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---- The branch about dragons makes much more sense when used after Brill's response he gives when asked about his steward duties. ---- This does not conflict with any mod all the records for this are found in RDO. They can follow you at close, medium, and far distances. Also fixes dialogue bugs and restores cut dialogue that has never been heard before! Mods requiring this file Aster Lac'nala Patch Collection Soft requirement for the patches that use it. - DialogueRiften ---- Shadr has had multiple hello topics fixed, so he'll now use them and at appropriate times. - Adjust the value of items friends, confidants, allies, and lovers let you take for free. ------ Therefore, the edit to the quest record is no longer needed and has been removed. Friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others have much more to say. A cuirass with its own unique enchantment. ------ Therefore, another female noble has been created in RDO using the Female Commander voice type that may be encountered instead of the male noble. ---- The ownership has been removed from these markers so NPCs can use them just like the other idle markers in the market area. - FavorJobsChopWood ---- Hroggar will no longer give the lumberjack dialogue while enthralled by Alva. Which contains the original male noble, and the new female noble added by RDO. Get your journey off the ground with an Imago Workshop. ---- Talvas was not blocked from using the fall-back recruit responses. - Restored two lines of dialogue for the Windhelm steward to use when the player is investigating the murders "Blood on the Ice". - Non-unique NPCs can be recruited as followers and/or married.. - Isran, Gelebor, and Valerica now have an option to change their follower distance when recruited through RDO. Instead, they'll just give a simple thanks in reply. I wasn't expecting company out here." ------ "Shhh. ---- Nura has a goodbye topic that does not appear to be used in the correct situation. - All have the Light Foot perk, for those not using another mod to prevent followers from setting off traps. - Gelebor has had a new spell added that is a more powerful version of his custom Sun Fire spell to make it more viable against high-level enemies. These are the WE mercenaries who inform you that there's, "been word of some trouble nearby". ---- This was completely cut out of the original game and was restored with only the audio files remaining. ------ That voice type does not have the dialogue intended to be used by the noble in this encounter. There's nothing in between." if the Empire has taken Windhelm, thus killing Ulfric. - Valerica has had spell tweaks to match her status as a powerful vampire. ---- RDO now includes this fix for the previously conflicting InvisibilityFFActor magic effect record.

---- Fixed bad conditions on Niranye's dialogue options during Grelka's quest which resulted in certain dialogue options not appearing, causing the quest to not advance. Thus, the condition requiring the Stormcloaks to be in control of Riften has been changed to the Imperials. You'll scare the deer." ------ Previously, these lines were spoken in the opposite order which doesn't make any sense. Relationship dialogue overhaul sse. He'll only appear if you have not been to Breezehome home after purchasing it, or if you haven't even purchased Breezehome. *==================* Other Changes/Fixes: *==================* ---- Added a global variable which controls the services for rivals instead of the MCM script variable. - Fixed NPCs using greetings during certain player actions when inside a player home. ---- This person, who I will refer to as X, won't appear until several days after Madanach's death, as word of this has to travel. - All dialogue added by RDO calling the player "friend" will not be used by lover NPCs if you have the Non-Spouse Lover Dialogue option enabled. *===============================================* Compatibility Changes/Fixes: *===============================================* - The patch for Invisibility Glitch - Eyes Fix is no longer needed. ---- But, without any increased magicka points from his actor base, casting this spell once will drain almost all his magicka. He'll now say them in this order: ------ "Oh! You startled me. The will be a warning message every time you want to make a non-unique NPC into a follower or spouse to inform you of the potential problems. ---- This condition on the Node, GetInCurrentLoc, has been removed, allowing the scene between Nivenor and Drifa to play when they're in the market area. ---- Fixed an issue where Serana could not be recruited through iAFT without being prevented from using RDO dialogue. ------ One greeting was checking that Hofgrir was dead instead of alive. *===============* RDO New Dialogue: *===============* ---- Re-added the original hello topics used by potential spouses when the player is wearing an amulet of Mara and the NPC has the option to be married. The variable is injected into Update.esm, which allows other mods to add it as a dialogue condition without requiring RDO as a master file. ---- A hunter using the MaleCommonerAccented voice type has been created and will added to the hunters leveled list upon launch. ---- LOOT metadata has been added for the patches. ---- Restored scenes are indicated below with the * symbol. ------ His first goodbye topic, after switching them, will now only be used once, "It was nice to meet you." - DialogueGuardsGeneral ---- Male Guard does not have any voiced audio for the line, "I find your wolfish grin.

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. Logical condition fixes from USLEEP have been carried over. ---- He has his own lines of dialogue like the other citizens of Whiterun. What is sex dating. This will only be used if the speaker has been adopted by the player, and if the player is a male character. ---- Carlotta has a hello topic that should only be used while offering her merchant services. Both of these voices have fully voiced responses for being a mercenary but were never used in the original game. The changes will not be saved for templated actors, but will be active for the duration of the game session where it was changed. - WICastMagicNonHostileSpellHealing ---- Surprised or condescending responses from followers when casting healing spells on them will no longer be used. So, if you accidentally strike a follower in combat he/she will not continue to use friendly fire comments when being struck by an enemy, only the player. ------ All the greetings required Shadr to not have the JobHostler keyword, despite the fact this keyword is on his actor base. ---- USLEEP adds and additional throw voice line that has had the same condition added in the available patches. ------ The two NPCs added use the FemaleCommander and FemaleSultry voices. ---- Fralia Gray-Mane has a goodbye topic that should not be used if she's currently not offering her merchant services. ---- She also has a new Vampiric Drain spell that behaves very similarly to the same spell used as a Vampire Lord. ------ However, he will stop using it if the Civil War is over as it may not make sense for him to say, but that's more down to opinion instead of fact. ------ He will no longer use goodbye topic, "Support Ulfric or die trying. All default voices now have follower dialogue. - Tweaked Serana's combat lines during the final fight against Harkon so they'll, hopefully, work a little more efficiently. The distance can be changed through a new dialogue option while they're following you. ------ Also, the Old Orc will not use this line when starting combat with the player, if the player has agreed to give him a "good death". But, the original female noble created by Bethesda, that was never used, has the Female Condescending voice type. The noble is always male and uses the Male Coward voice type. ------ These were previously almost never used because all other guard dialogue are in higher priority quests, which were blocking these two lines. - Added silent dialogue that will sometimes be used for certain player actions that could have constantly annoying responses. This has been changed from GetIsEditorLocation to GetInCurrentLoc. unsettling." and will no longer use the greeting. ---- Vulwulf has had conditions changed on several responses. - DialogueWindhelm ---- Angrenor Once-Honored has a greeting that can only be used when he's inside the Aretino Residence, if Aventus is now at Honorhall, but is logical for him to say anywhere. ---- Balgruuf has a hello topic that should not be used if he's been exiled. ---- The dialogue option will only appear if the steward in the Dragonsreach main hall, Terek is in Breezehome, and Terek is not dead or disabled. ---- Added a additional reward for both ways of completing her favor. needed for his voice and follower commands Author's instructions Description contains all permission information. *===============================================* Restored dialogue: *===============================================* ---- Argis, Calder, Iona, and Jordis will now greet the player upon first meeting them just like Lydia and the Hearthfire housecarls do. ------ The topics referring to the other actor as a female and were checking to see if she was male. It required the Stormcloaks to be in control of Riften, but was separate from the small random stack that her other goodbye topics were a part of. - Isran has had a new Alteration spell added that has the effects of Stoneflesh and Grand Healing. ---- Added a non-spouse dismissal line for Female Shrill voice type. *===============================================* RDO Dialogue & Quest Changes/Fixes: *===============================================* ---- Potential spouses were still commenting if the player was wearing an Amulet of Mara even after the player was married. Most people are not strangers to the pain and disillusionment of love gone awry. *=============================================* Other Changes/Fixes/Additions *=============================================* - Due to the request of users, some features of the "Hunters Not Bandits" mod has been included in RDO. - SolitudeWinkingSkeeverScenes ---- Several scenes would never play due to a editor location condition. - Added a method to remove Terek from Breezehome. - When detecting an enemy, followers will no longer comment about you "hearing something" if the player is looking at the enemy they're detecting. ---- I recommend following the steward to Breezehome and watch the scene play out. This method of completing her quest can only be done if you've not agreed to help her.

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. ---- Added a new follower greeting for Female Child voice if the speaker has been told to wait. Yet most couples are unaware of the tremendous potential for healing and growth that already exists in their relationship. - DialogueWhiterun ---- Carlotta has a goodbye topic that has had the previously added package condition checks removed in-place of current time condition checks. - You can now complete Grelka's quest by paying her off, but you won't get all the rewards available.

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. ---- Olfrid Battle-Born has a goodbye topic that should not be used if the Stormcloaks control Whiterun. ---- This is to help with the notion that Valerica is fascinated with Gargoyles.

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. - The annoying "Never should have come here." detection line will not be used by NPCs the player has spoken to, unless the enemy he/she is fighting is not the player. ------ He will use his condescending goodbye topic, "Imperial bastard.", if the player is an Imperial/ImperialVampire or if the Empire controls Riften and if the player is not a member of the Stormcloaks. - DialogueWildernessNPCs ---- Prevented the MaleCommonerAccented voice type from using dialogue that would be unvoiced. ---- Added to NPCs to the WEAdventurerSpellswordSubChar leveled actors list. This would cause NPCs mouth to continuously move during certain player actions if using Fuz-Ro-Doh. Also the Changes and Fixes text file included with the main download has the same changes. Hopefully, LOOT will actually abide by this and load the patches after the mods I've told it to. - Control the distance NPCs start head-tracking other NPCs and the player