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Where the list's experience suggests that improving the newcomer's situation may require difficult actions, these should be advocated initially with gentleness, patience and respect. The list manager's judgement is final in all cases. Others may be offended if it is implied that the dissolution of a relationship was the result of a list member's weakness or failure. Relationship depression. Change is inevitable in all aspects of our lives and it can be uncomfortable, stressful, painful and life-altering.

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. The preservation of a broad range of opinion dictates that some tact and consideration be exercised when speculating about the nature of bipolar relationships generally. Newcomers should be welcomed and supported at all times.

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. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, parents, children, siblings, near relatives and close friends. In these cases, the list manager may remove one or more participants from the list. It must be borne in mind at all times that people with bipolar disorder are human beings. Exceptions are at the discretion of the list manager. Republishing of any post in this group to anyone outside the group without specific consent is forbidden.

To protect freedom of discussion about the disease and its impact on relationships, subscribers must not have bipolar disorder themselves. Hostile confrontations and discussions that have become disrespectful will not be tolerated. Like the changing seasons, life is full of changes. Relationship happiness. Relationship goals funny. Relationship depression. Accepting and dealing with change in life is essential to our growth, enabling us to move forward, regardless of the circumstance. The important factor is that the subscriber's life is significantly affected by the disorder on a daily basis. While spirited debate is encouraged, it must not be allowed to threaten the prevailing supportive and welcoming environment of the list. Sex and dating after divorce. Subscription is restricted to persons who are currently in an intimate, loving, caregiving, or nurturing relationship with a person who has bipolar disorder. The injuries and abuses individual bipolars may inflict on a relationship -- and these may be considerable -- should be presented in context and not generalized to apply to all people with bipolar disorder. Every situation is different. Each situation should be evaluated on its merits.

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