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Some vehicles are trucks, in which case one vehicle is not a car. You can not change the dollar amounts, or the account they were for, if you made a mistake then you need to make a corresponding record to write adjust off the incorrect record, then create a correction entry. I use them primarily for a few reasons. Also, notice that both the customers own Credit Cards issued by the bank. Dating for 2 months. An example of a physical partition would be the same data being hosted on multiple servers. One is significant difference in rate of data change. This is important to some, but not all, database designers. Relationship database. In that case I will split the data and put a trigger on the locked table rejecting updates to the locked table when signed off, but allowing updates to the data the doctor is not signing off on. Relationship rescue.

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. It's really easy to just deny access to a certain table in a pinch.

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. Another time I do this is in medical record applications. Off the top of my head, I'm going to guess that the answer is no. Physical partitioning can be useful you have queries that need consistent subsets of a larger entity. There is data related to a visit that cannot be changed once it is signed off on, and other data related to a visit that can be changed after signoff. But I think what you really are asking is. This can have the advantage of keeping the logical design easy to understand, while giving the database engine the tools needed to speed things up. With some database engines, you can get the same performance benefits by partitioning the table instead of actually splitting it. Relationship love memes. I have constraints on the table enforcing the fact that they cannot be updated or deleted, but I may have a couple of attributes for that object that are malleable, those are kept in a separate table without the restriction on modification.

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Several answers address this interpretation. Relationship database. The employees can be of different types, say temporary or permanent and if they are permanent they have more fields to be filled out, like office phone number, which should only be not null if the type = 'Permanent'. One reason is database efficiency. As an example of a logical partition: you have data about an employee, but there is a larger set of data that needs to be collected, if and only if they select to have health coverage. One vehicle might be one car. Others bring up a good point. I would keep the demographic data regarding health coverage in a different table to both give easier security partitioning and to avoid hauling that data around in queries unrelated to insurance.. I would tend to take a different approach, but it can be an easy way of restricting access to certain data. Relationship advice hotline. There are reasons other than normalization for splitting tables. Security can also be a good reason depending on how applications etc. The "is a" relationship is generally one to one. Sometimes split tables result in better performance.