Relationship equality

Relationship stories. Relationship equality. Are relationships for everyone. In Kenya we supported girls to successfully campaign for their government to introduce free sanitary pads for girls in state schools. As a result, the government set up a mentoring programme to train health workers on providing sexual health services. This is critical to realise our vision of a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. The girls are now members of a National Council of Girls and are consulted on issues that affect them. In Uganda, we supported girls to demand better access to sexual health services and information for young people. The scale of change we want to see will only be possible if all members of the movement work together – from grassroots to global. Relationship equality. Relationship near me. We will increase our support for youth-led activism on girls’ rights and expand our base of supporters and champions for girls’ rights around the world. This is why we bring people together every year on the International Day of the Girl and support girls and young women to take up positions of power.

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. Relationship articles. In Brazil, girls from a Plan International girls’ leadership project marched to call for an end to the rape culture in their country. In Indonesia, we’ve set up a youth coalition for girls alongside the government. In Timor-Leste, we organised the country’s first girls’ conference.

Equality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

. This involves young people pro-actively reaching out to communities to inform others of their rights and encourage them to campaign on issues that matter to them