of growth can be the motivation for Pisces to make important choices with his or her partner. Disconnected feelings with loved ones can be resolved with balance in your life. Instead of arguing with a partner, take the time to walk together in nature and unwind and relax. Keeping work stress out of the home will be a difficult task for Pisces this month. It won't be a month for only insane instances of love because this month will give Pisces wisdom as well. April is a month that holds many surprises for the Pisces who hopes to find love and adventure during the upcoming weeks. Pisces who are recently single may be able to find a new relationship in the workplace. People will fall in love with you, but be picky. To obtain , or report from astrologer Ed Tamplin for details. This month you will be the tidal waves and your love will be majestic and awe-inspiring. Pisces in a committed relationship will seek the emotional fulfillment their special man or woman can give them, and the Fish will want to spend as much time as possible with their loved one. If you have been experiencing fighting with your partner lately, do not fret, for calm seas are ahead - although they can be weighted with challenges. This is a great moment to take a spontaneous trip with just the two of you. Each Pisces can expect to acquire much positive energy when it involves their relationships. This is because it's going to be a month where things work out in the favor of the Pisces. This monthly cycle is a good time for smoothing out complications that arose last month and will continue to surface this month. Your love affairs, your sexual encounters will be quite passionate and very sensual. Sexual activities can be great for the Fish this month, bringing a new sense of excitement into the life of Pisces. Single Pisces should also forgive and forget any troubles that have stained their life and move on to better prospects. Although Pisces will find gratitude from others, it is likely that your love and sex life will be unstable. Pisces will enjoy a date if single, with someone that will listen to accomplishments that still need to be obtained. This means Pisces should soften his or her disposition for the sake of building bridges. Clarity is essential as both are in square to deceptive Neptune.

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. Sex could just be the best way for you and your partner to reawaken that smoldering desire that still burns deep within your hearts. If you believe that your mate has failed in some way, first meditate on it and when you are completely calm, show respect and confidence in your companion. Pisces is totally beholden to the loved one, however, all this may merely be a mirage which may end in disappointment. A sexual attraction will stir up your emotions. Pisces, try not to make any important decisions this month, especially one concerning a relationship or career. Committed relationships with that special man or woman will be spontaneous as Pisces opens up about their true feelings concerning love and sex. Relationship forecast. This will lead to friendship and possible dating scenarios. What is a l a t relationship. And in cases where they are not and staying out of the deal is better than weighing in, as avoiding a loss can be just as rewarding as a win. Pisces will have to make decisions about whether to continue or terminate a romantic relationship. Relationship communications will fall to an all-time low. This night might bring you frustrations, or tense situations. Pisces should also take this time to go after their relationship goals, whatever they may be. Try and get together as often as possible with close friends and family to have a good time and laugh. Single Pisces will also experience much happiness and harmony in new relationships and dating. By continuing this method you will find that a good quality of communication is established, and the results will be seen by you alone. A steady and stable dating life will not be out of the question for Pisces. Always ready to lend a sympathetic ear, Pisces will have many love and sexual opportunities this month, whether they choose to indulge or not. This will give Pisces an opportunity to start fresh. And if it needs to be said – say it. Stolen kisses on a date can definitely happen under the mistletoe for Pisces! Sex heats up this month, bringing earthy, lustful enjoyment to sultry Pisces and their love partner. Monthly Horoscope September Pisces love and work life will merge in September. Physically and emotionally Pisces wants to tread lightly until this monthly phase passes. The month of May will also be a time to pay particular attention to your health. Plan a couple of romantic date nights this month, something simple such as a picnic in the park will make the ideal evening for you and your partner. Existing relationships could unravel, and marriages could experience many unpleasant circumstances