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Likewise, the meanings may have changed. Relationship etymology. A lot of the FU vocabulary has been forgotten, and the process is still going on: you will notice that this list includes old and dialectal words that are unknown to many modern speakers, like Hung. In principle, this possibility cannot be completely ruled out, but as long as there are only a few examples, they might be simply accidental as well. The list also includes some ancient loanwords. Dating horoscope. There are words which resemble Indo-European ones, for example: the words for 'name' and 'water' have often been mentioned as ancient borrowings or maybe even evidence for very ancient "Indo-Uralic" relatedness.

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. Although the vocabularies of both languages have changed a lot, this list shows the deep-going character of the FU relationship: these words belong to the "basic vocabulary". All that glitters is not gold.

Related words do not necessarily resemble each other, as sounds may have changed a lot in either or both of the languages. 'bone' might be related with Hung. 'village', if we assume that both originate from a word meaning something like 'a village idol, a totem'. Which relationship shows an inverse variation. Relationship etymology.

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. Take any two languages and you will find some words that look or sound similar. 'to worship' could be connected with Hung. There are hundreds of similar-looking words that are borrowings from other European languages in both Finnish and Hungarian: Fi