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Additional information will be posted when AHRQ can announce next steps for NGC. View All Announcements. Mathematica will collect information on design and implementation of the programs and analyze data across grantees. Strengthen the capacity of these grantees, working with their own local evaluators, to conduct evaluations that add to the body of evidence on program effectiveness and operations. Why relationships suck. In the meantime, contact Examine and analyze aggregate data for all grantees so the project yields both program-specific results and a “big picture” of the growing RFHM experience and effects. Relationship evaluation. Dating uniform.

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. The project’s three-part strategy aims to: Improve the quality and cross-site consistency of data collected by federal RFHM program grantees about their operations, performance, and outcomes.

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What Really Causes Puffy Eyes and Bags.

. The theme is "Why We Do What We Do: The Purpose and Impact of Guidelines." Registration is open . Mathematica will provide technical assistance to the grantees to support their data collection and strengthen their local evaluations. In collaboration with ACF, the study team developed measures to analyze grantees’ Performance Measures in multiple areas and report the experiences of program participants on a range of outcomes. For more information, visit the G-I-N Conference Web site