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A reboot will do this for you, or you can remove them using KerbTray.exe. When she asked Facebook what the acronym means, someone in the comments trolled her by saying it means they slept with a girl. Hopefully they were able to talk things through once the drama settled, and figured out how to put their child first. This guy took to Facebook to announce that he was heading out for a beer. Relationship nowadays. The Model Girlfriend While we don’t think this counts as a “relationship” per se, it’s definitely a fail. She actually replied by saying she was fine with it, and revealed she’d been thinking they should spend some time apart. Perhaps all three of these individuals need to be single for a while. Type the following command: netdom.exe resetpwd /s: /ud: /pd:* Reboot the machine. And we hope someone actually explained to this girl what TGIF means. Jason understandably didn’t react well to his girlfriend’s reply. He tells her that he and his girlfriend just got in a huge fight, and that he can’t wait to see her so she can make him feel better. You should reboot the domain controller and then force replication in the Active Directory Sites and Services MMC snap-in. We would totally do the same if we found out our bae was cheating on us, especially if they let the secret slip in such a hilarious way. Most couples love joking around with each other, and they might even try to fake a breakup with their lover as a prank. Hopefully Amanda was quick to change her status back, and to clarify things with any potential lovers before making a public announcement about their not-so-official relationship. Relationship fails. But his girlfriend, Jenna, wasn’t in on the joke. This boyfriend texted his girlfriend asking how long something had been, and his girlfriend totally misinterpreted what he was talking about. And, judging by Lewis’ name in the girlfriend’s phone, it seems like they have since stayed broken up. Sometimes we don’t need the unnecessary drama or effort that comes with being in a relationship. As we all know, sometimes alcohol can lead to bad consequences. Relationship values. And, to make things worse, his bride seems to have noticed just as this photo was being snapped! That’s definitely not an appropriate way to hold on to someone who isn’t their significant other, especially when their actual wife is standing right there. But that’s not what this wife did. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that this definitely escalated quickly. I hope you remember the password. But, only a few hours later, he changes his Facebook status from “in a relationship” to “single.” This leaves us wondering what sort of risky business happened after the guy got his drink. We’re not just talking about having to spend money on dates, share our snacks, and deal with having the blankets being stolen from us at night. But, if it means what we think it does, then it’s extremely hurtful and not okay! This guy’s girlfriend wouldn’t really be described as small in size. Open an administrative command prompt. From exposing cheaters online, to break-up pranks gone wrong, these relationship fails will make all of us happy that we’re single. Dating someone with anxiety. No matter who’s the baby mamma, it seems like this guy has a lot of drama in his life that he needs to figure out before adding a child to the mix. It must have been a strange sight for passerby's who saw these men trying to feed their dates food. But then a girl named Sara begins commenting. Social media once again proves it’s the ultimate way to discover if our lover is cheating. There’s just something about it that doesn’t sit right with most people. Imagine how she must feel, thinking her boyfriend would like her better if she looked differently. But, the important thing to note is that these girls are not really girls. Relationship fails. He told her that he meant to say “jumping,” but it was autocorrected to “dumping.” When he asked her if she was actually breaking up with him, Jenna didn’t correct him. If the broken machine is a domain controller it is a little bit more complicated, but still possible to fix the problem. And, if they don’t, then they probably shouldn’t be our significant other. That’s what was happening when Jason told his girlfriend that he was planning on dumping her when she got home that night. When he asked if she’d like to come over and hook-up like they had previously, his girlfriend told him they’d never slept together yet and he already said he’d be spending time with his family. But that’s not what this girl thought it meant before making an epic fail on Facebook. When she asks who Sara is to him, Sara responds by asking her to tell Kevin that they are done. As these memes prove, there’s a lot worse that can happen when we have a bae. We’d have to get pretty desperate to use a plastic mannequin to replace a girlfriend. It seems like these adults have a lot to sort out in their romantic lives. She thought her sister had told him that she was pregnant, yet the sister had actually just told him she’d gotten a new Xbox. Now that’s a lot of money she could’ve saved! We don’t know who would think stealing a police vehicle is ever a good idea, but this is proof that it’s definitely not. Sometimes it can feel lonely or depressing to be single. And, judging by the other thing that’s awkward in this picture, we think it’s safe to say that these two may have rushed down the aisle a bit too quickly. Your domain user’s cached credential has the same problem as the machine’s private secret. A girl by the name of Geri, who appears to be a bitter ex-girlfriend, asked if he was out ruining another relationship. The Post-Breakup Surprise This guy’s love life went through a lot of drama on social media before he revealed a jaw-dropping climax. As most of us know, TGIF stands for “Thank God It’s Friday.” We love using the expression to say how thankful we are that the weekend is finally here. Hopefully these two lovebirds cleared things up quickly. You can get that tool here: Post change steps. Set the startup type to Manual. You need to be able to get onto the machine. The person commenting as Kevin reveals it’s actually his girlfriend, and that he’s asleep. Nothing good ever comes from getting married in those sorts of places, and it sure seems that way for these newlyweds. Love can be exhausting and tiresome, just like these prove. This has got to be the most awkward wedding photo ever. Hopefully his romantic life became more stable before welcoming his little one into the world. His girlfriend responded by saying he was dumped with a sassy smiley face, and we only wish we’d gotten his reaction to that. Maybe he got a bit too flirty with the bartender, or was inappropriate with someone and his significant other got wind of it. You can do this in the Services MMC snap-in. Marrying our brother or sister isn’t even legal, so it’s not like these two could do very much if they were engaged and related. Lewis thought he’d messaged the girl he was cheating with, but he actually sent it to his girlfriend. Facebook lets us list literally anyone as our sibling or fiancée, so these two could be pulling our legs. The Slogan To End A Relationship Our significant other should love us regardless of our size. This seemingly ordinary couple was photographed at a fast food joint, but it’s the boyfriend’s shirt that tells the world this  definition of a perfect couple. The girlfriend said she was planning on telling her lover, but was worried he wouldn’t stay with her after hearing the news. Someone was caught red handed! Lewis tried to save himself by saying he’d messaged the wrong person, but it did little to make up for his words. 'Til Death Do We Part If we were arrested and put in the back of a cop car, we’d hope our significant other would call a good lawyer and post our bail. You will be able to do disconnected authentication, but in the case of a reset machine, remember that you may have to use an old password. Her boyfriend, who didn’t really just cheat on her, was confused and probably worried by her response.

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. These two guys took their ladies to the park for a picnic and a double date. We doubt grabbing one small beer would lead to the end of someone’s relationship without there being some more drama to the story. While she might have thought this was a clever way to set her husband free without paying bail, she ended up getting her mug shot taken right beside him. The boyfriend’s shirt reads, “Small is Beautiful.” This could be in reference to many things, especially since we can’t see the front of his shirt. In the comments, we can see that a girl commented, “You said it,” which sounds like the words of a salty ex to us. When he replied with a bunch of exclamation points, she tried to deny she’s actually pregnant. So, either his current girlfriend of one day is expecting, or the ex he had broken up with less than a week before is. Unless Bonnie and Clyde are our role models, then we doubt this is the best approach. And that’s what seems to have happened to this unlucky guy.

It seems like this pregnancy was unplanned, or we don’t know why these lovers would have such a hard time communicating about it. You Ruined My Surprise Well this is one way to tell someone they’re pregnant. Or, perhaps the beer made him realize he was no longer happy in his relationship. Another option is to unplug the machine from the network and log in with domain user.

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. And, evidently, he doesn’t feel the same way as her. But things take an even uglier turn when Kevin begins replying. It appears this guy went through a nasty breakup. For other platforms see this link: Extra steps if the machine is a domain controller. Things get even more heated when another girl named Kristen comments, and tells Geri she’s just jealous that Matt chose her. You need to make sure you have netdom.exe. A quick look at this woman’s Facebook profile seems to reveal a lot about her life. Remove the Kerberos ticket cache. All in all, this was way too much drama, even for us. His shirt seems to be saying that he prefers petite women, which his girlfriend is not. This whole conversation is very awkward. It sounds like Matt and Geri’s relationship definitely didn’t end on good terms.

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. She says she didn’t think they were going out tonight and asks him if he forgot their earlier conversation, implying that she’s his girlfriend. On Windows platforms with UAC enabled, you will need to right-click on cmd.exe and select “run as Administrator”. Not okay! We’d say this is a relationship fail if we ever did see one. Instead, they’re mannequins. Dating with dignity. Hopefully this wedding chapel also had an annulment service, because we’re guessing this marriage didn’t last very long. Let's Not Label It Um, well this is awkward. While these fails aren’t representative of all relationships, they do give us some insight into what a bad relationship looks like. The kinds we’d see wearing clothing in a retail store. But we’d say the cat is out of the bag. Hopefully all of these former lovers eventually realized they weren’t meant for each other, and moved on in their romantic lives. Kevin shared a status on Facebook saying he was going to dinner and the movies with his girlfriend. Where you get netdom.exe depends on what version of Windows you’re running. Hopefully both ladies kicked Kevin to the curb for his cheating ways. Run netdom.exe to change the password. I haven’t done this for a while, but I think this works: Turn off the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service. Oh, and he also calls his girlfriend the b-word, which is so not cool. But it doesn’t appear the same way for this woman and her boyfriend, Kyle. They might not be siblings at all, or they could not even be engaged. His girlfriend fills him in on his mistake, and then informs him that she’s now his ex girlfriend. Here’s another example of what can happen when someone cheats on their significant other! Keeping It In The Family Most people have a problem with incest, where two siblings become romantically and/ or sexually involved with each other. In case someone didn’t notice, the groom is putting his hand on the bridesmaid in a very awkward way. When her husband was arrested, she actually stole the police car with him cuffed inside. Otherwise, we’d definitely say this is as cringe worthy as a relationship can get. It’s pretty obvious that Kevin was two-timing both girls, since neither seemed to know about the other and they both thought they were his girlfriend. This definitely makes for some hilarious meme content! Here’s another boyfriend who got caught cheating over text message. Matt stirred up a lot of drama when he took to Facebook to complain about how difficult love can be and how bad his day was. Instead she replied “Well, this is awkward.” Yes, Jenna. It lists that she’s engaged to a guy named Kyle, but then that very same Kyle is listed as her brother. Had this woman simply called up a lawyer, she could have missed paying the legal fees and bail for both her and her husband. Make Me Feel Better If someone is going to have a side chick, then they should make sure they don’t confuse her with their actual girlfriend! John texted who he thought was the girl he’s having an affair with, but it was actually his girlfriend, Chloe. We wish we knew the real story behind this relationship fail