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When one partner feels persistently rejected and the other partner feels persistently pressured, it's a recipe for failure. When there is an absence of feeling driving any sort of connection, it's the beginning of the end.” -Rebecca Hendrix, licensed marriage and family therapist and New York-based integrative holistic psychotherapist. This is not just one person being judgmental but the whole Greek chorus reflecting on the things you’ve told them or the things they’ve seen. Sexual feelings are very honest, and sexuality and self-regard are closely joined together. To help you stay aware of those warning signs, we asked seven top sex and relationship therapists how they know a relationship is on its way out. It shows they are still invested emotionally enough to care.

One would think fighting a telltale sign of the end, but for me, arguing is a great sign. In fact, there are often some telltale red flags that the end is near. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below “Where there is no fighting, there is usually no passion-or a good sex life. It's actually when it seems like they both believe it's SO perfect that I'm most convinced it's doomed. Relationship experts near me. Sex and dating in your 40s. Relationship experts near me.

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